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Vocabulary Word

Word: punitive

Definition: punishing; Ex. punitive measures

Sentences Containing 'punitive'

"Ita Tinubu" (Tinubu's precint or Tinubu Square) had been known by that name long before the country's independence, but it was renamed Independence Square by the leaders of the First Republic who failed to recognise the importance of this venerable lady amongst the indigenous Yoruba people of Lagos or, perhaps, as a punitive measure to exert federal might over Lagos Yoruba heroes and heroines.
(e.g. "My client would have made X dollars in profit but for the infringement of his/her patent.") If an infringer is found to have deliberately infringed a patent (i.e. "willful" infringement), then punitive damages can be assessed up to three times the actual damages.
A heavy punitive fine in cattle was imposed, which impoverished the Ngoni and forced many of their young men to become migrant workers.
According to a booklet "Parish of Contin 690 to 1990", based on research by Rev. A. C. Maclean F.S.A., J.P. Minister from 1906 to 1937, published by the Church of Contin "Between 1485 and 1487 the Macdonalds and some of their allies (about 1,000 men) meeting at Contin, on their way to a punitive raid against the Mackenzies of Kinellan, discovered the church was filled with the aged men, women and children trusting to its sanctuary.
Hobbs responded by filing a lawsuit claiming compensatory and punitive damages for "loss of income, injury to his reputation and emotional distress."
However the Supreme Court on 13/10/2011, nearly halved the sum of compensation awarded to them by the Delhi high court and slashed punitive damages to be paid by cinema owners Ansal brothers from Rs 2.5 crore to Rs 25 lakh.
If we don't get credit, we sue, and all that stuff (a share of the royalties, plus punitive damages) comes back to us!"
In December 2012 Ms Tolley oversaw the announcement by Corrections chief executive, Ray Smith, to pay Susan Couch $300,000 in punitive damages.
In that instance, J.P. Morgan had extended a $4.8 billion credit line to Exxon, which faced the threat of $5 billion in punitive damages for the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
In the "Punitive Expedition", a 1,200-strong British force, under the command of Admiral Sir Harry Rawson, conquered and razed the city after all but two men from a previous British expeditionary force led by Acting Consul General Philips were killed.
In the field, the Cheka special investigations forces, termed the "Special Punitive Department of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combat of Counter-Revolution and Sabotage", or "Special Punitive Brigades", followed the Red Army, conducting field tribunals and summary executions of soldiers and officers who deserted, retreated from their positions, or failed to display sufficient offensive zeal. Trotsky extended the use of the death penalty to the occasional political commissar whose detachment retreated or broke in the face of the enemy.
On April 13, 2002, a federal appeals court reinstated the punitive damages that Hemmings and Lamphiear had won following the multimillion-dollar lawsuit.
On April 28, 2008, Dupré filed suit against Francis and two of his companies alleging their exploitation of Dupré's name and image, seeking US$10 million in punitive damages, but in July of that year she decided to drop the suit after Francis released footage showing her agreeing to be filmed.
Papus conducted a punitive expedition against the Boii, and later used the spoils taken in his triumph.
Punitive expedition against Mwata Kazembe.
Punitive organs of the All Great Don Cossack Host sentenced 25,000 people to death between May 1918 and January 1919.
Shō Nei and the members of his Council of Three were also required to swear that the kingdom had long been a dependency of Satsuma (a falsehood), and that they acknowledged that their failure in recent years to live up to their obligations to Satsuma had brought this invasion, a punitive measure, upon themselves.
The American Indian Movement noted from their visit to the occupation that the demonstration garnered national attention, while those involved faced no punitive action.
The battle, which the American force won while killing Brulé women and children as well as warriors, was a punitive expedition for the so-called "Grattan Massacre" in August 1854 and for raids by Lakota in its wake during the year following.
The high-ups are still pissed at her, and this is a punitive measure."
The other two shown have been "Mom," a caring and maternal figure much like how Rose remembers their mother, and "Wild Rose", an Irish vigilante even more vicious and punitive than Thorn.
The Portuguese arrived from Goa with some 650 men on their punitive expedition, and unleashed their fury on Faza.
These activists are amongst the estimated half million people who are under punitive detention without trial or charge, in the system known as 'laojiao' or re-education through labour.
This all came after U.S. District Court Judge Frem Nielsen had previously granted a Tidyman's post-trial motion and stripped away the jury's decision to award $2 million in punitive damages to the women.
This decision was heavily criticised by refugee advocate groups who called the move "punitive" and an abuse of human rights, and liken the facilities at the former RAAF base to a "hell hole".
To avoid long and painful negotiations and in order to be able to work on more stimulating projects, he even agreed to the payment of a punitive fine to get out of the contract. The chronology of his artistic activity during this period is difficult to follow.
UH-1Hs and UH-1Ms flew punitive strikes against villages linked to the FMLN dropping 250 and 500 pound bombs.
When General MacArthur was Chief of Staff, he placed Brown in charge of the Panama Canal district. Brown commanded the 2d Battalion of Engineers and served as engineer of Pershing's 1916 punitive expedition into Mexico. In 1917, he was promoted to colonel, and then in 1918 to the rank of wartime brigadier.
Whether his death was due to illness or a revolt by the Ravennese is impossible to determine, but the latter is more likely, given the subsequent dispatch of a punitive expedition.
While Parrish was eventually dismissed from the suit as a lead plaintiff of the represented class, the trial jury found in favor of the retired players and awarded a $28.1 million judgment against the NFLPA and Players, Inc., including $21 million in punitive damages.

More Vocab Words

::: condign - adequate; (of punishment) severe and well deserved
::: delusion - false belief; hallucination; deluding; Ex. delusions of grandeur; Ex. under the delusion that
::: barrage - barrier laid down by artillery fire; overwhelming profusion; large number of questions or statements; Ex. a barrage of criticism
::: incongruity - lack of harmony; absurdity; ADJ. incongruous: lacking in harmony; inappropriate
::: drab - dull; lacking color; cheerless ; Ex. drab coat/life
::: facetious - joking (often inappropriately); unserious; humorous
::: merit - deserve; ADJ. meritorious: deserving reward or praise
::: elastic - able to spring back into shape; quick to recover (as from disappointment); able to adapt to change; Ex. elastic plans; N: elastic material
::: exact - demand and obtain by force; Ex. exact a promise from him; N. exaction
::: clemency - disposition to be lenient in deciding punishments; mildness as of the weather; ADJ. clement