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Vocabulary Word

Word: prohibitive

Definition: so high as to prohibit purchase or use; tending to prevent the purchase or use of something; prohibiting; inclined to prevent or forbid; Ex. prohibitive tax

Sentences Containing 'prohibitive'

But for the production of such powerful currents as are needed to drive trolley cars, elevators, and huge machinery, enormous quantities of zinc would be necessary and the cost would be prohibitive.
From the 1980s onward, the national PBS network has not typically carried sporting events, mainly because the cost of most sports broadcast rights have become prohibitive in that timeframe, especially for nonprofits with limited revenue potential, and starting with the 2006 launch of the MountainWest Sports Network and 2007 launch of the Big Ten Network, athletic conferences have taken local sports rights for their cable channels, restricting their use from PBS member stations, even those associated with their own university.
However, since modern logic functions are generally not constrained to such a small number of variables, while the cost as well as the risk of making errors is prohibitive for manual implementation of logic functions, the use of computers became indispensable.
However, the new government of president Ernest Bai Koroma quickly amended the laws against drug trafficking in the country, updating the existing legislation from those inherited at independence in 1961, to address the international concerns, increasing punishment for offenders both in terms of higher, if not prohibitive, fines, lengthier prison terms and provision for possible extradition of offenders wanted elsewhere, including to the United States.
It is extremely difficult to extend high voltage transmission lines because of technical limitations in an area with inhospitable terrain and prohibitive cost. A scheme is being formulated to cover about 750,000 people in the difficult areas of Sundarbans with non-conventional energy power by 2012.
It was largely due to the P-51 that daylight bombing raids deep into German territory became possible without prohibitive bomber losses in late 1943.
Its use as a hall of residence ceased in 2007, apparently because of prohibitive costs of bringing the property up to current health and safety standards.
Many of these bands had sporadic recording works that were often left unreleased and unavailable to the public due to the lack of record labels willing to put money into financing local releases in New Zealand at the time, and the prohibitive cost to bands of undertaking pressings themselves.
Several riders in the Giro peloton considered Wiggins the prohibitive favorite.
The accident was believed to have occurred due to poor visibility near Otay Mountain, which was not considered "prohibitive" for flying.
The cost for retrofitting these buildings was often prohibitive for their owners and, in 1993, the Bakersfield City Council was given the authority to seize or demolish them.
The hall was originally decorated with about a dozen paintings by the title character, Tamara de Lempicka, drawn from various collectors including Barbra Streisand and Jack Nicholson, until the insurance costs proved prohibitive.
The Reds were a prohibitive favorite to win the World Series over the Oakland Athletics, who lost top slugger Reggie Jackson to a hamstring injury in the playoffs.
These can be purchased and bought over the mobile network, but data charges can make this prohibitive.
This prohibitive tableau permeates the entire genre, as virtually all ero-manga follows the same formula of transgression and immobilization.
This was the last time during the 20th century that primary had ended without a prohibitive nominee.
This was the only station in the Adelaide suburban system without wheelchair access, the steep terrain and sparse patronage being prohibitive.
Ultimately, in response to traffic and parking issues associated with these games (while Cal games drew a large number of students who live on or near campus and walk to the games, Raider games attracted fans from a larger geographic area who were used to tailgating at the Coliseum and were more likely to drive to games), the City of Berkeley passed a Professional Sports Events License Tax in which the city collected 10% of all gate receipts, making the staging of professional games inside the city cost-prohibitive.
While Good initially planned to release a limited-edition version on vinyl, he later noted on his blog that the length of the album made such an effort cost-prohibitive.
With the increasing trend in the cost of oil, the cost of trucking snow can be prohibitive.

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