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Vocabulary Word

Word: quench

Definition: assuage or satisfy (thrust); slake; douse or extinguish; put out; suppress

Sentences Containing 'quench'

"The circumstances are of great delicacy, and every precaution has to be taken to quench what might grow to be an immense scandal and seriously compromise one of the reigning families of Europe.
Any mixing of the metal with the fusion fuel will "quench" the reaction (similar problems occur in MCF systems when plasma touches the vessel wall).
At low temperature the decomposition rate is slow enough that the stabilizers quench the polymerization before much heat is generated and the container dissipates what heat is produced.
But this did not quench my desire to meet him again and overcome him, as you have seen to-day.
Does it quench the pauper's thirst if the King drink for him?
First Quench Retailing was the largest independent off-licence retail chain in the UK, with around 1,300 shops operating under several retail brands, though all have now been closed.
Fluorophores can also be used to quench the fluorescence of other fluorescent dyes (see article Quenching (fluorescence)) or to relay their fluorescence at even longer wavelength (see article FRET) See more on fluorescence principle.
He added the Planning and Development duties to Apithy's office to quench his thirst for power.
I desired you would let me know, by a letter, when party and faction were extinguished; judges learned and upright; pleaders honest and modest, with some tincture of common sense, and Smithfield blazing with pyramids of law books; the young nobility’s education entirely changed; the physicians banished; the female _Yahoos_ abounding in virtue, honour, truth, and good sense; courts and levees of great ministers thoroughly weeded and swept; wit, merit, and learning rewarded; all disgracers of the press in prose and verse condemned to eat nothing but their own cotton, and quench their thirst with their own ink.
In 2008 the company reverted to using the First Quench Retailing (FQR) name from Thresher Group.
In March 2003 Terra Firma Capital Partners dispensed with the First Quench name and adopted Thresher Group as the overall company identity and trading name - First Quench Retailing Limited remained the legal name.
Now I'll quench the curiosity of this little Fatima, my dear Daisy, by leaving her nothing to guess at.
On 29 October 2009 it was announced that First Quench Retailing had entered into administration, and KPMG were appointed administrators.
The altitude of the gallows that would turn to water and quench it, no functionary, by any stretch of mathematics, was able to calculate successfully.
The company was originally formed as First Quench Retailing by the merger of the Whitbread owned Threshers and the Allied Domecq owned Victoria Wine in August 1998.
The heat I had contracted by coming very near the flames, and by labouring to quench them, made the wine begin to operate by urine; which I voided in such a quantity, and applied so well to the proper places, that in three minutes the fire was wholly extinguished, and the rest of that noble pile, which had cost so many ages in erecting, preserved from destruction.
The way in which I listened to all the incidents of the house that made themselves audible to me; the ringing of bells, the opening and shutting of doors, the murmuring of voices, the footsteps on the stairs; to any laughing, whistling, or singing, outside, which seemed more dismal than anything else to me in my solitude and disgrace--the uncertain pace of the hours, especially at night, when I would wake thinking it was morning, and find that the family were not yet gone to bed, and that all the length of night had yet to come--the depressed dreams and nightmares I had--the return of day, noon, afternoon, evening, when the boys played in the churchyard, and I watched them from a distance within the room, being ashamed to show myself at the window lest they should know I was a prisoner--the strange sensation of never hearing myself speak--the fleeting intervals of something like cheerfulness, which came with eating and drinking, and went away with it--the setting in of rain one evening, with a fresh smell, and its coming down faster and faster between me and the church, until it and gathering night seemed to quench me in gloom, and fear, and remorse--all this appears to have gone round and round for years instead of days, it is so vividly and strongly stamped on my remembrance.
Their one act of collective rebellion happens in "Mother's Day", when they try and stop her robot rampage against humanity, by re-uniting her with her long-lost love, Hubert J. Farnsworth, to quench her bitterness.
To recover the scrolls, the player has to find enough keys to penetrate the Quench Heart Keep, and then kill each of the 3 guards.
To wipe away fancy, to use deliberation, to quench concupiscence, to keep the mind free to herself.

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::: dyspeptic - suffering from indigestion; N. dyspepsia: indigestion; difficulty in digesting food
::: nondescript - undistinctive; ordinary; ordinary-looking; Ex. nondescript fellow in a crowd
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::: remiss - negligent; careless about a duty
::: apparition - ghost; phantom
::: ravel - fall apart into tangles; entangle; unravel or untwist
::: perennial - something long-lasting; perennial plant; ADJ: lasting through the year or many years; lasting for a long time; enduring