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Vocabulary Word

Word: queue

Definition: line (of waiting people or vehicles)

Sentences Containing 'queue'

A matrix scheme is also an example of an 'exploding queue' in queueing theory.
A matrix scheme is easily represented as a simple M/M/1 queue within the context of queueing theory.
A* search keeps a large queue of unexplored nodes that can quickly fill up memory.
After waiting in queue for months, the city of Saskatoon will partner with Google Transit to provide an online mapping website.
Although she had hopes of becoming a nun, Boulaye auditioned for a musical after standing in what she believed was a queue for Madame Tussauds, and won a part in a production of "Hair".
An important problem was that of the single input queue: a non-responsive application could block the processing of user-interface messages, thus freezing the graphical interface.
Another simple method is to add each element of the list into a priority queue data structure, such as a heap or self-balancing binary search tree, with at most "k" elements.
As the queue size remains O("k") throughout the traversal, it would require O("k" log "k") time to complete, leading to a time bound of O("n" + "k" log "k") on this algorithm.
At Disney California Adventure, the queue is different only in that it features a cast member at the turnstile handing out the glasses individually and the "hallway" scene from the Disney's Hollywood Studios queue is replaced with a "courtyard" filled with various props.
Before being seated in the theater where the film is shown, the queue winds through "Muppet Labs", home of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant Beaker.
Falcon's Fury will have a shaded queue line that can hold guests for about 45 minutes.
From there it as named by François Levaillant "La Queue Gazée" The Gauze-tailed Warbler.
He committed suicide, and sent in his queue to the emperor as a token of loyalty.
In the spring of 2008, the queue was replaced with an eating area for the Award Weiners restaurant in order to prepare for the major construction project. The original "Disaster Effects" storage area still remains, but many of the spoof movie posters were removed.
In the standard Matrix queue service rates are a function of arrival rates since the time to cycle out of the queue is based on the entry fee into the matrix from arriving members.
It is possible to transform the list into a binary heap in Θ("n") time, and then traverse the heap using a modified breadth-first search algorithm that places the elements in a priority queue (instead of the ordinary queue that is normally used in a BFS), and terminate the scan after traversing exactly "k" elements.
Many of the original props from the queue were moved to the post-show area outside the exit doors.
Most people requesting domains had asked their registrars to put their requested domains in a queue, ensuring the best chance to register a domain.
Park ID employs passive Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID technology to deploy a drive through parking system for faster queue mitigation while adding an extra layer of security.
RED probabilistically drops datagrams early when the queue exceeds a pre-configured portion of the buffer, until a pre-determined max, when it becomes tail drop.
Since service time can never exceed the arrival time in the standard matrix, and total waiting time can only be defined if service times exceed arrival times, the only way for the matrix queue to reach stability is for outside income sources to exceed those being entered into the system.
Some large registrars like Go Daddy and small registrars like Dotster suffered from long queues and unresponsiveness, allowing people to 'beat the queue' by registering through a registrar that had already processed its queue.
Tail drop is the simplest and most easily implemented; the router simply drops packets once the length of the queue exceeds the size of the buffers in the router.
The basic premise of queueing theory is that when arrival rates equal or exceed service rates overall waiting time within the queue moves towards infinity (Hiller and Lieberman).
The Maharal's tomb in Prague is decorated with a heraldic shield with a lion with two intertwined tails ("queue fourchee"), alluding both to his first name and to Bohemia, the arms of which has a two-tailed lion.
The municipality contains the village of Ferrières and the hamlets of Saint-Séverin, Petit-Ambreville, Le Grand-Ambreville, Collumeaux, Egrefin, Birague, La Queue-de-l'étang, Tirelande, Le Perrocher, and La Grange Tascher.
The park's Quick-Queue, which allows guests who have a pass to bypass the queues for all of the major attractions at the park, will not be used for the ride until a future decision is made by the park.
The program delivered 113 725 visas, which represents 67.4 per cent of the result. In a 2013 report, entitled "Scarce jobs: Migrants or locals at the end of the job queue?", Monash University academics Robert Birrell and Ernest Healy argued that immigration was hurting the job prospects of young Australians, with policymakers tending to "underestimate the scale of the recent migrant challenge for local youth who are seeking employment."
The queue winds around a fake "set", blending in with the rest of the Hollywood Land district. The pre-show room there includes a scrolling LED monitor known as The Official Time Clock which displays various messages and jokes (including references to Elvis and The Mickey Mouse Club) while counting down to showtime.
There were also minor updates in the queue.
To run the program, the bank procured a “queue management system” known as eSirius produced by a French company called ESII.
When signed into the website with their Sony Entertainment Network account, users may add levels to their 'Queue' enabling them to find the level quickly when they're in the game and connected to the game's servers.
WRED requires a weight on the average queue size to act upon when the traffic is about to exceed the pre-configured size, so that short bursts will not trigger random drops.

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