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Vocabulary Word

Word: pulse

Definition: rhythmical throbbing of arteries; brief sudden change in a normally constant quantity; V: pulsate

Sentences Containing 'pulse'

"The Pulse with DJ Hix" airs live Monday to Thursday between 6pm and 10pm.
A level command is exactly like a logic pulse command except that a logic level is delivered instead of a logic pulse.
A Pulse Ejector Thrust Augmentor or PETA is a proprietary pulse jet engine developed by Boeing.
A pulse-swallowing counter is a component in an all-digital feedback system.
Calculations based on pulse-timing observations can then reveal the parameters of that orbit.
Dead prez released a mixtape entitled "Pulse of the People: Turn Off Your Radio Vol.
Different pulse systems are used, varying from country to country.
During the period of pulse current, the weld area is heated and fusion occurs.
Gull observed that slow pulse and respiration seemed to be common factors in all the cases he had observed.
Gull was struck by the similarity of the case to that of Miss A, even to the detail of the pulse and respiration observations.
He also wrote a work on the pulse, which is quoted by Galen.
However, for a target at a range typically, say, at acquisition of signal the radar was tracking second time around, that is, the pulse received in this interpulse period was that due to the previously transmitted pulse, and it would be indicating a range of . As the range closed the return pulse became closer and closer to the time at which the next transmitter pulse should occur.
However, in the pulse tube the gas element is thermally isolated (adiabatic), so, in the pulse tube, the temperature of the gas elements vary with the pressure.
In "The Secret Pulse of Time" (2006), Klein explored the human capacity to perceive time.
In case of coded transmission, the decoder module provides a pulse output only if the correct spacing exists between pulse pairs received.
In PTS, the source is a chirped pulse laser.
In the ratchet and cam example, the first pulse to the coil turns the relay on and the second pulse turns it off.
In the two coil example, a pulse to one coil turns the relay on and a pulse to the opposite coil turns the relay off.
It has also been suggested that pulse tubes could be used to liquefy oxygen on Mars.
Many EMS agencies in the United States use pulse oximetry and blood glucose level as vital signs in addition to pulse, respiratory rate, and blood pressure.
Pulse width and prf can be set by pushbuttons.
Simon once had a single chart in Germany with the band Pulse.
So the name "pulse" tube cooler is very misleading since there are no pulses whatsoever in the system.
The alien ship moves by means of nuclear pulse propulsion.
The chirped pulses arriving at the electro-optic modulator should be wide enough (in time) such that the trailing edge of one pulse overlaps the leading edge of the next pulse.
The difference between the systolic and diastolic pressure is called the pulse pressure.
The huge electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by the equipment forms a challenging environment for diagnostics.
The man would have nothing to tell that would quicken a landsman's pulse.
The mirrors are arranged in order to have the pulse impinge in the middle of the chamber from all sides.
The modern PTR was invented by Mikulin by introducing orifice in Basic pulse tube in 1984.
The monopulse technique makes angular determinations simultaneously on each individual received pulse.
The motor is firmly connected with the screw and the thread and nothing else so that the pulse is absorbed by friction.
The obtained pulse is called a chirped pulse as its frequency is changing with time, and it is typically a few nanoseconds long.
The precision of the instrument is determined by the rise or fall time of the laser pulse and the speed of the receiver.
The pulse is the physical expansion of the artery.
The pulse may be coded to reduce the chance that the rangefinder can be jammed.
The pulse rate can also be measured by listening directly to the heartbeat using a stethoscope.
The pulse was slightly low at between 56 and 60.
The shaped-pulse output of the decoder is directed to the modulator which converts it into a high-power, precisely shaped and precisely delayed pulse which is applied to the magnetron to produce the reply pulse.
The technology is available in three varieties – "positive" pulse, "negative" pulse, and "continuous wave".
The transponder receives coded or single pulse interrogation from ground stations and transmits a single-pulse reply in the same frequency band.
These commands include relay, pulse, level, and data commands.
These novels will not be a part of the Simon Pulse Romantic Comedy series.
This entrained air improves thrust and cools the pulse jet.
This restores the woman's consciousness, pulse and blood pressure.
Though a pulse can often be taken by hand, a stethoscope may be required for a patient with a very weak pulse.
Time of flight - this measures the time taken for a light pulse to travel to the target and back.
When underbalanced drilling is used, mud pulse telemetry can become unusable.
You held her hand you were feeling her pulse and the second fit came on before you had turned towards me.
``Her breathing was so difficult to trace, that I carefully tried the pulse and the heart.

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