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Vocabulary Word

Word: proponent

Definition: supporter; backer; opposite of opponent

Sentences Containing 'proponent'

A major proponent of this was Eleanor Rathbone of the suffragist-successor society, the "National Union of Societies for Equal Citizenship".
Another proponent of classicism working in Rome was Claude Gellée, known as Le Lorrain, who defined the form of classical landscape.
Blanton was an early proponent of world-systems theory, and actively applied it to the evolution of Mesoamerican polities.
Both as a publisher and politician, Hedlund was a prominent proponent of liberal reforms.
Camp was a proponent of exercise, and not just for the athletes he coached.
Convinced that war was inevitable, Bandula became a main proponent of offensive policy against the British.
Critics cite these passages to portray Harris as a proponent of self-alienation in order to better serve the great industrial nation of America.
Fowler, a longtime proponent of deregulation, had determined that children's television should be dictated by the marketplace.
Gilles Duceppe (; born July 22, 1947) is a Canadian politician, and proponent of the Québec sovereignty movement.
Hanns Malissa was a fervent proponent of chemistry education and international collaboration in analytical chemistry, two fields where he made a lasting impact at his university.
Harris was a strong proponent of the American colonial projects in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines following the Spanish-American War.
He has also been a proponent on limitations for import of automobiles due to excessive traffic jams in the capital Baku.
He is also a proponent of right to information (RTI) in India.
He published the first laws in the Upper-Louisiana Territory, established roads and furthered Jefferson's mission as a strong proponent of the fur trade.
He received support from the Tea Party and is a proponent for typical conservative causes including smaller government, with fewer regulations and oversight.
He was a key proponent of the Voice of America, which was established as a result of the Smith-Mundt Act, signed into law in 1948.
He was a leading proponent of the 'new cultural geography' which encouraged a focus upon the complex interconnections between the many different aspects of landscapes and the world.
He was a strong proponent of political liberties such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion and free trade.
He was married to Savka Subotić (1834-1918), a progressive proponent of women's education, and a founding member of several Serbian women's organizations.
He was the de facto founder of the Gothenburg Museum in 1961 and the most zealous proponent behind the establishment of the University of Gothenburg ("Göteborgs högskola") in 1887.
He was the main proponent of the theory that there existed a vast undiscovered continent in the South Pacific, Terra Australis Incognita.
His father, John B. Trevor Sr. was also a prominent proponent of immigration restriction.
Horowitz is the most publicized proponent of the conspiracy theory that HIV was deliberately designed by US military lab in the 1970s for use as a genocidal weapon.
Howell was an ardent proponent for scientific research of all kinds and strongly believed in popularizing science.
In a recent survey of the debate, a proponent of the TSSI concludes that "the "proofs" of inconsistency are no longer defended; the entire case against Marx has been reduced to the "interpretive" issue."
In particular Bishop James Doyle was an early proponent, seeking to improve on the informal hedge school system.
Kobeissi is also a known proponent of browser cryptography and is a member of the W3C's Web Cryptography Working Group.
Like Sonck, he was an early proponent of the syncretic National Romantic style.
Marilyn Waring has been a major proponent of this reform.
Mark Sandman was probably the best known proponent (with Morphine, he performed primarily on a custom two-string slide bass guitar).
MidwayUSA is a proponent of the use of Modern Management Practices in business management.
On the City Council, Hahn was a major proponent of gang prevention, intervention, and suppression programs.
Originally named the Cachuma Dam, it was completed in 1953; the name was later changed to honor a local water supply proponent.
Ōsumi was a strong proponent of Japan's southward expansion, but refused to align himself with either the Treaty Faction or the Fleet Faction within the Navy.
President Trombley is a proponent of environmental sustainability on college campuses.
Privately, he was a proponent of naturism and he appeared naked in a debate of that topic broadcast on Swedish television.
Proponent Adam Bly thinks that the key elements needed to transform Science 2.0 are "vision" and "infrastructure": Proliferation of Science 2.0 on the web.
RateItAll was an early proponent among Internet ratings services of sharing advertising revenues.
RCA was a major proponent of the eight-track tape cartridge, which it launched in 1965.
She has been a strong proponent, along with other technology executives, of the expansion of the H-1B visa program.
The Chacoans were said to be marking, as artist, "Sun Dagger" discoverer, and leading proponent Anna Sofaer puts it, "the middle of time".
The company is a well known proponent of I-Kuan Tao.
The German archaeologist Alexander Häusler was an important proponent of archeologists that searched for homeland evidence here.
The leading proponent and architect of this process was the president of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias Sánchez.
The leading scientific proponent of catastrophism in the early nineteenth century was the French anatomist and paleontologist Georges Cuvier.
The project proponent is the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc.
The two named the community for U.S. Senator Lewis F. Linn of Missouri, a proponent of settling the Oregon Country.
There he perfected his fresco technique under the guidance of José Gutierrez, a proponent of the first artistic use of acrylic paint.
Thomson was also a Master's rated 3 event skier, a proponent of ski technology and of professional show skiing in the United States and Japan.
While the leadership of the BJP wavers on the issue, the RSS has always remained a strong proponent of the idea.

More Vocab Words

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::: waive - give up temporarily; yield; N. waiver: waiving a right or claim; document that waives a right or claim
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