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Vocabulary Word

Word: reconcile

Definition: make friendly again (after quarrel); make consistent (two ideas in opposition); correct inconsistencies; Ex. reconcile one's political principles with one's religious beliefs

Sentences Containing 'reconcile'

'He is an excellent man, most exemplary in every way; and he pointed out to her that she ought, as a Christian, to reconcile herself to the sacrifice (especially as it was so uncertain), and to bear no uncharitable feeling towards me.
A minority of scholars argue that perhaps Achaemenes was a retrograde creation of Darius the Great, in order to reconcile his connection with Cyrus the Great, after gaining power.
After the show, she accidentally learns that her late-night mentor was Josh and not Barredout, so she rushes to Josh's apartment and the two reconcile.
As events began to degenerate, however, the officer corps began to reconcile the antagonists.
As the three friends reconcile, Priya comes to the hospital to meet Gautham's father, where Gautham apologizes and admits to Priya that he has fallen for her.
Attempts to reconcile science and religion resulted in a rejection of prophecy, miracle, and revealed religion, resulting in an inclination toward deism among some major political leaders of the age.
Because Antigonus Gonatas was the grandson of Antipater and the nephew of Cassander through his mother, his presence helped to reconcile the supporters of these former kings to the rule of his father.
Fitz also tries to reconcile with Judith, but she refuses to listen, and he takes his anger out on Mark, who he finds still lying in bed in the afternoon.
Flood geologists have proposed numerous hypotheses to reconcile the sequence of fossils evident in the fossil column with the literal account of Noah's flood in the Bible.
Friends tried to reconcile them, but had their labor for their pains.
Gap creation allowed religious geologists (who composed the majority of the geological community at the time) to reconcile their faith in the Bible with the new authority of science.
Géricault's work expressed a paradox: how could a hideous subject be translated into a powerful painting, how could the painter reconcile art and reality?
Hase’s aim was to reconcile modern culture with historical Christianity in a scientific way.
Having second thoughts about the scheme, Andy shows up in time to reconcile and escape with Megan.
He described his struggles as a young adult to reconcile social perceptions of his multiracial heritage.
He made a one shot appearance in May 2010 where he appealed to Takagi to not secede from KAMIKAZE and helped the various members of the stable reconcile their differences.
He soon regrets having broken up with her and they soon reconcile.
He then professes his true love for Radha, and the two reconcile.
He was among the earliest of the Jewish Alexandrian philosophers whose aim was to reconcile and identify Greek philosophical conceptions with the Jewish religion.
How can you reconcile it to your conscience, I wonder, to prejudice my own boy against me, or against anybody who is dear to me?
However they did not reconcile the different approaches to moral development they took to the project, rather, they played quite different roles in the interventions.
I can not reconcile myself to this idea it would madden me.
I had been unhappy in trying it; I could not endure my own solitary wisdom; I could not reconcile it with her former appeal to me as my child-wife.
In addition, Buchman described Webber's retirement as an attempt to reconcile with his estranged wife, but leads to emotional devastation at the realization that she had moved on with a different man.
In that, there seemed a faint expression of curiosity or perplexity as though he were trying to reconcile some doubts in his mind.
It is consolatory to me that others find Professor Owen's controversial writings as difficult to understand and to reconcile with each other, as I do.
It may well be asked how it is possible to reconcile this case with the theory of natural selection?
Learning this, Sue forgives his father and they reconcile.
Maga ultimately released them on November 3, 1962, saying in a broadcast that it was not only due to their good behavior in jail but also to reconcile with his former enemies.
Meanwhile, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) is antagonistic towards Michael, still bitter over Michael not recommending him for a manager position, despite Michael's attempts to reconcile.
Pennsylvania's Waynesburg College awarded Thomas an Honorary Doctorate, recognizing his efforts to reconcile the churches of the United States and England.
Perhaps he can not reconcile himself to the French style of living, and might prefer something else.''
Recently, epiphenomenalism has gained popularity with those struggling to reconcile non-reductive physicalism and mental causation.
She also has to recognize the different things he's gone through and what's informing those decisions and whether or not they will reconcile remains to be seen."
The newspaper helped her find her mother, and they were able to reconcile.
The story revolves around three dancers who are forced to reconcile their differences and pasts.
The two do have their disagreements, but always reconcile without any long-term damage to their friendship.
The work of such writers as Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, who attempted to reconcile Jewish kabbalah and Christian mysticism, brought Hermeticism into a context more easily understood by Europeans during the time of the Renaissance.
They reconcile and Jenny breaks her engagement to Tony.
They reconcile and proceed to hassle Ned Flanders with the police helicopter.
They reconcile on the "Contessa" and passionately kiss.
They reconcile, but Gemma refuses to post bail, explaining that she needs a night in jail to get herself together as she is struggling with the changes caused by menopause.
To reconcile the indifference and contingency of human actions with prescience; or to defend absolute decrees, and yet free the Deity from being the author of sin, has been found hitherto to exceed all the power of philosophy.
Trying to reconcile with her family in the 1980s, Laing learned that her father had died and her mother Sannie refused to see her.
When Laureen arrives at the scene, she realizes how much she cares for Sam and they reconcile while taking care of the injured people.
When Lydia helps Katja to give birth to her daughter Christina, the two finally reconcile.
When the man returns home to reconcile with his devoted 1st wife, he is in for a shocking and eerie surprise.
With the help of Friar Laurence, who hopes to reconcile the two families through their children's union, they are secretly married the next day.
With this money and another sum he received from Ptolemy II Philadelphus, he was able to reconcile the different parties in Sicyon and unite the city.
``How can you reconcile that with his conduct this morning?''

More Vocab Words

::: cordial - warmly friendly; gracious; heartfelt; Ex. cordial welcome
::: painstaking - taking pains; showing hard work; taking great care; very careful and through
::: quintessence - purest and highest embodiment; perfect example; apotheosis; most essential element; Ex. quintessence of wit; ADJ. quintessential; CF. fifth essence
::: anthropoid - manlike; resembling a human being; N.
::: effective - effectual; producing a strong response; striking; in operation; in effect; Ex. effective speech/photograph
::: chuckle - laugh quietly
::: trepidation - fear; nervous apprehension
::: institution - instituting; (building for the) organization; established custom, practice, or relationship in a society; mental hospital; Ex. institution of marriage
::: tout - promote or publicize (one's goods or service); praise excessively (as a form of advertisement); CF. advertise
::: implausible - unlikely (to be true); unbelievable; Ex. implausible alibi