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Vocabulary Word

Word: regimen

Definition: prescribed course of diet or exercise; prescribed diet and habits; Ex. daily regimen of a dancer

Sentences Containing 'regimen'

After a regimen of exercise he was able to condition his body to an optimum.
After the Olympics, team captain Masae Kasai met with the Japanese Prime Minister and complained to him that she had not been able to find a husband because of the difficult training regimen.
And the only remedy they found was, to set him to hard work, after which he would infallibly come to himself.” To this I was silent out of partiality to my own kind; yet here I could plainly discover the true seeds of spleen, which only seizes on the lazy, the luxurious, and the rich; who, if they were forced to undergo the same regimen, I would undertake for the cure.
As the strongest bodies only can live and enjoy health under an unwholesome regimen, so the nations only, that in every sort of industry have the greatest natural and acquired advantages, can subsist and prosper under such taxes.
Because the pain is mostly unchanging after development, many patients test different medications and eventually choose the regimen that best adapts to their lifestyle, the most common of which are orally and intravenously administered.
But the healthful state of the human body, it would seem, contains in itself some unknown principle of preservation, capable either of preventing or of correcting, in many respects, the bad effects even of a very faulty regimen.
Components of her personal fitness regimen include cycling, yoga and other strength building activities.
Factors including delivery route, delivery vehicle, dose regimen, aggregation, innate immune system activation, and the ability of the protein to interface with the humoral (B cell) and cellular (T cell) immune systems, all impact the potential immunogenicity of vaccine immunogens when delivered to humans (for reviews related to unwanted immunogenicity determinants, see references below).
He added that "duplicating such a regimen in modern times would be difficult." The "U.S. News" ranking assumed a low-carb version of the paleo diet, specifically containing only 23% carbohydrates.
He created a daily drum-regimen for himself in his makeshift music room which also doubled as his bedroom.
His strength and conditioning regimen helped propel the University of Virginia to become the first team in Atlantic Coast Conference history to win a regular season championship after winning all of its games by shutout.
HuBChE is currently being assessed for inclusion into the protective regimen against OP nerve agent poisoning.
Mr Quesnai, who was himself a physician, and a very speculative physician, seems to have entertained a notion of the same kind concerning the political body, and to have imagined that it would thrive and prosper only under a certain precise regimen, the exact regimen of perfect liberty and perfect justice.
She continued to compete and within four months earned her pro card. Franklin continued to compete regularly until recently she pulled from competing in 2005 due to problems with old injuries from her gymnastic days: two herniated disks in her neck, bursitis, tendinitis kept from competing in the Arnold Classic and limited her training regimen.
The most common treatment plans involve a schedule of physical therapy with a medication regimen.
The way he organizes the traditional French countryside makes nature itself conform to his own structural regimen.
These effects can be minimized through a regimen of exercise.
Though only 5 feet 3 inches tall and 100 pounds, Dietrich completed the regimen of tests, as did her sister and 11 other women.
Topical In addition, physical therapy has traditionally been used alongside a medication regimen.
Werber imposed a stern training regimen on Guard, Shane, and Reynolds, rehearsing them for six to eight hours a day for several months, sending them to prominent San Francisco vocal coach Judy Davis to help them learn to preserve their voices, and working on the group's carefully prepared but apparently spontaneous banter between songs.
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