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Word: protocol

Definition: diplomatic etiquette; ceremony and etiquette observed by diplomats; first copy of a treaty before its ratification; Ex. Protocol demands that the queen meet him at the airport.

Sentences Containing 'protocol'

"Love" makes use of the Verse protocol, a network protocol allowing for real-time transfer and synchronisation of 3D graphics and audio data.
A migration from analog communications to Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is also being considered.
A new Protocol Data Unit (PDU) definition, the DIS PDU was added to the baseline protocol to support the exchange of DIS PDUs for simulated entities.
According to Microsoft, the Unicode protocol used for txt files is UTF-8.
Against military protocol, Savini fired into the bush without informing his superiors.
All the Office 95 apps are OLE 2-enabled, meaning that they allow interoperability between themselves, as well as all other applications that support this data interchange protocol. Binder used this protocol bind OLE objects together.
Another objective of the protocol is to protect the victims of trafficking in persons with full respect. The Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea and Air is concerned with the aggravating problem of organized crime groups for smuggling persons.
Before the development of the Bruce Protocol there was no safe, standardized protocol that could be used to monitor cardiac function in exercising patients.
But this however reduces the protocol efficiency by 50% compared to parallel data transmission.
Colombia's Congress approved the agreement and a protocol of amendment in 2007.
Communication protocol. MLX telephones use an unpublished digital communications protocol based on ISDN S interface.
Effectiveness of "The Stanford Protocol" operation Over one thousand people have undergone The Stanford Protocol operation and received follow-up sleep study testing.
For solving this problem, the PubSubHubbub protocol as another example of a push code was devised.
Furthermore, the oxidation protocol introduces permanent defects due to over-oxidation.
He is Chief of Protocol for the American Sikh group called Sikh Dharma.
HFTP is a protocol for accessing FTP resources via HTTP proxy.
In order to transfer large objects, the protocol does allow for sending them in smaller chunks.
In principle there is no technical intrinsic restriction in the I2P-Bote protocol limiting the size or number of attachments.
In the worst case, an ALOHA protocol network can reach a state of congestion collapse.
Initially used only in IBM computers, it was eventually standardized with protocol IEEE 802.5.
It also contains firmware for different networking Communications protocol standards.
It is used by the label distribution protocol for mapping the next hop labels.
Khalsa was also bestowed the title of "Chief of Protocol" of Sikh Dharma in 1976.
Lftp supports "hftp" URL scheme to select HFTP protocol explicitly.
Maddox follows protocol and calls on Sabbath's sheriff, Cotton Ryan.
Messenger Protocol (YMSG) is the underlying network protocol used by the Yahoo!
Most older samplers use SCSI as the protocol for getting sample data in and out of the machine.
On the Japanese side, the protocol was signed by Nobuyoshi Mutō, and on the Manchu side by Zheng Xiaoxu.
Protocol. Use by the Scottish Government.
Salute of guns was one such protocol that was strictly adhered to.
SIMPLE (military communications protocol)
Somers and T. S. Wiley, the originator of the Wiley Protocol, have been criticized for their advocacy of the Wiley Protocol. A group of seven doctors, all of whom utilize bioidentical hormone therapies to address health issues in women, issued a public letter to Somers and her publisher, Crown, in which they state that the protocol is "scientifically unproven and dangerous" and cite Wiley's lack of medical and clinical qualifications.
Structure of the SIMPLE protocol. The SIMPLE standard consists of several elements.
TeleGrafix published the Remote Imaging Protocol (RIP) specification in 1991.
The bandwidth needed depends on the protocol used, the resolution, and the color depth.
The CarbonNeutral Company is the issuer of the CarbonNeutral certification which is underpinned by The CarbonNeutral Protocol. History.
The Firewall is capable of supporting Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) ALG, network translation and cone network translation for the UNIStim protocol).
The first offered singulation protocol is the ALOHA protocol, originally used decades ago in ALOHAnet and very similar to CSMA/CD used by Ethernet.
The J1587 protocol uses different diagnostic connectors.
The Protocol successively addresses these multiple sites of obstruction.
The protocol was the subject of much criticism, with some teams and yacht clubs calling it the worst protocol in the history of the event.
The special was produced by Protocol Entertainment in association with Scholastic Productions.
There are two service versions the first one is based on the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), the second one is based on the User Datagram Protocol (UDP).
These are: The SIMPLE is an application layer protocol that is designed to be independent of the transport layer.
These specifications do not include a network protocol for RTI.
This protocol was first discovered by Narasaka in 1984.
Transfer protocol layers for SS7 network access:
Unlike HTTP, however, YMSG is a proprietary protocol, a closed standard aligned only with the Yahoo!
Usually a protein purification protocol contains one or more chromatographic steps.
When SNG and CNEV published their protocol for the 33rd America's Cup challenge, there was widespread consternation over its terms, with some teams and yacht clubs calling it the worst protocol in the history of the event.

More Vocab Words

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