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Vocabulary Word

Word: ration

Definition: fixed portion; V: distribute as rations

Sentences Containing 'ration'

A similar device that incorporates a small spoon at one end and a bottle opener at the other is currently employed by the Australian Defence Force and New Zealand Army in its ration kits.
After being informed by General Washington of the agent's plight, the Continental Congress on October 23, 1778, granted $600 to pay L'Eclise's debts and $60, plus one ration a day "during the pleasure of Congress," as compensation for his contribution to the American cause.
After several days of wandering around for food, Gen finds a ration storehouse containing rice, only to find that most of it has been seared by the heat of the blast. After digging through and onto the lower bags in the stack, he then finds that some have not been seared and takes them to his mother to eat along with some fresh vegetables.
Also, using a higher feeding frequency to provide the daily grain ration can allow higher grain intake without reducing the pH of the rumen fluid.
Another similar device was included with British Army "Operational Ration Pack, General Purpose" 24-hour ration pack and "Compo" Composite (14 man) Ration pack rations.
Approximately 38 times around a c-ration can.
Even the notoriously strict Cato the Elder recommended distributing a daily ration of low quality wine of more than 0.5 gallons among the slaves forced to work on farms.
For the former, "Otto Normalverbraucher" (after the protagonist of the 1948 movie Berliner Ballade, named in turn after the "standard consumer" for ration cards) is also widely known.
However, use of the metric system in the US was not widespread at this point, and United States Army sources indicate that the origin of the name is rooted in the 38 punctures around the circumference of a C-ration can required for opening.
In August 1934, at the time of the traditional summer festival, the prisoners were given a ration of special foods.
Military historian Ezra J. Warner believed these charges were without merit, saying "Winder adopted every means at his command to assure that the prisoners received the same ration as did Confederate soldiers in the field, scanty as that allotment was."
Most men had to sleep on the ground, even in winter in freezing weather, while the camp was in a literal wilderness area surrounded by forest which they were not allowed to use to build huts or build reasonable fires for cooking their daily ration of less than one pint of poorly ground corn meal. At the post-war trial of Captain Henri Wirz who ran Andersonville, dozens of nearby neighbors testified that there was plenty of food available in that part of Georgia at that time.
Originally designed for and distributed in the K-ration, it was later included in the C-ration.
The body demands a daily ration of the three classes of food stuffs, but it is for us to determine from what meats, vegetables, fruits, cereals, etc., this supply shall be obtained -LRB- Figs.
The daily feed ration for Union cavalry horses was ten pounds of hay and fourteen pounds of grain which were ample and fulfilled the animals’ nutritional needs if of good quality, however, the vagaries of the army supply system did not always insure prescribed forage amounts were delivered where most needed.
The Field Ration Eating Device is known by the acronym "FRED".
The Japanese issued ration cards to limit the amount of resources received by the civilian population.
The next day the captain increased the water ration by one pint per man.
The original wing was replaced by a ducted mainplane to improve the lift/drag ration.
The turnkey poured his ration of soup into it, together with the fish for thrice a week the prisoners were deprived of meat.
They then received two days' supplies and one day's iron ration, which were to last until after breakfast on 29 September.
Thus is can be used for casting vote from anywhere, availing social security benefits from anywhere e.g. PDS ration form any shop etc. Using multiple biometrics.
With cellular coverage, a biometric-enabled Bluetooth device can reach rural areas to authenticate ration payments, health insurance, and so on.

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