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Vocabulary Word

Word: purge

Definition: remove or get rid of something or someone unwanted; eliminate; free from blame or guilt; cleanse or purify (esp. of sin, guilt, or defilement); N.

Sentences Containing 'purge'

"The Furubotn purge" ("Furubotn-oppgjøret") is the term that has been applied to the turbulent split of the Norwegian Communist party in 1949.
As a result of the purge the Jewry - irrespective of sex or age - is to be transported to assigned concentration camps."
As noted above, Fleury and Vintimille began a campaign to purge the Parisian clergy of Jansenists.
At this point, one of the two remaining women starts to vocally blame Eve for the trouble they are all in, as she is "the sin" that Sister Ursula was trying to purge in the first place.
But there are other causes, which have been found more irregular and uncertain; nor has rhubarb always proved a purge, or opium a soporific to every one, who has taken these medicines.
Choe became a victim of a political purge at court, was flogged in punishment by the rival faction who gained power and banished to Tanch'ŏn in the north in 1498 during the First Literati Purge of Yeonsangun's despotic reign (r. 1494–1506).
Choe was ultimately executed in 1504 during the Second Literati Purge.
During the Great Purge of the late 1930s, Kun was accused of Trotskyism and arrested on 28 June 1937.
During the Great Purge, Mirza Davud was arrested, accused of plotting against the Soviet state, sentenced to death and executed on March 21, 1938.
For such fancies and imaginations, help much to purge away the dross and filth of this our earthly life,' &c.
He abstained from the House of Commons after Pride's Purge.
He believed that communists had infiltrated not only American labor unions but the staff of the NLRB itself (some at the highest levels of the Board), and that it was his duty to purge the NLRB of these individuals.
He came in during a shake-up and purge of the police in order to prepare the civic government forces for a showdown with the local communist movemement.
He helped purge the army of purritan officers, and was sent by Monck with Ralph Knight to negotiate with the Committee of safety in London in 1659.
He survived Joseph Stalin's Great Purge of the 1930s, which claimed lives of many of his fellow writers, friends and relatives, but came under heavy pressure from the Soviet authorities.
He was exiled after Fourth Literati Purge of 1545.
He was not recorded as sitting after Pride's Purge in 1648.
He was re-elected in November 1640 for the Long Parliament and sat until 1648 when he was excluded under Pride's Purge.
He was re-elected in November 1640 for the Long Parliament and sat until he was excluded under Pride's Purge in 1648.
He was released from prison, and was soon to be tried as a part of the legal purge in Norway after World War II; however he escaped on an Argentina-bound ship.
His importance to posterity has been intimately tied to the dramatic split of the Communist Party in 1949, the so-called Furubotn purge.
I order the purge to be carried out by regions.
In 1425, a purge took place of the Albany Stewarts and their adherents.
In a prelude to the Great Purge, almost 100,000 members were expelled during Postyshev's first year in Ukraine, and a further 168,000 through 1938.
In addition, the purge process is supported by active evacuation for better performance in the next cycle.
In August 1936, however, Kamenev and Zinovyev were tried again in the first public-show trial of the Great Purge.
In his role of secretary of the Kharkiv Oblast and city Party committees Postyshev organized the purge of Trotskyists and Ukrainian national-communists as well as industrialization and collectivization campaigns in the region.
In November 1640, Bence was elected Member of Parliament for Aldeburgh in the Long Parliament and sat until he was excluded under Pride's Purge.
Initially a strict Stalinist, she helped purge many of her more liberal colleagues from Charles University during the 1950s and early 1960s.
Ireton intended to dissolve the Long Parliament but was persuaded to purge it instead.
It gave rise to an alternate title of the period in Soviet history known as the Great Purge.
James DeMonaco (born 1969) is an American director, producer, writer, and actor best known for his work on the films "The Purge" and "Little New York".
One of his friends was killed during the purge.
One of the aims of this purge was to take away the church's intellectuals and to assist the propaganda that only backward people believed in God.
Over the following months, Javan succeeds in keeping Tavis at his side, despite the attempts of the Regency Council to purge all Deryni from the royal court.
Pride's Purge brought the Parliament to heel, under the direct control of the Army; the remaining Commons (the Rump) then on 13 December 1648 broke off negotiations with the King.
Purge and vent lines were attached to remove toxic gases from fuel lines and the cargo bay about 45–60 minutes after landing.
Purge away thine own, cast forth thence--from thine own mind, not robbers and monsters, but Fear, Desire, Envy, Malignity, Avarice, Effeminacy, Intemperance.
Shortly after giving birth to their child, Neron appeared and offered to purge her of these two entities.
So, too, Venice; I have been there; the holy city of the blessed evangelist, St. Mark!--St. Dominic, purge it!
That same year he founded the first Georgian Institute for the Study of Tuberculosis and directed it until 1938 when he was arrested and executed (shot) by Joseph Stalin during the Great Purge.
The complete title of the book is "The Great Terror: Stalin's Purge of the Thirties".
The investigation constituted a purge of sorts and signified the industry's maturation.
The purge gas from the second step is recycled and partially used as feed gas in the first step.
There during the Great Purge, he launched an extensive hunt for "enemies of the people".
These organizations gathered many young members of the Ukrainian intelligentsia, who in the 1930s suffered severely during the Great Purge.
They introduced the system of "Sook Ching", which means "purge through purification" in Chinese, to get rid of those deemed to be anti-Japanese.
This procedure is known as the pre-breathe protocol and is done before every spacewalk, to purge nitrogen from the blood stream and prevent decompression sickness.
This was approximately a fifty percent decrease from the 470 member enrollment of the Long Parliament before the Purge.
When the Great Purge is initiated in "", it is mentioned that at that point there are 543 Synchronized Worlds: Quentin considered, mentally doing the math.
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