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Vocabulary Word

Word: proletarian

Definition: member of the working class; blue collar guy; N. proletariat: working class (who have to work for wages)

Sentences Containing 'proletarian'

Alan Swingewood and others emphasize that the Frankfurt theory has to be seen in the light of left-wing frustrations about the failure of proletarian revolutions early this century, and the easy submission of the European nations to fascism.
As a rule critics are denounced for their failure to understand the dialectic, or proletarian science, or for being traitors.
He called an Asamblea del Pueblo, or People's Assembly, in which representatives of specific "proletarian" sectors of society were represented (miners, unionized teachers, students, peasants).
He noted the "proletarian detail" of the film which is "unusual in a British detective movie.
He was a member of several Ukrainian literary organizations such as the "Pluh", "Prolitfront" and "VAPLITE" (Free Academy of Proletarian Literature).
In 1929 Lunacharsky, made some statements in which he claimed that religious freedom could be suspended "when it is abused for the direct class struggle against the proletarian dictatorship".
It was replaced with a new stanza emphasizing comradeship and proletarian internationalism.
Leon Trotsky had drawn up the Proletarian Military Policy, calling for opposition to the war and support for industrial action during it.
Martin Koch (December 23, 1882 - June 22, 1940) was a Swedish novelist. He was a key representative of the proletarian authors in Sweden.
No-one is a proletarian, selling his or her labor power to another.
Proletar ('The Proletarian') was a 4-page Armenian language communist weekly newspaper published in New York City, United States, founded in 1924.
Some Democratic socialists and social democrats reject the idea that socialism can be accomplished only through class conflict and a proletarian revolution.
Spanning from the late 1930s into World War II, this historical novel dramatizes anti-fascist resistance and the rise and fall of proletarian political parties in Europe.
The Alex Boncayao Brigade, notorious for targeting policemen and officials that were allegedly corrupt, bolted out of the party while some ended up forming groups such as the Revolutionary Proletarian Army and the Rebolusyonaryong Hukbong Bayan.
The curriculum included both theoretical and practical matters, including Marxist theory, party organisation and propaganda, law and administration, theory and tactics of proletarian revolution, problems of socialist construction, and trade union organization.
The judges were proletarian Komsomol, and the handed down the verdict that all deities and clergy must be burned at the stake.
The newspaper was published by the Proletarian Publishing Co.
The ongoing Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China, sparked a renewed interest in Marxist study, with emphasis on lessons from the Chinese Revolution.
Trotskyism is the type of communism advocated by Leon Trotsky and his followers, emphasizing orthodox Marxist concepts of workers' power in opposition to state bureaucracy, and international proletarian revolution, while critical of Stalinism and the USSR.

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