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Vocabulary Word

Word: prototype

Definition: original work used as a model by others

Sentences Containing 'prototype'

A PlayStation 3 (PS3) version was released by Prototype on April 21, 2011.
A third lightweight prototype powered by an Allison V-1710-119 engine was added to the development program.
After rejecting several requests from companies, the team eventually agreed to make a prototype for Chevron.
An order for 16 was placed by the United States Army before the prototype flew, but the prototype was disappointing, however, and the US Army cancelled its order for H-14s.
An Xbox 360 version was released on August 28, 2008 also by Prototype.
Another prototype was produced using the Leopard's more modern tracks, and another similar prototype mounted a new 12.7-millimeter (0.5 in.)
Bruce Wayne is financing a Blackhawk flight technology when the prototype is attacked after a strange storm.
By the end of 1976, three PDP-11-based routers were in service in the experimental prototype Internet.
Diazo is based on DVNG, a prototype version of xdv.
Fendt has not confirmed production of this machine, and it remains in prototype stage.
For the fourth prototype and for the B-1B, this was changed to use conventional ejection seats.
Group 6 Prototype-Sports Cars (1966 to 1971).
He faces not only the members of the FOX unit, but also the first built Metal Gear prototype.
He had previously flown a B-2 Spirit prototype and driven a new Army tank.
He was working on prototype models for the future Disneyland theme park.
His main amp was a prototype head that belonged to Dimebag Darrel.
His version is considered a prototype for Rubens’s two works.
In 1948 the prototype was presented to the SIA (Society of Automobile Engineers), but no further development took place, and the prototype would be preserved by Amédée Gordini.
In 1979 the prototype was given to Rzeszów University of Technology.
In October 2009 the prototype Ares I-X rocket was launched from 39B.
Instead, one prototype was scrapped and the other, intended for the USAF Museum, had an unknown fate.
No working prototype was ever made nor was it likely that one was ever intended.
One prototype was built for ground trials and one flying prototype.
Only the prototype was constructed, which was named "Duke of Gloucester".
Prototype later released a version playable on SoftBank 3G phones in January 2008.
Prototype seekers were delivered in 1990 with air-carriage trials in 1991.
Registered "NX1946" the prototype first flew on 23 April 1948.
Robinson retained the original prototype and it is framed in his home in Idaho.
She became the prototype for the Royal Navy . Capture.
Shortly after the introduction of the Caribbean, Packard showed a prototype hardtop called the Balboa.
The damaged prototype was captured by the Germans and taken to Rostock.
The design and construction of the prototype (registered as X-2) was completed in just seven months.
The design has undergone some minor changes since prototype development.
The documentation was ready by April 1943, and by September a prototype was ready.
The first flight of the prototype for this was in May 2009.
The only prototype was flown on 7 July 1977 by S. Wasil.
The program was cancelled before construction of the prototype began.
The prototype first flew in early 1918, undergoing official trials in March of that year.
The prototype had a tricycle landing gear but the standard model (SR2500TD) has a tailwheel landing gear.
The prototype made its maiden flight on July 1, 1933, flown by Carl Cover.
The prototype R-VIII was flown in March, 1928.
The prototype was later designated by Škoda Works as the T-21 medium tank.
The prototype was launched on 20 November 2008.
The prototype Z.501, was first flown in 1934 by test pilot Mario Stoppani.
The same imaging technique has now been applied at the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer and the IOTA array.
The second prototype, S-2, introduced some aerodynamic refinements.
The slipper tanks were removed and placed on the first prototype, N329J.
The tank remained in prototype form only.
The Thomas-Morse MB-4 was a prototype American mailplane of the 1920s.
This 30-month project was to develop the prototype into a fully operational service.

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