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Vocabulary Word

Word: proliferate

Definition: grow rapidly (in numbers); spread; multiply; N. proliferation

Sentences Containing 'proliferate'

A general view is that Science 2.0 is gaining traction with websites beginning to proliferate, yet at the same time there is considerable resistance within the scientific community about aspects of the transition as well as discussion about what, exactly, the term means.
EIght-liners began to proliferate following passage of the 1993 "fuzzy animal law", which was intended to clarify that carnival games at the State Fair were legal. Casino cruises.
General Beg had encouraged dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan to proliferate technology to Iran and North Korea.
In Europe, he particularly frequented Berlin where he worked with the prominent Arab nationalist intellectual Shakib Arslan to proliferate anti-French sentiment, leading the French Mandatory authorities to label Quwatli one of the "most dangerous" Syrian exiles.
The epidermis can be further subdivided into the following "strata" or layers (beginning with the outermost layer): Keratinocytes in the stratum basale proliferate through mitosis and the daughter cells move up the strata changing shape and composition as they undergo multiple stages of cell differentiation to eventually become anucleated.
The lagoons proliferate with bird life and have been recognised as a bird sanctuary due to their status as an important breeding and feeding area for species from as far away as Alaska.
The remaining cancer cells begin to proliferate rapidly and cancer chemotherapy is started.
These auditory hair cells, unlike those in mammals, are known to spontaneously regenerate following injury, with experimental evidence showing that this ability to proliferate is mediated by a micro-RNA called miR181a.
This is a condition where atypical blood vessels proliferate usually in a radially symmetric pattern around the pylorus of the stomach.
When Schwann cells proliferate out of control in an encapsulation it is called a schwannoma.

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