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Vocabulary Word

Word: pseudonym

Definition: pen name; fictitious name assumed by an author; ADJ. pseudonymous

Sentences Containing 'pseudonym'

""Curt Davis" was also a pseudonym used by Jack Kirby."
"Liam Devlin" is a pseudonym and his real name is never revealed.
After his retirement he has published novels under the pseudonym Gabriel Homme.
After she separated from her husband she began using a pseudonym.
Chief of the district - colonel Antoni Chruściel pseudonym "Monter", "Nurt", Effective force.
Craig Kee Strete is the pseudonym of a Native American science fiction writer.
Demons/Horses is a 1994 electronic music album written, produced, and mixed by Moby released under his pseudonym "Voodoo Child".
Duyckinck signed the letter “Asmodeus”, with his initials below his pseudonym.
Eight of those albums were under the pseudonym Gustav Bertha.
Frank was a member of the band Sturmpercht, where he played under the pseudonym Hanns Aufschring, while his work for live sessions and for studio- and mastering engineering continued.
Fred Leslie wrote many of the theatre's pieces under his pseudonym, "A. C. Torr".
He also authored two novels under the pseudonym William Mason.
He also wrote science fiction under the pseudonym of "Ralph Milne Farley".
He appeared in a 1967 documentary under the pseudonym Warren Adkins.
He convinced his publisher, Signet Books, to print these novels under a pseudonym.
He has also written under the pseudonym James A. Hartley.
He stopped working under the Gustav Bertha pseudonym in 2008 to write and play as Gordon Bell.
He was also known as Charles Robison and sometimes composed under the pseudonym Carlos B. McAfee.
He was well talented and educated . He was an excellent poet, his poetry being written under the pseudonym of "Cihangir".
He wrote on several blogs under the pseudonym "Norwegian kafir" in the early 2000s, but eventually took the pseudonym "Fjordman" in 2005.
He wrote the first column under the Marchbanks pseudonym in 1944.
Her pseudonym was derived from her mother's maiden name.
In 1899 he published "Love and a Sword" under the pseudonym Kennedy King, the same pseudonym he used for his articles.
In 1973, he adopted the artist pseudonym Diego Cortez.
In addition, Greig wrote four novels under the pseudonym of John Carruthers during the 1920s.
In honor of Davis, she used the pseudonym Andrea Davis for the release of those two singles.
In Los Angeles, they decided to perform under the pseudonym "Acoustic Bullet" upon being advised that the name "Bosquito" might be less suited for the American audience.
In that magazine, the strip is credited to "Ligger", a joint pseudonym for Peattie and Warren.
In the next novel of the series, "," Stephen King briefly discusses his Richard Bachman pseudonym.
In the novel a writer's darker pseudonym takes on a life of its own.
It is based on a story by “Kalkut”, pseudonym of Samaresh Basu (1924–1988).
It is published under the pseudonym "Mike Coburn", but the author is the member referred to as "Mark the Kiwi" in other accounts.
It is the first album by Gessle to use a pseudonym artist name; Son of a Plumber.
It was published in 2007 under the Bachman pseudonym, with a foreword by King under his own name.
Its author uses the name Captain Charles Johnson, generally considered a pseudonym.
Jafargulu Agha wrote poems under a pseudonym “Nava”.
John Lynch, pseudonym Gratianus Lucius, D.D., (1599?–1677?)
Julia Gray is a pseudonym of Mark and Julia Smith, who also write as Jonathan Wylie.
Pratt reused the name of protagonist, Benjamin Franklin Ruby (as B. F. Ruby) as an authorial pseudonym for later stories.
Stanley Manly (born 1959) is a pseudonym for British author Neil Nixon.
The editors were Alexander Sidorov (under the pseudonym «Alexej Alexejev») in Moscow and Igor Shelkovsky in Paris.
The episode was written by Tracy Tormé under the pseudonym of Keith Mills.
The film was based on the novel of the same name (which was published under the pseudonym "William Irish").
The film was edited by Franco and Ramon Ardid edited under combined pseudonym Pierre Querut.
The music video for "Kings and Queens" was directed by Jared Leto under the pseudonym of Bartholomew Cubbins.
The origin of her pseudonym is that she had trouble pronouncing her real name correctly as a child.
The stories were originally published in the "News Chronicle" under the pseudonym of “Flying Officer X”.
This theme is developed further in a third series of novels, written under her pseudonym Barbara Vine.
Veciana was directed and advised by "Maurice Bishop," the pseudonym of David Atlee Phillips of the CIA.
Whatever the translator's motive for using the Roy Croft pseudonym, the pseudonym itself may have been inspired by the early 20th century Roycroft publishing company.

More Vocab Words

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