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Vocabulary Word

Word: reinstate

Definition: restore to a previous condition or position

Sentences Containing 'reinstate'

A major worry is that this book’s catalogue of failed population control programs will be used by ‘Pro-life’ groups who want to reinstate the 1984 Mexico City policy ban which, by denying aid, spread sexually transmitted diseases and increased pregnancy-related deaths.
And so, senor, let your goodness reinstate the father that begot me in your good opinion, and be assured that he was a wise and prudent man, since by his craft he found out such a sure and easy way of remedying my misfortune; for I believe, senor, that had it not been for you I should never have lit upon the good fortune I now possess; and in this I am saying what is perfectly true; as most of these gentlemen who are present can fully testify.
As King Jogaila demanded to reinstate von Plauen and refused any attempts at a compromise, the talks broke down.
Avalos voted to reinstate Ross Mirkarimi as sheriff after Mayor Ed Lee initiated official removal proceedings against Sheriff Mirkarimi.
Due to budget cuts, it was agreed that it would be unreasonable to expect the CBC to reinstate completely the former level of local origination at CBNLT.
During exile in Quetta, Yousef Pashtun along with some other Prominent Afghan Political figures like Abdul Ahad Karzai(father of Hamid Karzai), Hamid Karzai, Gul Agha Sherzai and other figures worked to reinstate the former Afghan king.
He lived in exile in Quetta, in Pakistan where he worked to reinstate the previous king of Afghanistan, Zahir Shah.
However, it still refused to reinstate him or compensate him for the loss of his career and pension.
In 2011 the Rimutaka Incline Railway Heritage Trust put forward a proposal to reinstate the railway line over the Rimutaka Ranges.
In July 1997, the case was submitted to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, which called on the Peruvian government to cease harassing Ivcher and violating his freedom of expression, reinstate him as president and director of Canal 2, and indemnify him for the false accusations against him.
In May 1964, Chabi Mama and a devoted group of Maga supporters tried to remove him from house arrest and reinstate the overthrown president back into power.
It did not always reinstate them in the possession of the land, but gave them damages, which never amounted to a real loss.
On March 2009, White began efforts to reinstate the New Mexico's death penalty.
One of the major items of the first AGM was a resolution passed to support a campaign that had been mounted to re-instate the Apprentice "wheel" badge.
Some of the capacity added to Heathrow by the addition of a third runway could be used to re-instate or improve flight connections to UK cities.
Subsequent to Seymour's loss, the Fifteenth Amendment to the federal Constitution was adopted which not only guaranteed the federal right to vote for recently emancipated slaves and others of African ancestry but also compelled New York State to reinstate voting rights for such citizens.
The bishop immediately ordered Joaquim Santa Rosa de Viterbo, from the Convent of Santo Cristo da Fraga to reinstate classes at the old College, which lasted until 1796, when, for the lack of students, the classes were limited to a basic curriculum.
The group, which contains some of France's most historic names, commit their crimes under the guise of Royalist convictions, but whether they really seek to reinstate the Bourbon royal line, or whether they are just a pack of lawless brigands is open for debate.
The Italian Language Foundation (ILF) was established on July 3, 2008 to promote and support Italian language education in the United States and specifically to reinstate the Advanced Placement program (AP) of the College Board for AP Italian Language and Culture.
The latter date is known since the symphony includes a flute part, and the flautist (Franz Siegl) was dismissed on this date for having carelessly started a fire while shooting birds; it was only the following year that Haydn was able to persuade his patron to reinstate Siegl.
The railway has since been dismantled and there are plans to reinstate the canal. History.

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