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Vocabulary Word

Word: protrude

Definition: stick out; jut; project; Ex. protruding teeth

Sentences Containing 'protrude'

Female inflorescences with one- or few-flowered glomerules of pistillate flowers, surrounded by 2 completely united bracteoles, without perianth, consisting of an ovary with 2 stigmas, that protrude through the opening in the covering bracteoles.
It has also been observed that when the pollen of one species is placed on the stigma of a distantly allied species, though the pollen-tubes protrude, they do not penetrate the stigmatic surface.
It is called Horned because it has two black feathers that protrude from the head and have red tips.
Lord Satanus resembles a traditional demon, with large horns that protrude from the front of his head and dark red skin.
Staminodes are frequently inconspicuous and stamen-like, usually occurring at the inner whorl of the flower, but are also sometimes long enough to protrude from the corolla. Sometimes, the staminodes are modified to produce nectar, as in the Witch Hazel "(Hamamelis)".
Ten of these tentacles as long or longer than its body protrude from the head, along with six pairs of free-standing, oppositely branched nuchal organs that allow the animal to taste and smell underwater.
The "Teat-fire" cartridges did not have a rim at the back like conventional cartridges, but were rounded at the rear, with a small "teat" that would protrude through a tiny opening in the rear of the cylinder.
The first thing he did was to turn round in the cage in which he lay, and protrude his claws, and stretch himself thoroughly; he next opened his mouth, and yawned very leisurely, and with near two palms' length of tongue that he had thrust forth, he licked the dust out of his eyes and washed his face; having done this, he put his head out of the cage and looked all round with eyes like glowing coals, a spectacle and demeanour to strike terror into temerity itself.
The polyps can withdraw back into the coral in response to movement or disturbance by potential predators, but when undisturbed they protrude slightly.
The polyps protrude from these and are either round or oval, with the oval form being more common at moderate depths.
The quill stem fits down into the inside of the top of the fork steerer tube to be held in place internally via either a wedge and bolt or cone shaped expander nut and bolt. With a quill stem, the steerer tube does not protrude above the headset.
The quill stem requires a threaded fork that extends up through the headset but does not protrude beyond the headset.
The Rex mutation is recessive and causes the hair to protrude outwards from the body, instead of lying flat, and the guard hairs to be shortened to the length of the undercoat.
These animals are notable for the unusual tentacular appendages (referred to as "notochaetae") that protrude from its prostomium (anterior segment, or head).
Three or four gold wires are glued to the inside of the glass cone and protrude out the back.
Two triangular laurel leaves protrude from between the cross arms fanning out.

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