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Vocabulary Word

Word: regeneration

Definition: spiritual rebirth; Ex. regeneration of the prisoners; V. regenerate: give or obtain new life; reform spiritually

Sentences Containing 'regeneration'

"Doctor Who" television writer and script editor Eric Saward suggests in his 1985 novelisation of "The Twin Dilemma" (1984) that Time Lords can control the appearance of their next body if they trigger the regeneration voluntarily, but not if the regeneration is caused by death or injury.
"Of Regeneration and Baptism, Hebrew and Christian", Lond.
A major £675 million regeneration programme for Cardiff's St.
Although not part of the Warwickshire Ring, the route into Coventry is a flagship of urban regeneration.
At the conclusion, the Time Lords grant him a new regeneration cycle, and he begins his thirteenth regeneration in the explosive manner that has become tradition (so explosive that it destroys an invading Dalek including a ship in the process).
Canon material later indicates that the Doctor's TARDIS has a healing factor that could help him achieve regeneration, which justifies this statement.
Each is regenerated each separately, then remixed during the regeneration process.
Following the events of the Regeneration, the Conservative Party kept the government of Colombia until 1930.
For deprotection (regeneration of the alcohol)
He also remains active in film related projects: The Projected Picture Trust, Worthing Dome Regeneration, Uckfield Film Society.
However, at the behest of Clara, the Time Lords grant the Doctor a new regeneration cycle, allowing a thirteenth regeneration into an incarnation known as the Twelfth Doctor (though, technically, he is actually the thirteenth).
In "Nightmare in Silver", the Eleventh Doctor suggests that he can trigger regeneration voluntarily.
In "Utopia" (2007) the Master regenerates naturally in his only on-screen regeneration to date.
In the episode of "Doctor Who Confidential" accompanying the episode "Utopia" (2007), where the effect is used for the Master's regeneration, it is stated that the production team decided that this would be a common effect for all future Time Lord regenerations, rather than each regeneration sequence being designed at the whim of the individual director.
In this scene, the change is called "regeneration" for the first time, and is explained as a biological process that occurs when a Time Lord's body is dying.
Increased strength is sometimes a temporary by-product of regeneration.
It has been suggested in the series many times that regeneration is not guaranteed and can fail.
It is also stated that following the regeneration the Doctor's brain cells would be shaken up and his behaviour would be "erratic" for a time, something that would be true for most subsequent regenerations.
It was a total regeneration, indicating the emergence of a wholly new cast of mind.
It was the sign of the regeneration of the human race.
Later, when the Eleventh Doctor begins his regeneration into the Twelfth Doctor in "The Time of the Doctor", he is able to control his regeneration energy and send out energy blasts that obliterated nearby Daleks and an entire Dalek saucer.
less time for regeneration is required by comparison to con-current columns.
Machinery can also damage the understory, disturbing wildlife habitat and prevent regeneration.
Other moments in the series suggest that other Time Lords have more control over their regeneration than that displayed by the Doctor.
Porcine valves are used for the regeneration of biological tissue through the use of its ECM as a biological scaffold.
Roto explains that due to something underground, the demon king has infinite regeneration.
She is later able to send off an energy wave soon after her regeneration.
Shortly after passing over Manzanillo, it weakened below tropical storm strength, and early on October 5, the weakened Tropical Depression Virgil exited into the Pacific, but no regeneration was expected, as strong westerlies and the weakened state of the system prevented any regeneration, and it dissipated shortly thereafter.
Shortly after the regeneration process, the Doctor sometimes goes through a period of physical and psychological instability.
Small mixed bed deionization units have no regeneration capability.
So where did that face come from?” Regeneration of non-Gallifreyans.
Stor is briefly seen as one of the Fourth Doctor's enemies just before his regeneration in "Logopolis".
The 1996 TV movie showed the Doctor's regeneration delayed for more than three hours, with the Eighth Doctor later remarking that the fact his Seventh incarnation was under anaesthesia at the time of his "death" could have "destroyed the regenerative process", and that he was "dead" prior to his regeneration.
The antenna was a simple dipole attached to the top of the unit and the only controls were for regeneration and fine tuning.
The barrage has played an important role in the regeneration of the area.
The concept of regeneration was created in 1966 by the writers of "Doctor Who" as a method of replacing the leading actor.
The DSU manages timing errors and signal regeneration.
The Eighth Doctor experienced amnesia as a result of post-regeneration trauma (the 1996 television film); uniquely, the Doctor was "not alive" at the time of this regeneration.
The Eighth Doctor's regeneration into the War Doctor uses a slightly different effect. The regeneration from the Eleventh Doctor to the Twelfth slightly differs from the other regenerations from the revived series.
The Eleventh Doctor starts his regeneration outside the TARDIS though he does end it inside it.
The modern Indian Forest Service was created in 1966 for protection, conservation, and regeneration of forest resources.
The question as to whether this is a true regeneration is left unanswered, since Jenny does not change her appearance.
The rebranding coincides with the development of a new campus in the city's Eastside regeneration scheme.
The regeneration into the Ninth Doctor was later seen and explained in "The Day of the Doctor" (2013).
The regeneration of these stars is possible because the vital organs are in the arms.
The release of energy caused a shockwave that severely damaged the town in which the regeneration took place.
They feel that leisure, as a means of regeneration and restoration, should be looked after carefully.
They were recognized as leaders in the field of urban regeneration.
With regeneration also comes a change of personality.
With the planned urbanistic regeneration of the neighborhood of Zorotzaure, there are plans to create a new line connecting the existent one with the neighborhoods of Zorrotza and Zorrotzaure.
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