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Vocabulary Word

Word: quell

Definition: suppress; put an end to; put down forcibly; extinguish; quiet; Ex. ``Army Quells Rebellion'' in newspaper; CF. kill

Sentences Containing 'quell'

A defeat in the parliament when he defended the armistice of Malmö led to his resignation; but he was immediately called to office again, with practically dictatorial power, in order to quell the revolt which broke out in Frankfurt on September 18.
Artaxerxes II would also utilize his massive navy to later on quell a rebellion in Egypt.
At T-minus 10 seconds, hydrogen igniters were activated under each engine bell to quell the stagnant gas inside the cones before ignition.
But he soon had to recall Yazathingyan to quell the rebellions in Martaban (Mottama) (1258–1259) and Arakan (1258–1260).
By the end of May Napoleon had deployed his forces as follows: As more troops guarded the other frontiers of France and Lamarque led the small Army of the West into La Vendée to quell a Royalist insurrection in that region.
Cambyses II himself would not be able to quell the imposters, as he died on the way back from Egypt.
Common hull appendages include propellers for propulsion, rudders for steering, and stabilizers to quell a ship's rolling motion.
Diệm's authorities requested that the Americans airlift 350 military personnel from Vũng Tàu in the far south to quell the protests in Huế, but the Americans refused.
During the 1990s the GSU worked in central Kenya to quell socialist political unrest and demonstrations against the Kenyan government, such as the Saba Saba Day (7 July) celebrations of 1990, where 30 people were killed as the police and General Service Units took action.
Feeling confident with his government's achievements, James called a snap election six months before they were due in order to quell the allegations of corruption.
For a long time this species was feared to be extinct, with threats to the environment doing little to quell those fears.
He helped quell a wildcat strike in 1971, and was deeply involved in negotiations for the Bituminous Coal Strike of 1974.
In late 1513, Raza was forced to abdicate after failing to quell a serious rebellion by the Thet people, who occupied Wethali for 29 days.
It was often said the British Army laced soldiers' tea with bromide to quell sexual arousal—but that is likely untrue as doing so would also diminish alertness in battle and similar stories exist about a number of substances.
On May 15, 1969, during the People's Park protests at UC Berkeley, Reagan sent the California Highway Patrol and other officers to quell the protests, in an incident that became known as "Bloody Thursday".
On November 17, 1948, Syngman Rhee regime proclaimed a martial law in order to quell the rebellion.
Other empresarios disassociated themselves from Edwards, and Austin sent 250 militiamen to Nacogdoches to help the Mexican forces quell the revolt. Edwards was finally forced to flee Mexican territory.
President Manuel Zelaya appeared before Congress shortly after the standoff to quell rumors started by National Party opponents that he was attempting a coup over the issue.
Schlesinger managed to quell the censors by making alterations, such as cutting the phrase "De Lawd".
The Director instructs them to fight to the death; Angel incites a riot, which the Flyboys attempt to quell.
The government, initially, tried to quell the movement through use of force.
The interjection from the British troops proved to be insufficient to quell the violence and thus solidified the IRA's growing military importance.
The largest team of Aces ever assembled is sent, backed up by the US Army, to quell the Joker rebellion once and for all.
The riot resulted in Mongolia's first state of emergency which lasted four days, a military presence (lasting two of those days) was brought into the city to quell the riot.
They grew so intense that the military was called in to quell the uprisings.
This system of management would ultimately become an issue for the Persians, as with a larger empire came the need for order and control, leading to expenditure of resources and mobilization of troops, to quell local rebellions, weakening the central power of the king.
Used as a constant crutch, however, they quell his ferocity."
Verus was sent off in hot haste to quell this rising; and he fulfilled his trust by plunging into drunkenness and debauchery, while the war was left to his officers.
Willoughby is a British diplomatic agent who, along with secret service agent Suleiman, has been sent to quell violence in Afghanistan.

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