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Vocabulary Word

Word: rampart

Definition: defensive mound of earth

Sentences Containing 'rampart'

A new trading post, Rampart House was established upstream along the Porcupine, but it also proved to be just inside Alaska's boundary.
At a later date, perhaps in the 6th/7th century AD, a smaller rampart was built on the eastern side.
At the end of the 19th century work commenced to change the rampart area into a park with trees.
Following the Alaska purchase and the abandonment of Rampart house, Alaska Commercial Company traders started working along the upper Yukon River.
For which feat of arms, the coat of arms was abated around the knight and the gate, leaving only a wall with towers, where there formerly was also a rampart.
If all were to follow your example, none would dig a trench, none would cast a rampart around the camp, none would keep watch, or expose himself to danger; but all turn out useless for the service of war.
In a continuous line from that peninsula stretch the long islands of Sumatra, Java, Bally, and Timor; which, with many others, form a vast mole, or rampart, lengthwise connecting Asia with Australia, and dividing the long unbroken Indian ocean from the thickly studded oriental archipelagoes.
It was additionally strengthened by an earthen rampart on the interior, and surrounded by two external ditches.
It would have been defended by an earthen bank and a palisade; some of the rampart remains as high as in some places.
It's still possible to see where the former rampart surrounded the town.
Later projects funded by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada brought freeway interchanges to Buffalo Drive in 1992 and Rampart Boulevard in 1994.
Mortar batteries of five mortars each can be found set into the rampart behind the demi caponiers.
Mount Lynch () is, at , one of the high peaks in the Rampart Ridge, rising between Shupe Peak and Bishop Peak in Victoria Land, Antarctica.
On the afternoon of June 26, winds increased following a dry thunderstorm that passed west of the fire, within two hours the fire which had been held by firefighters near Rampart Road jumped northeast into Queens Canyon as the fire crested out of Queens Canyon gusts as high as 70 mph pushed the fire down the front range particularly into the Mountain Shadows neighborhood.
On the west of the fort, the river Sandol flows close to the western rampart towards north to meet the river Utei, a tributary of the Tel, at a distance of about 3 km from the fort site.
The east and west strongpoints were separately enclosed with barbed wire entanglements and had their own barracks, while the west point additionally had an earthwork rampart with a caponier.
The hill fort is on an easterly spur from the main Quantock ridge, with steep natural slopes to the north and south-east. The fort is triangular in shape, with a single rampart and ditch (univallate), enclosing . There is a linear outer work about 120 m away, parallel to the westerly rampart, enclosing another 1.8 ha.
The lower stone rampart is the original defence built in the Iron Age.
The Palikares had remained on the shore of the lake, ready to cover our retreat; they were kneeling on the lowest of the marble steps, and in that manner intended making a rampart of the three others, in case of pursuit.
The remains of the main rampart show a strong construction ca.
The single rampart was 10 feet (3 m) thick at the base tapering to 8 feet (2.5m) at the top, with a height of probably 20 feet (6 m).
The steep verdant slope, whose base is at the water's edge is topped by a lofty rampart of broken, turreted rocks, which are exquisitely rich and mellow in color mainly dark browns and dull greens, but splashed with other tints.
the Takala and the Matakilomaloma then sit down and clap once (Obo) and crawl back to the Tanoa (Yaqona basin where Yaqona is prepared and served from) the Kava is then brought to the Rasau and he drinks, once he has finished the two warriors of Tuvuca then approach the Rasau and stand behind him on either side and they speak the following words “This sir is your rampart, these clubs we two are carrying, be not faint hearted, we here are the men of Navusaveti, the name of the club we hold is called UPHOLD THE RASAU” they retire to their places and Kava is then poured for the Herald (matanivanua), then come the Naividrawalu who drink third because they are the nobles (taba Turaga) in Yavusa Buca and are the support for the Yaqona (I raviti ni Yaqona.)
This rampart is pierced by several sally-ports for the convenience of ships and whales; conspicuous among which are the straits of Sunda and Malacca.
Those narrow straits of Sunda divide Sumatra from Java; and standing midway in that vast rampart of islands, buttressed by that bold green promontory, known to seamen as Java Head; they not a little correspond to the central gateway opening into some vast walled empire: and considering the inexhaustible wealth of spices, and silks, and jewels, and gold, and ivory, with which the thousand islands of that oriental sea are enriched, it seems a significant provision of nature, that such treasures, by the very formation of the land, should at least bear the appearance, however ineffectual, of being guarded from the all-grasping western world.
Today there is no rampart anymore, but a promenade next to the river Ems and the Umflut on which it is possible to have a nice walk around the town centre.
Visit the Navy Yard, and behold a marine, such a man as an American government can make, or such as it can make a man with its black arts--a mere shadow and reminiscence of humanity, a man laid out alive and standing, and already, as one may say, buried under arms with funeral accompaniment, though it may be, "Not a drum was heard, not a funeral note, As his corse to the rampart we hurried; Not a soldier discharged his farewell shot O'er the grave where our hero was buried."

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