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Vocabulary Word

Word: refectory

Definition: dining hall; room where meals are served (in a school)

Sentences Containing 'refectory'

Access to the Main UCL Wilkins Building (Octagon Building) and the UCL Refectory is possible through the theatre building.
According to a 13th-century text, "a garan is a temple with a "kon-dō" (main hall), a "tō" (pagoda), a "kō-dō" (lecture hall), a "shōrō" (bellfry), a "jiki-dō" (refectory), a "sōbō" (monks' living quarters), and a "kyōzō" (scriptures deposit, library)."
Around 1250, he built the single-nave Sainte-Chapelle de Notre-Dame in the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Also attributed to him, around 1260, is the modification of the transept arms of Notre Dame de Paris, as well as the chapel at the Château de Vincennes and the refectory of the Priory of Saint-Martin-des-Champs in Paris (today the library of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers).
De Vaux also interpreted locus 77 as a "refectory", or a community dining hall, based on the discovery of numerous sets of bowls in the nearby "pantry" of locus 89.
His talent was noticed and he was summoned around 1239 by the monks of the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés to Paris to build them a new refectory.
In 1665 a great storm caused severe damage to the roofs of the church, the dormitories and the refectory, as well as to the belltower, which collapsed at the end of the 17th century.
In the southern section of the cloister lay the monks’ refectory, and in front of it, projecting into the cloister, a pavilion with a washing-fountain, called the "fountain-chapel".
It was part of the refectory complex built in the 1960s; the tower was demolished ca.
Much hinges on interpretation of two locations at Qumran—the "refectory" and the "pantry".
New one- and two-storey structures were erected: Katholikos’ offices, a refectory with a kitchen and a bakery, a school, a hostel for monks and disciples, an inn, stores and cattlesheds.
The "Simeonstift" was a two-story cloister in four wings with a dormitory in the north wing and a refectory in the west wing.
The complex was enlarged a first time in 1328 and again in 1464, when the capitular hall and the refectory added, though the church maintained the Latin Cross, one nave pan.
The hour therefore having arrived they all took their seats at a long table like a refectory one, for round or square table there was none in the inn, and the seat of honour at the head of it, though he was for refusing it, they assigned to Don Quixote, who desired the lady Micomicona to place herself by his side, as he was her protector.
The lay-brothers’ refectory and dormitory were placed in the western range of the cloister, and the kitchen in the south-western corner.
The new Academy Room was to be inaugurated at the occasion on 7 August with the delivery of a prologue recalling memories from St Omers but it had to be called off: Thomas Weld, benefactor of the estate to the Jesuits had held a dinner as a treat to the boys in the Top Refectory on 31 July.
The prior's lodging and refectory are incorporated into a farmhouse constructed on the site.
The Refectory was designed and built by E. W. Pugin.
The ruins consist mainly of foundations but also include the remains of the 12th-century priory church, three arches from the canon's refectory, the foundations of the 14th-century monastic kitchens and the remains of a 15th-century tower.
The second refectory is decorated with the "Supper in Simon the Pharisee's house" by Giovanni Battista Vanni (c. 1645); it also houses fragments of frescoes by Lippo d'Andrea.
The southern range of the cloisters was slightly larger than the east, but had two stories again: the ground floor was an under-croft whilst the upper floor was occupied by the "frater" or refectory, where the canons ate.
The west range was originally the lay-brothers accommodation (refectory on the ground-floor, sleeping quarters above).
There are plans to replace the old 1940s refectory with a modern canteen and sixth-form centre, which will be connected to the Dempsey Centre.
There is a junior refectory for Years 6–11 and a senior refectory for Year 12 (rhetoric) and staff members.
This chapel and the refectory of Saint-Germain-des-Prés were demolished in 1794.
Through these efforts, the bandshell, refectory and sailing club have been repaired and repainted to a light brown color, shown above right.

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