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Vocabulary Word

Word: prodigy

Definition: highly gifted child; person with exceptional talents; marvel; wonder

Sentences Containing 'prodigy'

"A.N.T. Farm" revolves around Chyna Parks (China Anne McClain), an 11-year-old musical prodigy, who has just become the newest A.N.T.
"Charly" is the debut single released by the British electronic act The Prodigy, taken from their debut album "Experience".
(Muhammad and Williams 2002, p. 57) In 1973 Jerry Smith, a commercial artist, who was a black belt and a prodigy of World Heavyweight Champion Joe Lewis, was hired as an illustrator at Black Belt Magazine.
, Telmex holds more than 80% of the market as an ISP, and is also the leader in broadband access with its brand Prodigy Infinitum (ADSL).
A child prodigy, Enescu created his first musical composition at the age of five.
A child prodigy, he began studies at the University of Pennsylvania at the age of 15.
A music video directed by Russell Curtis features live footage of one of the costume-wearing Prodigy's early performances with other visual effects.
A version of this song was also used in the game "DJ Hero 2", remixed with The Prodigy's song "Invaders Must Die"; this mix is available as downloadable content for the game.
Advertisements were placed on screen every few minutes, and were drawn with the same NAPLPS graphics, again looking very much like advertisements on Prodigy.
Also among the younger generations with wide acclaim and promise is Child Prodigy Violinist L. Athira Krishna etc., who are looked upon as Maestros of tomorrow.
And that's when it hit me: Why not build a show around a child prodigy?
As a child, Princess Masako was somewhat of a prodigy, and was able to read poetry from the "Kokin Wakashū" by age four, and had composed some "waka" verses of her own by age five.
Das was a child prodigy in India who quickly attained national fame, performing at age 11 with the legendary tabla maestro Samta Prasadji and in a special concert for the great Indian dance icon Uday Shankar.
Even as a young child he was recognized as an Ilui, prodigy.
George Parker Bidder (13 June 1806 – 20 September 1878) was an English engineer and calculating prodigy.
Gion Toji then challenges Musashi, but before they can begin, Inshun, the new master of the school and a child prodigy at the spear, breaks up the fight, wanting to battle Musashi himself.
Goal.com printed an apology for the mention of "phantom prodigy Masal Bugduv", stating the information had come from "a fake Associated Press report."
He is the nephew and child prodigy of flautist Hariprasad Chaurasia.
Helen Huang, born October 1982 is a classical pianist and former musical prodigy.
Here the relater was also cotemporary to the supposed prodigy, of an incredulous and libertine character, as well as of great genius; the miracle of so _singular_ a nature as could scarcely admit of a counterfeit, and the witnesses very numerous, and all of them, in a manner, spectators of the fact, to which they gave their testimony.
However, Telmex continues to own and operate Prodigy in Mexico. In 2004, Telmex claimed that the number of users of Prodigy Internet grew by 190%.
I told him all I knew, but he would have believed anything I might have taken it into my head to impart to him; for he had a profound veneration for my abilities, and informed his wife in my hearing, on that very occasion, that I was 'a young Roeshus'--by which I think he meant prodigy.
In 1990, he produced his first feature film, "Cargo"; he attained international recognition following his 1993 "Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould", a series of vignettes about the life of piano prodigy Glenn Gould.
In 1996, Telmex bought Prodigy Communications and took the brand to Mexico, renaming the service Prodigy Internet de Telmex.
In 2001, Telmex sold the U.S. branch of Prodigy Communications to SBC, which was dubbed SBC Prodigy.
In high school, her parents considered her to be a child prodigy.
In January 2007, Telmex launched Prodigy Media, the first step to offer triple play services to the Mexican market.
In the foregoing reasoning we have supposed, that the testimony, upon which a miracle is founded, may possibly amount to an entire proof, and that the falsehood of that testimony would be a real prodigy: But it is easy to shew, that we have been a great deal too liberal in our concession, and that there never was a miraculous event established on so full an evidence.
In this terrible agitation of mind, I could not forbear thinking of Lilliput, whose inhabitants looked upon me as the greatest prodigy that ever appeared in the world; where I was able to draw an imperial fleet in my hand, and perform those other actions, which will be recorded for ever in the chronicles of that empire, while posterity shall hardly believe them, although attested by millions.
It was an "automated" service that featured sports news and scores displayed using NAPLPS graphics that made it look like the online service Prodigy, including a noticeable loading time for pages, which were "drawn" on the screen with primitive shapes.
It's like China was some sort of child prodigy [...]
McBride was heralded as a teen prodigy having joined saxophonist Bobby Watson's group at age 17.
My principal endeavour was to learn the language, which my master (for so I shall henceforth call him), and his children, and every servant of his house, were desirous to teach me; for they looked upon it as a prodigy, that a brute animal should discover such marks of a rational creature.
Noted practitioners were Hijikata Toshizo, Inoue Genzaburō, and the famous prodigy Okita Sōji (who mastered all the techniques of the school and attained "Menkyo Kaiden" status at eighteen or so.)
Papoose would say his Mobb Deep collaboration "Aim, Shoot" was recorded in 2012 even through the feud that went on between members Havoc and Prodigy.
Prodigy Pictures announced the start of principle photography on Season Three on April 17, 2012, with the season premiere slated for Fall 2012.
Regarded as a child prodigy, he is influenced by Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery and George Benson, and has been performing internationally since the age of thirteen.
Steve Lovato aka "Locust", went on to assemble a music project called "Room One Eleven" which includes former Mest lighting engineer and merch salesman, Phil Cirullo aka "Swylla" and hip hop prodigy Damien Ringo.
The college has educated 15,000 students since 1967 and a number of high-profile students, which most recently included the 9 year-old Math prodigy March Tian Boedihardjo.
The commercial was directed by Jonas Akerlund, who directed the movie "Spun" and videos for Madonna, U2, Prodigy, Metallica and Smashing Pumpkins.
The inhabitants of Sumatra have always seen water fluid in their own climate, and the freezing of their rivers ought to be deemed a prodigy: But they never saw water in Muscovy during the winter; and therefore they cannot reasonably be positive what would there be the consequence.
The latter's son is Derek Paravicini, the blind autistic savant and musical prodigy.
The Prodigy was an alleged proposed American reality TV show in 2007 that promised $1 million in cash and prizes to the ultimate winner, but was actually a recruiting scheme for an alarm sales company.
The series was created by Michelle Lovretta and is produced by Jay Firestone and Prodigy Pictures Inc., with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund (Canada Media Fund), and in association with Shaw Media.
The song "Out of Space" samples the track of the same name, originally by The Prodigy.
Trevor Donovan was cast as a charming, tennis prodigy and movie star son who is also Adrianna's first boyfriend.
We may observe in human nature a principle which, if strictly examined, will be found to diminish extremely the assurance, which we might, from human testimony, have, in any kind of prodigy.
What Evil Lurks is an EP by English band The Prodigy.
Young Isaac Elhanan made remarkable progress in his Talmudical studies, and was soon famous as an "ilui", or prodigy.
``You are certainly a prodigy; you will soon not only surpass the railway, which would not be very difficult in France, but even the telegraph.''
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