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Vocabulary Word

Word: reactionary

Definition: strongly opposed to social or political change; opposing progress; politically ultraconservative; N. OP. radical

Sentences Containing 'reactionary'

About being torn between all things glamorous and reactionary and all things glamorous and leftist. Then in the rap it dispenses with both in favour of desire."
After the war Santos Costa was among the more reactionary members of the government, resisting all attempts at liberalisation.
All are wordy 'Welsh windbags', with amusing speech patterns, pronunciations and reactionary, overly sensitive and pedantic to a degree.
Bunker is a veteran of World War II, reactionary, conservative, blue-collar worker, and family man.
For Fischer, German foreign policy before 1914 was largely motivated by the efforts of the reactionary German elite to distract the public from casting their votes for the Social Democrats and to make Germany the world's greatest power at the expense of France, Britain and Russia.
He also sees the police beating up a "reactionary".
His 1956 contract with Editura de Stat pentru Literatură şi Artă (ESPLA), a state publishing house supervised by writer Petru Dumitriu, resulted in public scandal: ESPLA filed a legal complaint against Aderca, accusing him of not having returned a large sum of money he had received as an advance on his planned novel "Casa cu cinci fete" ("The House with Five Girls"), which had been denied for publication because of "ideological-political mistakes" and "plainly reactionary ideas" ("see Censorship in Communist Romania").
His somewhat reactionary political opinions, which also find expression in his odes, find less praise today although they can certainly be said to reflect, as do his essays, a serious and very active mind.
In 1919 Chinese warlord Xu Shuzheng occupied Niislel Khüree and installed Badamdorj, who represented reactionary lamas and was considered to be more pliable to Chinese demands, as prime minister.
In 1930, the 16th party congress mentioned the duty of the party to help "the emancipation of the masses from the reactionary influence of religion" and called on trade unions to "correctly organize and strengthen anti-religious propaganda".
In his preface to "Reactionary Imperative", he wrote "Reaction is a necessary term in the intellectual context we inhabit in the twentieth century because merely to conserve is sometimes to perpetuate what is outrageous."
It was not planned that the film would address armed partisan actions, but was to side-bar Soviet NKVD war crimes, the very few war crimes committed by the Allies, and as a postscript, review the cases of organizations, scientific academics, and reactionary historians who attempted to 'red flag' the production.
Kristol also distinguished three specific aspects of neoconservatism from previous types of conservatism: neo-conservatives had a forward-looking attitude from their liberal heritage, rather than the reactionary and dour attitude of previous conservatives; they had a meliorative attitude, proposing alternate reforms rather than simply attacking social liberal reforms; they took philosophical ideas and ideologies very seriously.
Nietzsche was not a post-structuralist soft-peddler, but an ultra-reactionary neo-Platonist socially and neo-Machiavellian synarchic trans-national elitist, an expositor of "esoteric" caste hierarchy based on culture and spirit, who wanted the highest bloodlines of Scandinavia, Germany, Central Europe, Slovenia and Israel to intermarry "eugenically"—and the type of purely pan-Germanic volkist populism Hitler developed, in which legitimacy of political power rested on the "beer-glutted" German masses Nietzsche wholly abominated, appealing to every German as "peasant-soldier", only shared the smallest lineaments of political philosophy with Nietzsche.
Stalin called "to bring to completion the liquidation of the reactionary clergy in our country".
The 1956 ESPLA denunciation elaborated on his "reactionary" attitudes, hinting that Aderca had failed to adopt Marxist-Leninist principles in respect to communist revolution, the old intelligentsia and the national issue.
The greater the number of representatives of the reactionary clergy and the reactionary bourgeoisie that we succeed in shooting on this occasion, the better because this "audience" must precisely now be taught a lesson in such a way that they will not dare to think about any resistance whatsoever for several decades.
The rise of Bismarck's new Germany made this reactionary policy too dangerous for a great empire to risk.
The state, however, became increasingly identified with the reactionary party in the South African Republic.

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