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Vocabulary Word

Word: provincial

Definition: pertaining to a province; limited in outlook; narrow; unsophisticated

Sentences Containing 'provincial'

Aconcagua Provincial Park is located in the Mendoza Province in Argentina.
After that she became the provincial president of Muslim League.
Between 1415 and 1442 the city was under the auspices of an imperial provincial governor.
Cases of exile or death were automatically reviewed by the provincial governor.
Construction was funded by the provincial and federal governments.
Craigleith Provincial Park was established in 1967 by Ontario Parks.
For several years, he was a member of the provincial - and municipal Council of Ghent.
For unless you own the whale, you are but a provincial and sentimentalist in Truth.
Founded in 1797, it is one of France's oldest provincial museums.
He is also a former provincial governor.
He ran unsuccessfully for a seat in the provincial assembly in 1871.
He ran unsuccessfully for a seat in the provincial assembly in 1923.
He served as president of the provincial archaeological society.
His son Keir also served in the provincial assembly.
In 1987 it was officially designated a Provincial Heritage Resource.
In 1999, he became a British Columbia Provincial Court judge.
In 20 June 1849, it was renamed the 'Provincial Hospital'.
In the 2006 provincial elections Eyskens was elected to the provincial council of Vlaams Brabant.
Irwin was speaker for the provincial assembly from 1917 to 1925.
It became a provincial heritage site in 1986.
It is currently in the collection of Hunan Provincial Museum."
It is entirely located in the Bow Valley Provincial Park.
It is situated at the provincial capital Quetta.
It was registered in the A Coruña provincial company register.
Jack Hillson was a Canadian provincial politician.
Joliette (provincial electoral district)
Kenora—Rainy River (provincial electoral district)
Lakeland Provincial Park and Recreation Area
Lakes of Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area.
Ludwig did not limit himself to provincial politics.
Only no. 1 was withdrawn while in Canterbury Provincial Railways' service, in 1876.
Presently he is the provincial of the Trivandrum province of the CMIs. Major works.
Provincial governance (civil administration).
Provincial Road 266 (PR 266), is a provincial road in the Canadian province of Manitoba.
Provincial. Murphy also lined out with Munster in the inter-provincial hurling competition.
Repentigny (provincial electoral district)
Rosemont (provincial electoral district)
Sheriffs Provincial Operations Centre (S.P.O.C.).
Since the Elkwater townsite is in a provincial park, it is administered by the provincial government.
The capital of Badakhshan and the seat of the provincial governor is the town of Fayzabad.
The county contains the provincial capital, Fredericton.
The exact route west of the Provincial Highway No.
The first sitting of the Provincial Assembly was in October 1853.
The museum merged with the British Columbia Provincial Archives in 2003.
The Muslim League was effectively eliminated from the provincial political landscape.
The provincial capital is the city of Melipilla. Administration.
The town is in close proximity to three provincial parks: Mill River Provincial Park, Bloomfield Provincial Park, and Jacques Cartier Provincial Park.
There are numerous provincial parks in the British Columbia Rockies, the largest and most notable being Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, Mount Robson Provincial Park, Northern Rocky Mountains Provincial Park, Kwadacha Wilderness Provincial Park, Stone Mountain Provincial Park and Muncho Lake Provincial Park.
There were no provincial championships in either Connacht or Ulster.
These are companies owned by the local, provincial, and national governments.

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