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Vocabulary Word

Word: ravenous

Definition: extremely hungry; voracious

Sentences Containing 'ravenous'

"The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler".
After a short silence, he told me, “he did not know how I would take what he was going to say: that in the last general assembly, when the affair of the _Yahoos_ was entered upon, the representatives had taken offence at his keeping a _Yahoo_ (meaning myself) in his family, more like a _Houyhnhnm_ than a brute animal; that he was known frequently to converse with me, as if he could receive some advantage or pleasure in my company; that such a practice was not agreeable to reason or nature, or a thing ever heard of before among them; the assembly did therefore exhort him either to employ me like the rest of my species, or command me to swim back to the place whence I came: that the first of these expedients was utterly rejected by all the _Houyhnhnms_ who had ever seen me at his house or their own; for they alleged, that because I had some rudiments of reason, added to the natural pravity of those animals, it was to be feared I might be able to seduce them into the woody and mountainous parts of the country, and bring them in troops by night to destroy the _Houyhnhnms’_ cattle, as being naturally of the ravenous kind, and averse from labour.” My master added, “that he was daily pressed by the _Houyhnhnms_ of the neighbourhood to have the assembly’s exhortation executed, which he could not put off much longer.
Aka: Der Teufel The Devil, Master Raven, Dominus, Ravenous Doctor Jonathan Brand.
Graboids are shown to be ravenous carnivores, always on the hunt for food.
Harper and her team fight against overwhelming odds to stop this ravenous zombie menace where it began—before it spreads out to devour the earth.
Lanfranchi, in the meantime, was pursued by news reporters with the first among a ravenous and long series of stories through which, however, he never more put at risk his own freedom.
Nevertheless, it may well be believed that since they have such a ravenous finger in the pie, it is deemed but wise to look sharp to them.
Ravenous Records, a division of Ravenous Entertainment, was formed in 1998 by Jim Steinman and Steven Rinkoff.
Rinkoff best explained the purpose of the label (and how it went wrong) in a May 2005 interview with BroadwayWorld.com, "Jim and I have a label called Ravenous Records where initially the idea was just to find great singers for Jim's songs, and as hard as that could be, we somehow got skewed into finding people that were writing their own songs, and then we became a label where we were putting out artists that had nothing to do with Jim's music."
The "Mishna" there discusses when one is permitted to break his or her fast on the Day of Atonement: "If one is seized by a ravenous hunger (ostensibly referring to something life threatening), he may be given to eat even unclean things until his eyes are lightened."
The power finally comes back, and with assistance from the two X-S Tech technicians, the ravenous alien is ultimately driven back into the broken teleportation device, but overpowering the tube causes the alien to explode right before the tube closes.
While there, he has a wild liaison with a quirky, sexually ravenous girl, Angie (Susie Porter), who after a brief courtship knocks him unconscious and kidnaps him.

More Vocab Words

::: burlesque - give an imitation that ridicules; imitate mockingly
::: prurient - having or causing lustful desires and thoughts; arousing immoderate sexual desire
::: demur - object (because of doubts, scruples); raise an objection (showing qualms); hesitate; Ex. demur at the idea of working on Sunday
::: incoherent - unintelligible; muddled; unable to express one's thoughts in an orderly manner; illogical; lacking cohesion; not coherent
::: bizarre - fantastic; violently contrasting; noticeably odd; strikingly unconventional
::: astronomical - enormously large or extensive
::: aesthetic - artistic; dealing with or capable of appreciating the beautiful (of a person or building); CF. aesthete; CF. aesthetics
::: contaminate - pollute
::: mundane - worldly as opposed to spiritual; everyday; of the ordinary; Ex. mundane existence; CF. world
::: corpuscle - red or white cell in the blood