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Vocabulary Word

Word: progeny

Definition: children; offspring; descendants

Sentences Containing 'progeny'

After the 2011 season, a new system was designed as a way to keep track of the couple's entire progeny.
Although she produced the stakes winners George Kessler and Sombre, as well as three other winners from nine foals, none of her progeny approached her abilities.
Among his progeny was the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame colt, Chief Bearhart and the 1994 Epsom Derby winner Erhaab.
And in this same last or shoe, that old woman of the nursery tale, with the swarming brood, might very comfortably be lodged, she and all her progeny.
And of the species now living very few will transmit progeny of any kind to a far distant futurity; for the manner in which all organic beings are grouped, shows that the greater number of species in each genus, and all the species in many genera, have left no descendants, but have become utterly extinct.
Arbar's dam was the highly successful broodmare, Astronomie, whose other progeny included Marsyas, the undefeated Caracalla, and the Epsom Oaks winner Asmena.
As Kalakshetra believed in the notion of a workshop that is a laboratory or research theatre rather than a production company it began its experiment in a continuous process of 'renewal of ancestral tradition' for a contemporary cultural expression as they are all the progeny of an etho - social tradition of Manipur.
As the progeny of generations of religious clerics, Jones would have to work hard to show his family his interest in architecture.
But as a general rule, the more diversified in structure the descendants from any one species can be rendered, the more places they will be enabled to seize on, and the more their modified progeny will increase.
But with the working ant we have an insect differing greatly from its parents, yet absolutely sterile; so that it could never have transmitted successively acquired modifications of structure or instinct to its progeny.
Even slow-breeding man has doubled in twenty-five years, and at this rate, in less than a thousand years, there would literally not be standing room for his progeny.
Fisher corresponded that: The female widow bird will desire to mate with the most attractive long-tailed male so that her progeny, if male, will themselves be attractive to females of the next generation - thereby fathering many offspring who will carry the female's genes.
For we have reason to believe that only a few species of a genus ever undergo change; the other species becoming utterly extinct and leaving no modified progeny.
For, not to hint of this: that it is an inference from certain canonic teachings, that while some natural enjoyments here shall have no children born to them for the other world, but, on the contrary, shall be followed by the joy-childlessness of all hell's despair; whereas, some guilty mortal miseries shall still fertilely beget to themselves an eternally progressive progeny of griefs beyond the grave; not at all to hint of this, there still seems an inequality in the deeper analysis of the thing.
Generally, the most vigorous males, those which are best fitted for their places in nature, will leave most progeny.
Habit no doubt often comes into play in modifying instincts; but it certainly is not indispensable, as we see in the case of neuter insects, which leave no progeny to inherit the effects of long-continued habit.
He had a numerous progeny, who established many petty dynasties throughout Western Rajwara, giving birth to various tribes, which are spread even to the Indus.
He was naturally a very nervous, shuddering sort of little fellow, this bread-faced steward; the progeny of a bankrupt baker and a hospital nurse.
His best progeny included: West Australian died on 2 May 1870 at Haras du Pin in France.
His most notable progeny were: Newminster died on 2 October 1868 at Rawliffe.
His progeny included many famous American racehorses, including several winners of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes.
His progeny met with only modest racing success with perhaps his best being the colt True Knight who won several stakes races including the Jerome and Suburban Handicaps.
However, it is usually essential to confirm at certain points in the breeding process that the selected individuals or their progeny do in fact express the desired phenotype or trait.
However, the progeny of this carrier may inherit an unbalanced trisomy 21, causing Down Syndrome.
If Amadis be the proud boast of Gaul, If by his progeny the fame of Greece Through all the regions of the earth be spread, Great Quixote crowned in grim Bellona's hall To-day exalts La Mancha over these, And above Greece or Gaul she holds her head.
If only (in an evil hour for me: I don't speak for anyone else) the famous Don Belianis were alive now, or any one of the innumerable progeny of Amadis of Gaul!
In fact, most progeny in a single clutch is sired exclusively by one male.
In the "Progeny" arc of "Birds of Prey", the Crime Doctor tries to 'defect' from the Secret Society of Super Villains.
It must not be forgotten that, on our theory, all the species of the same genus are the descendants of some one species; so that, if six genera, each having eight species, be found in one geological formation, and in a succeeding formation there be six other allied or representative genera, each with the same number of species, then we may conclude that generally only one species of each of the older genera has left modified descendants, which constitute the new genera containing the several species; the other seven species of each old genus having died out and left no progeny.
Khayman advises Mael to shield his thoughts from Akasha, since Akasha can find and kill her vampire progeny through mind-reading.
Legend says that their father, Abd Manaf ibn Qusai, separated his conjoined sons with a sword and that some priests believed that the blood that had flown between them signified wars between their progeny (confrontations did occur between Banu al'Abbas and Banu Ummaya ibn 'Abd Shams in the year 750 AH).
Let the three-headed guardian of the gate, And all the monstrous progeny of hell, The doleful concert join: a lover dead Methinks can have no fitter obsequies.
On August 18, 1892, a junior society was founded-The Sons and Daughters of Montana Pioneers-to perpetuate the tradition of the pioneers by their progeny.
Particularly those devotees without progeny sincerely observe this Shasti fast and there are many instances of families coming traditionally on getting their vow fulfilled.
Stud record. Le Moss made no impact as a sire of flat runners, but his progeny had some success in National Hunt racing.
That is, the replication product (progeny) of a dynamic mutation has a different likelihood of mutation than its predecessor.
The administration of ammonium metavanadate in rats has been known to have negative effects on fertility, reproductive performance, and progeny.
The facts given on the sterility of the illegitimate unions of dimorphic and trimorphic plants and of their illegitimate progeny, perhaps render it probable that some unknown bond in all cases connects the degree of fertility of first unions with that of their offspring.
The most successful of his progeny included Detonator (Railway Stakes) and Sabreur (Tasmanian Derby).
The most vigorous males, or those which have most successfully struggled with their conditions of life, will generally leave most progeny.
The name likely evolved due to its small size and generally calmer water, due to the rocks under and above the ocean, thus making it a natural made harbor of refuge that is safer for swimming and which makes it popular with mothers keeping a watchful eye on their progeny, (children).
The thirty two that we shall use to night are its progeny; they are all entirely black, with the exception of a star upon the forehead.''
These electronic messaging cases, and their progeny, which have cropped up over the last decade, will typically turn on the situations described in (b) or (d), and, as detailed below, the question of harm caused is a big issue.
These huge animals have become wholly extinct, and have left no progeny.
These were graded up by the continued use of purebred Jersey sires, selection being made of the polled offspring of each generation, the horned progeny being discarded.
They had the following progeny, one son and three daughters: Death.
When Akasha is awakened from her trance in the 1980s, she rises and drains Enkil completely of his blood, as he has reached a point of lassitude from which he will never reawaken, and begins tracking down and killing her vampire progeny worldwide.
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