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Vocabulary Word

Word: raucous

Definition: (of voice) harsh and unpleasant; (of people) disorderly and boisterous; Ex. raucous shouts

Sentences Containing 'raucous'

"Lady Madonna" is a raucous rock and roll song.
All I'm gonna say is that as far as I can see this collection is a perfect reminder of the glories that were, marrying raucous rock and singalong pop in a superb celebration of unpretentious goodtimes."
Best known for his burnout works made using a 1977 Pontiac Trans AM as an artist's utensil and subject matter, San Francisco-based Guy Overfelt’s projects are raucous explorations of the American Dream via car culture.
Chris Johnston of "Newtype USA" comments that "The 17+ rating is well-earned," and that "The raunchy, raucous humor is definitely not for young ones."
Greezy Wheels' music is a raucous blend of rock, funk, R, alt-country, and Ozarks.
Here and there a raucous discord like the squaking voice of a chicken in distress breaks in upon the frivolous melody of the theme or a plaintive note brings a reminder of the tear always so close to the laugh in the negro nature.
However, on May 19, 2006, Randi made a special exception to that rule due to all of the "raucous fuss" and began private negotiations for testing with Kolodzey.
Only in Puck's world would Queen's raucous song qualify as a serenade—and our horror-turned-amusement was mirrored on his fellow New Directions' faces.
Pete Price made an early appearance as the club DJ adding his own brand of humour to get the audience in the mood and add an extra layer of realism as he introduced some disco classics The cast of Gillian Hardie, Gina Lamb, Linzi Matthews, Liam Tobin, Michael Neary and Paul Duckworth were outstanding throughout, skilfully combining raucous slapstick with moving drama.
Secretary", Loy said, "Jean was beautiful, but far from the raucous sexpot of her films.
Songs include "Santa Maria"; "Why, Why, Why"; "An Angel"( sing: "Sometimes I wish I were an angel"), the video of which popularised a younger family member Paddy; "Break Free", a fan favorite, song by Barby, the haunting "Mama", in which Barbara Kelly is mourned by her children; and "The Pee Pee Song", in which the common childhood problem of bedwetting is celebrated by the raucous, flaxen haired baby-of-the-family Angelo.
Steve Huey of Allmusic has called it Green River's "strongest individual release...perfecting their sleazy, raucous fusion of '70s hard rock and post-hardcore punk."
Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis rediscovered the Blackstone Memorial in 1916 during the period of his raucous, at times anti-Semitic, Congressional appointment hearings.
Their aggressive, energetic and enthusiastic stage show was successfully translated into a string of raucous singles that celebrated the mythical rock 'n' roll spirit with a vengeance.

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