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Vocabulary Word

Word: rapport

Definition: close relationship; emotional closeness; harmony

Sentences Containing 'rapport'

A 1985 exhibition at the French Academy in Rome examined the rapport between Vespignani's work and that of the Neorealist poet and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini.
Approachable by nature, many of his successes can be attributed to the trust and rapport he established with the people he was trying to help.
Barman Dave (whose last name was given on a couple of occasions as Harris) at first made only occasional appearances, but the rapport between Arthur, Terry and Dave also become popular and by the second series he too was given more screen time: In Series 7, the final series to feature Dennis Waterman as Terry and thus the last to feature the original opening credits, the sequence was modified very slightly to include shots of Terry, Arthur and Dave at the Winchester, giving Edwards his own billing (previously he had been credited amongst the guest cast).
Having established a personal rapport with the Rhodesian Prime Minister, Ian Smith, Sobers left the next day and returned home to Barbados.
He could be very good company when in the right vein, but there were bleak, moody spells which were apt to coincide with his own failures and those of the side...Wally found himself in closer rapport with his manager than with his team, and they were apt to make the many long journeys in a Jaguar, leaving the team to follow by train in the care of Yardley and of the famous old baggage-master, 'Fergue'." Batsman.
He describes her as "an exceptional musician with whom felt an immediate rapport".
However, at the season Cerci's difficult rapport with the Fiorentina fans put in doubt his permanency in Florence.
However, the rapport between Dennis Waterman and George Cole was evident and quickly became popular.
In fact, I would say that what they were seeing was genuine rapport and a real camaraderie.
Nevertheless, select Singlish phrases are sometimes injected into discussions to build rapport or for a humorous effect, especially when the audience consists mainly of locals.
On 5 Nov, 2012, despite a governmental study 'rapport Gallois' advising continuing study of new extraction methods of shale gas due to the groundwater pollution risks associated with hydraulic fracturing, French president Fran├žois Hollande refused following pressure from the Green Party.
Veteran quarterback Warren Moon was acquired before the 1994 season and immediately developed a rapport with Carter.

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