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Vocabulary Word

Word: remorse

Definition: deep regret for wrongdoing; guilt; self-reproach

Sentences Containing 'remorse'

"Second Tableau: The banks of the Rhône" Full of remorse, Ourrias hurries to the river bank and calls the ferryman.
"Under the Boards" is reflection and remorse.
A violent sociopath, he brutalizes and murders people, even his own henchmen, without compunction or remorse.
Besides the pleasure, there is always remorse from the indulgence of our passions, and, after all, what have you men to fear from all this?
But the agony of mind, the remorse, and shame I felt when I became conscious next day!
Dhariwal is incensed and shot to death by Celina with no remorse.
During the interview, Martorano expressed remorse for killing Elizabeth Dickson, the girl in the car in Dorchester.
For the assassination itself I had never felt any remorse.
Geoff Mayer observed that "Mainstream critics at the time were dismayed by the film's complex plotting and Carter's lack of remorse".
He never showed any remorse and denied all of the atrocities that occurred at Breendonk, claiming he was merely reeducating the inmates as ordered.
He shows remorse and says, sometimes, he doesn't know why he committed the murders.
Her introduction to the group begins roughly, but having returned stolen property and feeling remorse, she is befriended, unanimously being given the name "Marine".
However, he stated that Torres' emotional state during the mourning was also significant to the episode: "We wanted Callie to feel some remorse.
However, remorse was expressed by much of the band as they felt the city of Cleveland was going to suffer the same fate way Baltimore did in 1984.
I looked up with a flush upon my face and remorse in my heart, but Mr. Mell's eyes were fixed on Steerforth.
I sit down by the fire, thinking with a blind remorse of all those secret feelings I have nourished since my marriage.
I was obliged to hurry away; I was kept out late; and I felt all night such pangs of remorse as made me miserable.
I will consent to share this dreadful secret with you, but I will not allow shame and remorse to grow and increase in my conscience, as crime and misery will in your house.''
If we lay hands on this fortune, we may enjoy it without remorse.''
In the fight Mollari kills Jaddo and feels remorse for it.
In the last few years of his long life, Collier expressed moments of remorse in his diary.
It is done,''cried she, willing away her tears, and resuming her firmness,``I am resolved not to die of remorse, but rather of shame.
Long unused to any self-control, the piercing agony of her remorse and grief was terrible.
My dear fellow, let them sleep on, if they are asleep; let them grow pale in their drowsiness, if they are disposed to do so, and pray do you remain in peace, who have no remorse to disturb you.''
Now, here we are obliged to own that Andrea ought to have felt remorse, but that he did not.
Perhaps those prayers may soften the remorse he feels in his heart.
Rekha's father feels remorse and accepts Vijay.
Remove from me the remains of doubt, which, if it change not to conviction, must become remorse!''
Rick soon uncovers the truth and is shocked when he confronts Carol over the murders as she shows no remorse at all.
She paused, and saw with no slight indignation that he was listening with an air which proved him wholly unmoved by any feeling of remorse.
Showing little remorse, she rides away in Masters' black Ferrari with another woman, with whom she has been engaged in a lesbian affair.
Since I knew you, I have been troubled by a remorse that I thought would never reproach me again, and have heard whispers from old voices impelling me upward, that I thought were silent for ever.
Spike says he has no remorse over killing Wood's mother, and that it was "all part of the game".
Ste initially wants to be punished for killing his mother, and admits to everything at the trial without remorse.
The book/dossier concludes with an irrelevant administrative memo, there is no remorse whatsoever about the tragic consequences of the investigation.
The Court of Appeal stated that Shadrake had not shown any remorse, but had continued to stand by the statements he made.
The stockmen feel some mixed remorse, acknowledging their role in his death.
The wealth of the burghers never failed to provoke their envy and indignation, and they plundered them upon every occasion without mercy or remorse.
Then he went to bed and almost immediately fell into that deep sleep which is sure to visit men of twenty years of age, even when they are torn with remorse.
Thereafter, Yu Fan fears entering into another relationship out of remorse.
Though I could almost have consigned her to the mercies of the wind on the topmost pinnacle of the Cathedral, without remorse, I made a virtue of necessity, and gave her a friendly salutation.
To the North of the country, the Island of Ibo was used as the jail where the Portuguese political police tortured without remorse the Mozambique nationalists.
Women, on the contrary, are rarely tormented with remorse; for the decision does not come from you, your misfortunes are generally imposed upon you, and your faults the results of others'crimes.''
You would think they felt some remorse; did you ever remark that?''
``I do not wish to cause you any remorse; believe me, then, when I swear to you that you have wronged no man, but on the contrary have benefited mankind.''
``No, truly; you may believe me if you will; at the end of every month I am tormented by remorse.''
``This is strange,''returned Monte Cristo, seeming to yield to his reflections,``that you should find yourself without any preparation in a house where the event happened that causes you so much remorse.''
``True remorse; and, besides, an idea had struck me.''
``Yes, sir,''answered Caderousse;``and remorse preys on me night and day.
``Yes, you wished to speak to me; but was it indeed remorse, tell me?''

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