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Vocabulary Word

Word: prominent

Definition: protruding(sticking out); conspicuous; notable; eminent

Sentences Containing 'prominent'

A prominent example was the park of Fischbach.
Also prominent in the story is the theme of vegetarianism.
Antoine Coysevox, who married his niece, was his most prominent pupil.
British forces sides would also have been prominent.
By the 1790s he was a prominent business man in Pittsburgh.
Cormorant, Shag and Herring Gull are the most prominent species.
Erekat is one of the more prominent Palestinian spokespeople in the Western media.
He is part of a prominent Flemish artistic family.
He is the most prominent director of the Bengali film Industry.
He was prominent in 1980s and 90s with many Mithun Chakraborty movies.
He was the son of the prominent headman Brave Bear.
Here are the more prominent: Zerovalent iron.
His family were prominent citizens and patrons in Perga.
His father was the prominent nobleman Stephen Zápolya.
It has large ears, and prominent suckers on its feet and thumbs.
It stood prominent six feet, and could not be less than sixteen in circumference.
Its tower, dating from 1486, is its most prominent feature.
Large, prominent builder's plates adorn the domes.
Many of its members were prominent artists.
Nonetheless, it had produced the prominent clergyman Michael Choniates.
One of the more prominent domains is the SH2 domain.
Prominent American persons named "Geier".
Prominent members of the campaign included: Outcome.
Prominent past and current board members.
Prominent persons that were born in Rottenburg:
Salah Taher () was a prominent Egyptian painter.
Some of the most prominent acts working with Sentric include: Awards.
Some of the most prominent are listed below.
Some of the most prominent places in Myanmar are named after the fallen general.
Some prominent people wearing this patronym include:
The application evolved to play a prominent role in the Toy Symphony.
The clergy was another prominent part of the court.
The country has produced internationally prominent composers.
The Exhibitions Avenue is the most prominent location in Hoora.
The group consisted of prominent jingle singers.
The Li descendants in both Zhuji and Danyang became prominent clans.
The most prominent gimmick was the "Hustle Alarm."
The most prominent of which is "Tones", which is a cover of the instrumental "Smile" track "Holidays".
The next prominent culture in Sarajevo were the Illyrians.
The rounded, elevated spiral riblets are prominent.
The site has a long history, because of its prominent position.
The tenor aria is expressive with a prominent rhythmic motive.
The two other prominent styles are Dravida and Nagara.
There are 356 ultra-prominent summits of North America.
There, Lime Ridge is a prominent foothill ridge of Mount Diablo.
This is one of the prominent hostel of the University of Allahabad.
To the south east is the prominent crater Hermite.
Today, some of the most prominent places in the country are named after him.
Vincent was also a prominent figure as a college baseball coach.
Whereas, one is not interested in the girl; she is not the prominent feature of the legend.

More Vocab Words

::: deliberate - consider; ponder; ADJ: done on purpose; slow
::: ameliorate - improve
::: obelisk - tall column tapering(becoming gradually narrower toward the end) and ending in a pyramid
::: encomiastic - praising; eulogistic; N. encomium: very high praise; eulogy
::: replete - fully filled; filled to the brim or to the point of being stuffed; abundantly supplied; Ex. report replete with errors
::: provender - dry food for livestock; fodder
::: adamant - hard; inflexible
::: bigotry - stubborn intolerance
::: morbid - given to unwholesome or unhealthy thought; moody; characteristic of disease; Ex. morbid curiosity; N. morbidity; CF. disease
::: blare - loud or harsh roar or screech; dazzling blaze of light