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Vocabulary Word

Word: rational

Definition: (of a person) having reason; (of ideas) based on reason; logical

Sentences Containing 'rational'

'Your sister, Betsey Trotwood,' said my aunt, 'would have been as natural and rational a girl as ever breathed.
A rational curve, also called a unicursal curve, is any curve which is birationally equivalent to a line, which we may take to be a projective line; accordingly, we may identify the function field of the curve with the field of rational functions in one indeterminate "F"("x").
An example would be the rational normal curve.
And I am very well persuaded that whatever you do, Trot, will always be natural and rational.'
Any conic section defined over "F" with a rational point in "F" is a rational curve.
Any individual or distinguishing features of the soul are annihilated after the death of the body; only the rational faculty survives (and then, only if it has attained perfection), which becomes one with all other rational souls within the agent intellect and enters a realm of pure intelligence.
But when he heard my voice, and found what I delivered to be regular and rational, he could not conceal his astonishment.
By induction, the bottle cannot be sold for "any" price in a perfectly rational world.
Clearly no rational person would buy it for one cent as this would make it impossible for it to be sold at a loss.
Curves of genus greater than one differ markedly from both rational and elliptic curves.
Do you disclaim this principle, in order to embrace a more rational opinion, that the perceptions are only representations of something external?
Example 1: exact arithmetic in an implementation that supports exact rational complex numbers.
Example 2: Same arithmetic in an implementation that supports neither exact rational numbers nor complex numbers but does accept real numbers in rational notation.
Have not I the most reason to complain, when I see these very _Yahoos_ carried by _Houyhnhnms_ in a vehicle, as if they were brutes, and those the rational creatures?
He was, too, very learned, and rational enough on all points which did not relate to his treasure; but on that, indeed, he was intractable.''
His pride never deserts him; but with the rich he is liberal minded, just, sincere, rational, honorable, and perhaps agreeable allowing something for fortune and figure.''
However, it follows that no rational person would buy it for two cents either if it is later to be sold on to a rational person for a loss.
Hush, for heaven's sake, be rational and let's have no more nonsense."
If the equation lacks a constant term "a"0, then 0 is one of the rational roots of the equation.
In the rational case of Allomancy, net power is gained.
In this particular case there is exactly one rational root.
It can be parameterized by drawing a line with slope "t" through the rational point, and intersection with the plane quadratic curve; this gives a polynomial with "F"-rational coefficients and one "F"-rational root, hence the other root is "F"-rational (i.e., belongs to "F") also.
It is also instrumentally rational and ethically mandatory.
It is what is called a rational expectation model.
It would surely be much more rational if conversation instead of dancing were made the order of the day.''
Many of the curves on Wikipedia's list of curves are rational, and hence have similar rational parameterizations.
Rational Choice Theory and Symbolic Interactionism furnish two examples of more recent developments.
Reason, and rational power, are faculties which content themselves with themselves, and their own proper operations.
Society therefore is the proper good of a rational creature.
Steiner said of the Commissar Order "No rational unit commander could comply with such an Order".
Such curves defined over the rational numbers, by Faltings' theorem, can have only a finite number of rational points, and they may be viewed as having a hyperbolic geometry structure.
That rational essence that doth govern it, hath in itself no cause to do evil.
The farmer, by this time, was convinced I must be a rational creature.
The Galileo System: A rational alternative to the dominant paradigm for social science research.
The Girl is loyal and helps him evade them, providing rational advice.
The hearing of an articulate voice and rational discourse in the dark assures us of the presence of some person: Why?
The proportions of the beats do not follow any exact rational proportions.
The search for pleasures of the senses and a critical and rational spirit completed the ideological panorama of the period.
The wish of procuring her regard, which she had assured herself of his feeling in Derbyshire, could not in rational expectation survive such a blow as this.
There is a strong distinction in circle rotations that depends on whether is rational or irrational. Rational rotations are less interesting examples of dynamical systems due to the fact that if formula_4 and formula_5, then formula_6 when formula_7.
There is no rational explanation for the range profundity and precision of their contents."
There was no rational basis for these statements.
These series of paintings unifies oppositions and energizes a blend of rational and emotional notions.
This measure was approved by all the rational people in the State; but not by the bench of Judges.
This representation is a rational equivalence between the curve and the plane curve defined by "f".
Vermes dismisses the "two extremes", stating that they "are not susceptible to rational judgment".
We all work to one effect, some willingly, and with a rational apprehension of what we do: others without any such knowledge.
``And who are you, then, that arrogate to yourself this tyrannical right over free and rational beings?''
``Better to be a rational creature,''he added then, after ringing a small bell on the table,``and accept your natural destiny.
``Much more rational, my dear Caroline, I dare say, but it would not be near so much like a ball.''

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