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Vocabulary Word

Word: recite

Definition: repeat aloud (something learned); describe; Ex. recite his complaints; N. recitation

Sentences Containing 'recite'

A newfound sense of patriotism had the administration require students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance as an entrance requirement to the school.
A tradition in G.W. Carver is every Monday after the morning announcement is to recite the alma mater.
As presiding officer,he must go recite it to the speaker maintains order during floor debate, recognizing legislators who wish to speak and ruling on procedural matters.
Even though group dhikr is popular and makes up the spiritual life of most Sufi adherents, other more private forms of dhikr are performed more routinely - usually consisting of the order's "wird" (daily litany) - which adherents usually recite privately, even if gathered together.
Experts in "whakapapa" can trace and recite a lineage not only through the many generations in a linear sense, but also between such generations in a lateral sense.
For example, he has supported measures to require Indiana public teachers to recite the Lord's Prayer.
He invited him to recite his poem at a public meeting organised by the Indian National Congress, where he became an instant hit; Pandit Nehru, who was present, dubbed him the ‘Poet of Freedom’.
I could recite you the whole of Thucydides, Xenophon, Plutarch, Titus Livius, Tacitus, Strada, Jornandes, Dante, Montaigne, Shakespeare, Spinoza, Machiavelli, and Bossuet.
In addition, many recite extended prayers upon Muhammad (known as durood) of which the Dala'il al-Khayrat is perhaps the most popular.
It is mostly the language in which Muslims recite their prayers, regardless of what language they use in everyday life.
It is Muslim belief that one should recite the Koran in its original language (however translations can be used for people who can not understand Arabic), but very few Indonesians at this time knew Arabic, and those who could were considered people of great knowledge.
It was to admit women twelve years and older who were "able to read, write, spell and recite the parts of speech.
Jack then asks, or commands, Alice to recite the poem forwards, backwards, and in French.
Like jelis, griots in Mali often use instruments and music to recite history which ultimately renders the history a performance and not just a story.
LRA fighters wear rosary beads and recite passages from the Bible before battle.
Making a statement even in death, Muslim community leaders were allowed to recite the Quran during the condolence service.
Meanwhile, Dax endures her own form of Klingon torture as she struggles to please Sirella. When she is asked to recite the history of the House of Martok, Dax gleefully reveals her discovery that Sirella has no imperial blood, and is in fact descended from a concubine.
Not only were griots used to recite history of births and deaths, battles and marriages in the villages, but oral historians and griots are also an important cultural facet in Mali in terms of language.
Ping and Pang recite the poem "The Sands of Dee"; Pang forgets the last word of the poem, prompting a duel between them.
Richardson would recite his lines in "a sinister way and do under-the-eyebrows stuff", which Richardson felt inspired the writers to develop Ste's character more deeply.
Solowka has explained that he was "kicked out of the band" after the recording of the "Seamonsters" album, and commented, "Officially this was for not being a good enough guitar player and not contributing enough to the song-writing (David Gedge still feels he needs to recite this story 14 years after the event).
Subcategories are canons regular (canons and canonesses regular who recite the divine office and serve a church and perhaps a parish); monastics (monks or nuns living and working in a monastery and reciting the divine office); mendicants (friars or religious sisters who live from alms, recite the divine office, and, in the case of the men, participate in apostolic activities); and clerks regular (priests who take religious vows and have a very active apostolic life).
Such griots were used to recite history of births and deaths, battles and marriages in the village.
The 2006 competition saw the participation of 480 inmates and 20 of them were selected to recite their entry in front of their families.
The Gokarna version follows the northern style, which resembles the way the Maharashtrians recite the Rigveda Samhita.
The monarch is also the locus of oaths of allegiance; many employees of the Crown are required by law to recite this oath before taking their posts, such as all members of the Commonwealth parliament, all members of the state and territorial parliaments, as well as all magistrates, judges, and justices of the peace.
They took time out to recite Shabbat prayers and continued to work throughout Shabbat.
To repair samaya, a practitioner may restore mindfulness and awareness of sacred view; confess the violation to another practitioner that holds samaya; recite the one hundred syllable mantra (Vajrasattva mantra); or use other methods determined by their guru.
When he wishes he were a man, she tells him to wrap a red ribbon around his finger and recite her name at 8 pm, but she warns him that the spell will only last until midnight.

More Vocab Words

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::: prototype - original work used as a model by others
::: missile - object to be thrown or projected
::: pandemic - widespread; affecting the majority of people; N: pandemic disease; CF. all people
::: listless - lacking in spirit or energy; languid
::: carnal - fleshly; sensual; concerning the desires of the body
::: sublimate - refine; purify; replace (natural urges) with socially acceptable activities; change between a solid state and a gaseous state
::: migrant - changing its habitat; wandering; Ex. migrant birds/workers; N: one that migrates
::: perturb - disturb greatly
::: expenditure - payment or expense; expending; something expended; output; Ex. receipt for the expenditure; Ex. expenditure of all the energy