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Vocabulary Word

Word: refute

Definition: disprove; prove to be false; N. refutation

Sentences Containing 'refute'

After Mach's resignation in Vienna in 1901, Boltzmann returned there and decided to become a philosopher himself to refute philosophical objections to his physics, but he soon became discouraged again.
Among scholars, it "is widely regarded as an apologetic legend"; L. Michael White and Helmut Koester argue the story was probably added as an attempt to refute the Jewish claims that the disciples stole the body which were circulating at the time.
Beginning in the Middle Ages, and even more so in the 18th century and later, rationalists and classicists began to advocate cremation again as a statement denying the resurrection and/or the afterlife, although the pro-cremation movement more often than not took care to address and refute theological concerns about cremation in their works.
But allowing you to make experience (as indeed I think you ought) the only standard of our judgement concerning this, and all other questions of fact; I doubt not but, from the very same experience, to which you appeal, it may be possible to refute this reasoning, which you have put into the mouth of Epicurus.
Colonel Sanderson is prepared to refute any charges made against him, and his papers are in the hands of Senator Cowan, of Pennsylvania; but the difficulty is to get the case before the Senate from the Military Committee and have action taken upon it, and my object in writing you is to ask you to unite with such of your friends as may be willing to do so with you in asking the U. S. Senators from this State to try and bring the case before the Senate for their action, on the ground that the interests of this State demand, in view of the important position that he holds, that the matter should be settled at once.
Dionysius converted to Christianity when he received a vision sent from God; in it he was commanded to vigorously study the heresies facing the Christian Church so that he could refute them through doctrinal study.
Furthermore, Ostwald and many defenders of "pure thermodynamics" were trying hard to refute the kinetic theory of gases and statistical mechanics because of Boltzmann's assumptions about atoms and molecules and especially statistical interpretation of the second law.
In 1650, German scientist Otto von Guericke constructed the first vacuum pump: a device that would further refute the principle of "horror vacui".
In 1905 Boltzmann corresponded extensively with the Austro-German philosopher Franz Brentano with the hope of gaining a better mastery of philosophy, apparently, so that he could better refute its relevancy in science, but he became discouraged about this approach as well.
In subtitling his play "ein christliches trauerspiel," Hochhuth links his rather novel, pseudo-journalistic approach (complete with stage-directions well in excess even of Shaw's which tell us not only how a character looks and acts but what his or her life is like today - that is, in 1963, 21 years after the action of the play) to the tradition of Sophocles and Shakespeare, Hochhuth sought to refute two notions.
Matthew's gospel raises the hypothesis only to refute it; according to it, the claim the body was stolen is a lie spread by the Jewish high priests.
Nor is this all: a relation of them was published and dispersed every where; nor were the _Jesuits_, though a learned body, supported by the civil magistrate, and determined enemies to those opinions, in whose favour the miracles were said to have been wrought, ever able distinctly to refute or detect them[24].
Others suggested that the report of his death was a Pakistani attempt to refute recent American accusations that sections of the ISI were still assisting al-Qaeda.
Quantum nonlocality is the phenomenon by which the measurements made at a microscopic level necessarily refute one or more notions (often referred to as local realism) that are regarded as intuitively true in classical mechanics.
Several hundred miles to the north in Vermont, a Baptist preacher by the name of Abner Jones began to refute the then-prevalent Calvinist dogmas within his fellowship.
Some have attempted to refute such connections and others have embraced them.
Some positive reviews claimed that the film was able to successfully refute not only the factual claims of "Gasland" but also some of the emotional testimonies.
Students would engage in eristic arguments to learn how to "refute their opponent, no matter whether he yes or no in answer to their initial question" through the practice.
The "faked resurrection" theory is the only scenario discussed in the gospels, although Matthew brings it up solely to refute it and claim that the tale was a concoction of Jerusalem's high priests.
The post-war publication of memoirs by Allied generals led to rifts along partisan lines during the 1950s and 1960s, with American historians generally critical of Montgomery and the actions of the Anglo-Canadian forces, while "pro-Montgomery" historians set out to refute these criticisms.
There is not a greater number of philosophical reasonings, displayed upon any subject, than those, which prove the existence of a Deity, and refute the fallacies of _Atheists_; and yet the most religious philosophers still dispute whether any man can be so blinded as to be a speculative atheist.
These principles may flourish and triumph in the schools; where it is, indeed, difficult, if not impossible, to refute them.
This formal meeting of the ministers convened in Newtown on 30 August. An important item on the agenda was to identify and refute the errors of the Antinomians, a list of 90 items, though many of them were repetitious.
Velikovsky was never able to refute Sachs' attack.
``With respect to that other, more weighty accusation, of having injured Mr. Wickham, I can only refute it by laying before you the whole of his connection with my family.

More Vocab Words

::: deliberate - consider; ponder; ADJ: done on purpose; slow
::: impugn - dispute or contradict (often in an insulting way); attack as false or questionable; challenge; gainsay; CF. fight
::: effervescence - inner excitement or exuberance; showing high spirits; emitting bubbles forming inside; bubbling from fermentation or carbonation; ADJ. effervescent; V. effervesce
::: demure - (of a woman or child) grave; quiet and serious; coy; pretending to be demure
::: actuate - motivate; activate; cause to act
::: disport - amuse; Ex. disport oneself; CF. divert
::: partiality - state of being partial; inclination; favorable bias; special fondness; preference
::: imposture - assuming a false identity; masquerade; CF. impostor
::: granulate - form into grains or granules; N. granule: grain or particle
::: antipathy - aversion; dislike or opposition