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Vocabulary Word

Word: remit

Definition: transmit (money) in payment; free someone from a debt or punishment

Sentences Containing 'remit'

Additionally, some Welsh-language programming (including and ) is produced by BBC Wales as part of the BBC's public service remit, and provided to S4C free of charge.
As the authority had already adjudicated on the matter and confirmed the matter was not within its remit, the unusual step was taken of adding a notice to their online and telephone complaints system informing viewers that Jamster!-related complaints should be directed towards the broadcaster or the regulator, Ofcom.
By 1842 their remit had been extended from London to cover the whole country.
Each Assembly Measure, like an Act of Parliament, would had to have made provision for a matter within the remit of the legislative competency of the Assembly.
Éamon Ó Cuív stated, however, that there was no remit to act on the results of the plebiscite.
Following the local government reforms of 1974 it transferred its remit and tenure in Furness to the newly constituted Cumbria Wildlife Trust. The trust's mission is to work for a region richer in wildlife by the protection and enhancement of species and habitats, both common and rare; and to work towards public recognition that a healthy environment rich in wildlife and managed on sustainable principles, is essential for continued human existence.
Four areas within the Centre's remit, each overseen by one correspondent, are of special importance for inter-parliamentary exchange: Although the Centre's homepage has been fundamentally revised, access will remain restricted to members of the ECPRD.
He currently works for a major international firm with a global remit and is based in Europe.
If he exceeds the remit of his duty (e.g. acts unlawfully in assaulting the Defendant), the offence will not be made out.
ILGRA meetings and resultant reports tend to focus predominantly on health, safety and environmental risks, although its remit is not confined to this areas exclusively.
In line with the Academies remit, all three schools share a common curriculum that is extensively supported by information and communication technology.
In order to remit the money he had collected more conveniently to the treasury, he entrusted it to a merchant, who failed and absconded; and as the bankrupt's assets were insufficient to cover the whole, he was sent to prison at Seville in September 1597.
In Scottish education a "short leet" is a list of selected job applicants, and a "remit" is a detailed job description.
In the verdict on 11 November 2009, Judge Birgit Wiegand granted the claimant's request ("Adhäsionsantrag", § 406 StPO) to claim for damages against the defendant in an 'adherent case' within the remit of this criminal case.
It might not, however, be necessary to remit any part of the American revenue in gold and silver.
IVTS are utilized by a variety of individuals, businesses, organisations, and even governments to remit funds domestically and abroad.
On 19 February 2004, he was appointed also Apostolic Nuncio to Eritrea, and Somalia was removed from his remit.
S4C's remit is to provide a service which features a wide range of programmes in the Welsh language.
The 12th version was released because the digital remit of the ASA was to be extended to cover online marketing communications, for example banner advertising, popup windows, pay-per-click campaigns, social media and online video.
The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, which was also responsible for the Enron loophole, specifically stated that CDSs are neither futures nor securities and so are outside the remit of the SEC and CFTC.
The Court of Appeal in allowing an appeal against conviction may also remit the matter to the Crown Court to consider a restraining order in respect of the otherwise successful appellant.
The Society's recent rapid growth has resulted directly from this sense of an expanded remit.
The stoutest antagonist, if he remit his watch a moment, is oppressed.
The UK planning system has no remit to consider the national significance of GA public transport operations, and generally does not favour the development of smaller aerodromes catering to the GA market.
The Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust YDRT has a remit to conserve the ecological condition of the river Nidd from its headwaters to the Humber estuary.
Windle falls under the remit of the unitary authority that is St Helens Council for all policy decisions.
`If you come from Ali himself,'said Selim,`you know what you were charged to remit to me?'
``So that you will remit to me these 48,000 francs?''

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