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Vocabulary Word

Word: recast

Definition: reconstruct (a sentence, story, statue, etc.); fashion again

Sentences Containing 'recast'

""So they hired a new producer, Scott Brazil, who rewrote it, recast it and got me on board." Linden speculated that his casting came from the character being a "a former musician and bandleader performer, and so am I. Maybe they were going on that."
During this time, Ibsen told Vilhelm Bergsøe that "I don't think the play's for acting" when they discussed the possibility of staging the play's image of a casting-ladle "big enough to re-cast human beings in."
In 1735, he was ordered to recast the bell made by Alexander Grigoriev (1655), shattered during the 1701 fire.
In 1983, Convy was cast as Neil Townsend on the ABC sitcom "It's Not Easy", playing opposite Ken Howard. Convy had joined the project when it was recast after its intended premiere in the 1982–83 season was delayed; he earned the role originally given to Larry Breeding, who was killed in a car accident in September 1982 after the first pilot was shot.
In 1996, after only a year on the show, "Hollyoaks" producer Phil Redmond decided to recast the character, where he found Matt Littler.
In 2012 the role was recast with Maizey Corbett now playing the role.
In any given cycle of operation, only 20–35% of the fuel gets converted to an unusable form; the remaining metal constitutes usable fissile material. Recast and reclad into new driver pellets without chemical separations, this recycled fuel can be used to initiate fission in subsequent cycles of operation, thus displacing the need to enrich uranium altogether.
In late July of that year, "Soap Opera Digest" announced that Hartley would join the cast of "Days of our Lives", another NBC soap opera, in the recast role of Arianna Hernandez, which would place her opposite former "Passions" co-stars Galen Gering and Eric Martsolf, who would once again portray her brother and love interest, respectively.
Later, when continuous casting or "hot-metal" typesetting machines such as the Linotype machine and Monotype became popular, the hellbox was used for storing discarded or broken type that were melted down and recast.
Nau Them recast the members for the following year and played two shows, one that gave them a dose of rock stardom, the annual La Jolla Fall Carnival. The band consisted of Jim Nau (piano organ), Joe Fawcett (lead guitar vocals), Robert McCleod (rhythm guitar), Larry Mulvaney (drums) and Bruce (bass guitar and lead vocals).
of this work, ending 11 October 1851, reappeared, extended and recast, his 'Quintyn Matsys, the Blacksmith of Antwerp,' afterwards reissued separately in library form with illustrations.
Recast as a new version of another obscure character, Anarky, Armstrong was also re-characterized with a new "Anarky" themed costume.
Tenzil Kem (along with Bouncing Boy) are recast as part of the Legion's civilian support staff.
The character was originally a burlesque dancer, but the role was rewritten and recast with Joyce Randolph playing the character as an ordinary housewife.
The congregation planned to have the bell recast in England, but it was lost in a shipwreck.
This was recast in English as the Smurfs.
Underpowered by two Gnome-Rhône 14M engines, the design was recast to use the more powerful Gnome-Rhône 14N-20 and -21 engines, the same used in the Lioré et Olivier LeO 451 bomber, and renamed the SE.100.

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