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Vocabulary Word

Word: prosper

Definition: become successful (esp. financially); thrive; grow well; Ex. children prospering under his care

Sentences Containing 'prosper'

"Focal things require a practice to prosper within."
"Step 4 Groom's vow: O!, dear lady, I promise to trust your decisions about the household and your choices; I promise to dedicate myself to help our community prosper, the matters outside the house.
Along with Silves and Alvor, the small fishing centre in Portimão was reconquered in 1249 from the Arabs by Knights of the Order of Santiago and forcibly integrated into the fledgling kingdom, during the reign of Afonso III of Portugal. Its geographic location created strong economic conditions to allow the region to prosper, eventually allowing Portimão to obtain the status of town in 1435.
Amnesty International states; "Prosper Avril, who had been head of security under former President Jean Claude Duvalier, led Haiti following a military coup in 1988 until March 1990, a period marred by serious human rights violations."
And wot little a man did get, would never prosper with him, Mr. Lorry.
As the strongest bodies only can live and enjoy health under an unwholesome regimen, so the nations only, that in every sort of industry have the greatest natural and acquired advantages, can subsist and prosper under such taxes.
At this point world creation ends and the historical ticker begins, whereby sentient creatures form settlements, live and prosper, reproduce, do battle, and spread across the land, building roads, and generally making the world increasingly hospitable as they rise and fall.
Born Nicolas-Prosper Levasseur at Bresle, Somme, he studied at the Paris Music Conservatory from 1807 to 1811, with Pierre-Jean Garat.
Dr. Prosper Lucas' treatise, in two large volumes, is the fullest and the best on this subject.
Georges Péclet (born Prosper Désiré Péclet, La Brillanne, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, July 27, 1897 - died Marseille, January 11, 1974) was a French actor, film director and screenwriter.
Holland is the country in Europe in which they abound most, and which, from peculiar circumstances, continues to prosper, not by means of them, as has been most absurdly supposed, but in spite of them.
If a nation could not prosper without the enjoyment of perfect liberty and perfect justice, there is not in the world a nation which could ever have prospered.
If your suit should prosper, if Lucie should love you, you shall tell me on your marriage morning.
In the event of having to compete against Quebec, rather than support it, Canada could easily maintain its well-established links with the United States to prosper in foreign trade.
Inflation was making it harder for the common colonist to survive, let alone prosper, and when the Seven Years' War broke out, in 1756, the situation in Canada became chronically critical. This however did not stop Bigot during his dozen year intendancy and a small group of wealthy and powerful locals called the “Grande Compagnie”, from making a profit.
interposed Renee,``I trust your wishes will not prosper, and that Providence will only permit petty offenders, poor debtors, and miserable cheats to fall into M. de Villefort's hands, then I shall be contented.''
It faces east, away from the prevailing winds, which together with the North Atlantic Drift gives it a mild climate allowing the Cordyline australis palm or cabbage tree to prosper.
It was expected by Perry and Orr that the relaxed atmosphere at the University would allow for it to prosper and reach three or four hundred students in a few years.
It was laid out by John J. Cozad in 1871 (father of Robert Henri), who hoped to prosper from the site's location on the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad (later the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad).
It was subsequently reconstructed in a more thoroughgoing fashion and was renamed Fort Julien after Thomas Prosper Jullien, one of Napoleon's aides-de-camp.
Its favorable climate and strategic location helped the city to prosper, quickly becoming the second most important city in New Spain.
Matthieu Prosper Avril (born December 12, 1937) is a Haitian political figure who was President of Haiti from 1988 to 1990.
Mr Quesnai, who was himself a physician, and a very speculative physician, seems to have entertained a notion of the same kind concerning the political body, and to have imagined that it would thrive and prosper only under a certain precise regimen, the exact regimen of perfect liberty and perfect justice.
O! dear lady, I, as Vishnu form, cover this third step with you to thus prosper in our wealth.
On Prosper Enfantin's initiative, he and Talabot and Alois Negrelli became members of the "Société d'Études du canal de Suez" in 1846, where they studied the feasibility of the Suez canal. In late 1850, he was called by the Swiss Federal Council to advise on the future Swiss railway net and its financial implications.
On the other hand, according to Prosper of Aquitaine, a contemporary chronicler, Palladius was sent to Ireland by the Pope in 431 as ""first Bishop to the Irish believing in Christ"", which demonstrates that there were already Christians living in Ireland.
On the whole, I entirely agree with Dr. Prosper Lucas, who, after arranging an enormous body of facts with respect to animals, comes to the conclusion that the laws of resemblance of the child to its parents are the same, whether the two parents differ little or much from each other, namely, in the union of individuals of the same variety, or of different varieties, or of distinct species.
One bore by way of address, Letter for my lady the Duchess So-and-so, of I don't know where; and the other To my husband Sancho Panza, governor of the island of Barataria, whom God prosper longer than me.
Richard Hetherington was President of the Council during the time of the trial of Arthur Hodge for the murder of the slave "Prosper".
The academic source Webster University states regarding General Prosper Avril; "Avril joined the Presidential Guard in 1969 and Papa Doc nicknamed Avril the "intelligent Prosper Avril."
The business did not prosper and failed with the death of Gaensslen in 1931, two years before the end of Prohibition.
The GPO claims that this system is more fair and more economically desirable, because it only punishes individuals and businesses who operate without regard for society and the environment, while accentuating the ability of truly efficient and responsible businesses to prosper without hindrance.
The large percentage of second homeowners in this market have allowed companies like the Luxury Liner to prosper, and the Hamptons region has also seen a noticeable increase in its year round population, some of whom commute into New York City on a limited, but regular, basis, year round.
The league had a rapidly changing membership, but continued to prosper, with a third senior division being formed for the 1998–99 season.
The libretto (in three acts) is by Auber's regular collaborator, Eugène Scribe and is based on a short story by Prosper Mérimée, "La Partie de trictrac" (1830).
The Sultanate of Malacca voluntarily became a protectorate and tributary state to Ming dynasty China, which protected Malacca against its enemies with military force, allowing the Muslim Sultanate to prosper.
The word for "eight" (八 Pinyin: bā) sounds similar to the word which means "prosper" or "wealth" (發 – short for "發財", Pinyin: fā).
Theer's been kiender a blessing fell upon us,' said Mr. Peggotty, reverentially inclining his head, 'and we've done nowt but prosper.
This duality ultimately allows him the freedom to prosper as “love flowers best in openness in freedom.”(31) Abbey’s overall entrancement with the desert, and in turn its indifference towards man, is prevalent throughout his writings.
This represented great business for the Sheffield club, because it was clear Sabella neither had the power or pace to prosper in the top flight of English football.
Under his management, the commercial enterprise continued to prosper until the outbreak of the American Revolution.
Vladimir Romanov had shown interest in investing in Scottish football for some time because he wanted to see whether Lithuanian footballers could prosper abroad.
Whose way (to speed and prosper in it) must be through a way, that is not easily comprehended.
Zimbabwe used spinners Prosper Utseya, Sean Williams and Stuart Matsikenyeri at the end, who conceded few runs, ending with combined figures of 56 runs from 17 overs.
``Well, there, sir, is another proof that good people are never rewarded on this earth, and that none but the wicked prosper.

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