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Vocabulary Word

Word: reconnaissance

Definition: survey of enemy by soldiers; reconnoitering; V. reconnoiter: make a preliminary inspection of (esp. to gather military information)

Sentences Containing 'reconnaissance'

"Drache" was also used by the Germans to evaluate the shipboard use of helicopters for reconnaissance purposes.
4 Squadron RAF, a squadron assigned to the task of Aerial reconnaissance.
896th Helicopter Reconnaissance and Liaison Squadron
A large number of reconnaissance aircraft were available to support ground forces operations.
A number of the P-51B and P-51C aircraft were fitted for photo reconnaissance and designated F-6C.
Assigned to Ninth Air Force as a photographic reconnaissance unit.
Authorized by the National Guard Bureau in 1953 at the 183d Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron.
By order from March 1, 1985 it is designated as 896th Helicopter Reconnaissance and Liaison Squadron.
During this time he was a member of the 1921 Everest reconnaissance expedition, using photographic surveying techniques.
Following the collision, China's monitoring of reconnaissance flights became less aggressive.
Four squadrons of seventy Galeb, Jastreb, and Orao-1 fighters were configured for reconnaissance missions.
His squadron pioneered the use of radio in directing the fire of battleships and photo-reconnaissance.
II (AC) Sqn and 13 Sqn are the RAF's two specialist Tornado reconnaissance units, but with the RAPTOR pod any GR4 squadron can undertake reconnaissance missions.
In 1999, he served as an armoured reconnaissance officer in the NATO deployment in Kosovo.
In March 1945 he took over as the Commander of the 5th SS Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion.
In May 1972, Kernan was shot down by the enemy while on a reconnaissance mission over North Vietnam.
In May, the regiment moved to Portsmouth, VA, and spent much of the month in reconnaissance and skirmishing.
In November 1992 more RF-4E were delivered to the 348 Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron.
It is a modified version of the military reconnaissance satellite "Yantar-4KS1" (Terilen).
It is usually used for reconnaissance missions in dangerous environments or for fire support.
It served with the Italian "Regia Aeronautica" during World War II, as a reconnaissance aeroplane.
It was intended that the Spirale could be used for close-support, reconnaissance or transport roles.
John served in the Fleet Air Arm as a reconnaissance photographer during World War II.
Kaduna Nzeogwu carried out reconnaissance on Ahmadu Bello's mansion in Kaduna.
Luftwaffe reconnaissance planes had determined that there were no fighter aircraft stationed at Filton prior to the attack but No.
Nevertheless, most of the reconnaissance was performed by three Russian reconnaissance battalions, so the need to use a strategic bomber for it was questionable.
Northwest African Photographic Reconnaissance Wing.
On 17 February 1915, a British seaplane from flew a reconnaissance sortie over the Straits.
On 20 April, a Russian jet shot down a Georgian reconnaissance drone flying over Abkhazia.
Other than special reconnaissance, such HUMINT collection is not now listed as a basic SF mission.
Reconnaissance Airborne Pod Tornado (RAPTOR) is a reconnaissance pod used by the Royal Air Force on its fleet of Tornado GR.4A and GR.4 aircraft. RAPTOR is manufactured by the Goodrich Corporation.
Reconnaissance by Pajol's horsemen during the 17 June found that the Prussians had left Namur.
Reformed in December 1952, being equipped with RF-51D Mustang reconnaissance aircraft. Performed tactical reconnaissance for Tactical Air Command, retiring the Mustangs in 1955 and flying RF-80C Shooting Star aircraft until 1956.
Richard Leghorn was a former United States Air Force (USAF) aerial reconnaissance expert who had first proposed flying reconnaissance missions over enemy territory in peacetime.
She also won the Kaiser's "Schießpreis" (Shooting Prize) for excellent gunnery in the reconnaissance force.
Some air force fighter and reconnaissance squadrons supported naval operations.
The 896th Helicopter Reconnaissance and Liaison Squadron ("Serbo-Croatian: 896.
The AMX-10RC is a light reconnaissance vehicle built by GIAT.
The Blues and Royals were serving as an armoured reconnaissance element for 16th Air Assault Brigade.
The combat reconnaissance platoon could be employed in advance of the mobile guerrilla force to provide reconnaissance, establish an initial resupply point, and gather intelligence.
The combat support company is composed of a reconnaissance platoon and a signals platoon.
The German objective was to bombard Sunderland on the 19th, with extensive reconnaissance provided by airships and submarines.
The latter died in 1672, drowned with 5 other colonists during a reconnaissance expedition.
The Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804–1806) was the first scientific reconnaissance of the Rocky Mountains.
The photo reconnaissance versions of the P-51D and P-51K were designated F-6D and F-6K respectively.
The squadron also conducted photographic reconnaissance in western United States between 1955 and 1957.
This task was performed primarily by the "Grenzaufklärungszug" (GAK), an elite reconnaissance force within the "Grenztruppen".
To make up losses in the Blenheims it flew in a reconnaissance role.
U.S. reconnaissance aircraft began to shadow the main force of ships.
Usually almost no reconnaissance or clearing operations had been carried out in such territory.

More Vocab Words

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::: surveillance - close observation of a person (esp. one under suspicion); watching; guarding
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