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Vocabulary Word

Word: rebuke

Definition: scold harshly; criticize severely

Sentences Containing 'rebuke'

20a); and once he ventured to convey a veiled rebuke to the patriarch for avarice (Genesis Rabbah lxxviii.
A rebuke or any utterance conveying a negative emotion is frequently said with lips rounded throughout.
Again, when they either are in their greatest exultation; and in the middle of all their pomp and glory; or being angry and displeased, in great state and majesty, as from an higher place, they chide and rebuke.
Bernard Parish, it was seen as a striking rebuke to Roemer.
Brooker later wrote the essay "Nudes and Prudes" in 1931 as a rebuke.
During the war between Israel and Lebanon in 1982, former Prime Minister Joe Clark issued a public rebuke to the CJC at its annual policy convention for its stance of unconditionally supporting the State of Israel in that war, regardless of what Israel had been accused of doing.
If, in spite of this, Harvey or Mike Ross choose a riskier but more profitable course of action, she will harshly rebuke him, even if the risk pays off.
In December 2006, a team of "Times" reporters delivered management with a critique of the paper's online news efforts known as the Spring Street Project. The report, which condemned the "Times" as a "web-stupid" organization," was followed by a shakeup in management of the paper's website," www.latimes.com," and a rebuke of print staffers who had assertedly "treated change as a threat."
In it, Al-Azm's rebuke of political and religious leaders and the media who supported them for exploiting their populations' religious sentiments was relentless and made him enemies.
In the article, Mooney criticizes John Carroll (former Editor-in-Chief of the "Los Angeles Times") for a rebuke Carroll made regarding an article written by Scott Gold about the ABC hypothesis for the "L.A. Times".
In what was regarded as a rebuke of his policies, Republicans swept the 1863 midterm elections, winning all of the major offices and taking control of the State Assembly.
On such occasions, if a convenient opportunity offer, rebuke the speaker.
One group member, Jirō Sugita (Tamio Kawachi), harasses one of the girls which invokes an extended verbal rebuke.
Taking the rebuke lag katanya ‘don’t do that’: Balani: mid, mid, mid-to-high rising, low.
The man, somewhat crest fallen by the rebuke he had received, repeated what the concierge had said.
The United States also condemned the offensive, issuing a "sharp rebuke" and sending an accompanying letter to the Armenian government.
There was also an incident in which Emperor Taizong showed his favor for a tree, and subsequently, Yuwen repeatedly praised the tree, drawing a rebuke from Emperor Taizong: Yuwen Shiji apologized, but defended his position by stating that emperors did not often have people who would agree with them, and that he only wanted to make the emperor happy.

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