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Vocabulary Word

Word: provisional

Definition: tentative; temporary

Sentences Containing 'provisional'

"A. borealisorora" is a provisional name, and the species has not yet been validly published.
274301 Wikipedia (provisional designations: ', ', ) is a main belt asteroid.
A temporary crown is a provisional, short term restoration used in dentistry.
A total of 77 anti-Treaty prisoners were executed by the Provisional Government.
After the October revolution he was imprisoned by the Bolsheviks for his role in an alleged plot to overthrow the provisional government.
But his explanation was provisional as no fragments were discovered and some eyewitnesses testimony was inconsistent with a meteor.
Cephalonia and Ithaca soon surrendered, and the British installed provisional governments.
Colonel Charles Philippe de Bosset became provisional governor between 1810 and 1814.
Greece encouraged the formation of "provisional government of North Epirus".
He handed power to General Gabriel Ramanantsoa of the army and his provisional government.
He pleaded not guilty and pointed to the absurdity of such charges by the Bolsheviks, who had overthrown the Provisional government themselves.
He returned to Georgia after his allies gained control of the Provisional Congress and succeeded in electing him speaker.
However, after the military fiasco of the summer offensive (June 1917) by the Russian Provisional Government, and in particular after the failed summer offensive of the Provisional Government had devastated the structure of the Russian Army, it became crucial that Lenin realize the promised peace.
In 1949 Nuschke became a member of the Provisional People's Chamber of the GDR.
In 1985, Patrick Kelly became leader of the Provisional IRA East Tyrone Brigade.
In August, he was Commissioned a Brigadier General in the provisional Army of the Confederacy but was not given an active position.
In July 1997 the Provisional IRA called a ceasefire.
In Oregon, he would serve in the Provisional Legislature of Oregon and the Oregon Territorial Legislature.
It formed in 1997 following a split in the Provisional IRA, which had declared a ceasefire that year.
It is particularly notable as the prison in which people convicted of membership of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) and other illegal paramilitary organisations are usually detained.
Its provisional designation was 1923 OW.
Its provisional designation was 1924 QF.
Its provisional designation was 1924 QG.
Its provisional designation was 1924 QL.
Its provisional designation was 1930 QH.
Marcel Auguste Denise (February 3, 1906 – 1991) was a "President of the provisional government" of Côte d'Ivoire during the colonial and autonomous period.
McKevitt refused, stating that members would be left defenceless to attacks by the Provisional IRA.
Musharraf's emergency proclamation and his provisional constitutional orders.
On 10 October 1938, the Congress of Paraguay confirmed Paiva as provisional president.
On 10 October 1997 a Provisional IRA General Army Convention was held in Falcarragh, County Donegal. At the convention Provisional IRA Quartermaster General Michael McKevitt, also a member of the 12-person Provisional IRA Executive, denounced the leadership and called for an end to the group's ceasefire and participation in the Northern Ireland peace process.
On 12 March 2013, Civic Choice was turned into a political party as Monti took office as acting SC president in the Provisional Committee of the party and appointed senator Andrea Olivero as provisional political coordinator.
On the Citizendium blog, Sanger wrote this caveat about the provisional outline: "This is a work in progress.
Pangalliformes is a provisional clade of birds within the group Galloanserae.
Provisional Administrative Entity of South Ossetia
The 1830 revolution led to the establishment of an independent country under a provisional government and a national congress.
The 1st Provisional Group provided the nucleus of the 376th Bomb Group in October, 1942.
The attack was one of the Provisional IRA's biggest during this period.
The Council House was originally built to accommodate the government of the provisional State of Deseret.
The East Pakistan Muslim League significantly lost administrative control of the provisional state.
The institute is governed by a provisional governing board.
The Provisional Government of Autonomous Siberia formed in Omsk.
The Provisional IRA, however, remained the largest and most effective nationalist paramilitary group.)
The Provisional Irish Republican Army was deemed responsible for the attack.
The resulting acts also created this body as a provisional government for the region.
The RIRA also came under pressure from the Provisional IRA, when Provisional IRA members visited the homes of 60 people connected with the RIRA and ordered them to disband and stop interfering with Provisional IRA arms dumps.
This line was based on the grazing limits of the Turkana peoples as required in the 1914 agreement to replace the provisional straight line.
This line, to replace the provisional straight line of 1914 as required by that treaty, was carefully mapped and demarked with stone monuments.
This seemed to be true, so long as a genus was imperfectly known, and its species were founded upon a few specimens, that is to say, were provisional.
To provide command and control for these three Ranger Battalions, the 6615th Ranger Force (Provisional) was established.
Two school buildings, a dining hall and some provisional dormitories are erected.

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