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Vocabulary Word

Word: refraction

Definition: bending of a ray of light

Sentences Containing 'refraction'

Because an increasing number of reflections makes refraction asymmetric some colour separation occurs away from the sun.
By refraction the magnifying glass reveals objects hidden because of their minuteness, and enlarges for our careful contemplation objects otherwise barely visible.
combustion, crystallization, centrifugation, diffraction, diffusion, dispersion, distillation, electrolysis, electrophoresis, emulsification, evaporation, hydrolysis, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, oxidation, phosphorescence, pyrolysis, reduction, reflection, refraction, scattering, sedimentation, sublimation, birth, cell division, fermentation, fertilization, germination, growth, geotropism, heliotropism, hybridization, metamorphosis, photosynthesis, transpiration
Due to atmospheric refraction, there is no true polar night in Bodø, but because of the mountains south of Bodø, the sun is not visible from the city from early December to early January.
During civil twilight, there may still be enough light for normal outdoor activities because of light scattering by the upper atmosphere and refraction.
How refraction accomplishes these results will be explained in the following Sections.
However, not all this time is classified as polar night, since sunlight may be visible because of refraction . Also, the time when the sun is above the horizon at the poles is 186 days.
In some cases, collagen cross-linking may also be combined with other treatments to improve corneal asymmetry, optical refraction or corneal strength.
It displays current graphical information like scene triangles, cars triangles, reflection triangles, refraction triangles, triangles of the rear view mirror.
It is these tiny drops which by their refraction and their scattering of light produce the rainbow in the heavens.
Refraction is the source of many illusions; bent rays of light make objects appear where they really are not.
Sign regarded this as an unknown but later files, possibly Hynek's interpretation, blamed the incident on "refraction of the planet Mars."
The angle of refraction is the angle formed by the refracted ray and the perpendicular to the surface at the point where the light strikes it.
The bending or deviation of light in its passage from one substance to another is called refraction.
The deception is due to refraction, and the material and shape of the bottle furnish a sufficient explanation.
The point where AC and AO meet after refraction will be the position of the top of the arrow.
There is a location at the horizon around midday with more light than others because of refraction.
These cells measure the distance of the image from a centerline and using the height of the chamber can determine the angle of refraction.
This can be achieved by using triangulation or refraction measurement techniques as opposed to the time of flight techniques used in LIDAR.
Walther further brought into prominence the effects of refraction in altering the apparent places of the heavenly bodies, and substituted Venus for the moon as a connecting-link between observations of the sun and stars.
When a ray of light passes from water or glass into air, the refracted ray is bent away from the perpendicular so that the angle of refraction is greater than the angle of incidence.
When light passes from air into water or glass, the refracted ray is bent toward the perpendicular, so that the angle of refraction is smaller than the angle of incidence.
While explaining the phenomenon to his crew, the captain might more precisely have used the word refraction rather than reflection, since the reflection is due to a refractive effect of layers of air.

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