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Vocabulary Word

Word: prodigal

Definition: wasteful; reckless with money; profuse; Ex. a mind prodigal of ideas; N. prodigality

Sentences Containing 'prodigal'

"Prodigal Son", "Fuck U Blind" and "My Oedipus Complex" were later completely re-recorded and released on "The History of Rock" in 2000 along with a shorter version of the original "3 Sheets to the Wind".
After disagreement between Kid Rock and his record label about whether to release "Prodigal Son" or "U Don't Know Me" as a single, the label won and released the latter.
Again, Charles Williams is not a Christian man, but a dissolute, cunning prodigal, whose father is a minister of the gospel.
Another favourite theme was that of the prodigal son: the struggle of a disgraced scion of a well-to-do family to redeem himself in society and his father’s eyes.
At MGM, he played supporting roles in six films between 1949–55, most notably Anthony Mann's "Border Incident", Jacques Tourneur's "Stars in My Crown", and Vincente Minnelli's critically lauded "The Band Wagon", where he played the unsympathetic role of choreographer Paul Byrd — an experience he loathed so much that he refused to see the film — but he did not work for the studio again after appearing in the infamously over-budgeted flop "The Prodigal" (1955).
Based on the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son, this was Britten's third "parable for church performance", after "Curlew River" and "The Burning Fiery Furnace".
Britten-Pears Foundation, page on "The Prodigal Son"
But thee, fair lady, to enrich, Myself a prodigal I'll prove, A vice not wholly shameful, which May find its fair excuse in love.
Copper plates, Moses Smiting the Rock, and Return of the Prodigal Son.
Even among borrowers, therefore, not the people in the world most famous for frugality, the number of the frugal and industrious surpasses considerably that of the prodigal and idle.
I have not seen my mother this long time, and it lies upon my conscience, for it's something to be loved as she loves her prodigal son.---Bah!
I, then, as it has fallen to my lot to be a member of knight-errantry, cannot avoid attempting all that to me seems to come within the sphere of my duties; thus it was my bounden duty to attack those lions that I just now attacked, although I knew it to be the height of rashness; for I know well what valour is, that it is a virtue that occupies a place between two vicious extremes, cowardice and temerity; but it will be a lesser evil for him who is valiant to rise till he reaches the point of rashness, than to sink until he reaches the point of cowardice; for, as it is easier for the prodigal than for the miser to become generous, so it is easier for a rash man to prove truly valiant than for a coward to rise to true valour; and believe me, Senor Don Diego, in attempting adventures it is better to lose by a card too many than by a card too few; for to hear it said, 'such a knight is rash and daring,' sounds better than 'such a knight is timid and cowardly.'" "I protest, Senor Don Quixote," said Don Diego, "everything you have said and done is proved correct by the test of reason itself; and I believe, if the laws and ordinances of knight-errantry should be lost, they might be found in your worship's breast as in their own proper depository and muniment-house; but let us make haste, and reach my village, where you shall take rest after your late exertions; for if they have not been of the body they have been of the spirit, and these sometimes tend to produce bodily fatigue."
If he uses it as a stock reserved for immediate consumption, he acts the part of a prodigal, and dissipates, in the maintenance of the idle, what was destined for the support of the industrious.
If the prodigality of some were not compensated by the frugality of others, the conduct of every prodigal, by feeding the idle with the bread of the industrious, would tend not only to beggar himself, but to impoverish his country.
In 1994, "Prodigal Son" was a promotional single for the "Fire It Up" EP.
Return of the Prodigal Sunn is the debut album from Sunz of Man and Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Prodigal Sunn.
The Prodigal Son is an opera by Benjamin Britten with a libretto by William Plomer.
The top left and right hand panels depict the parable of the prodigal son tending pigs and being welcomed home by his father (Luke 15:11).
They can't look at themselves, 'cause they know the prodigal son has returned."
This tendency of his to be liberal and profuse he had acquired from having been a soldier in his youth, for the soldier's life is a school in which the niggard becomes free-handed and the free-handed prodigal; and if any soldiers are to be found who are misers, they are monsters of rare occurrence.
Trips, and their prodigal prince Dr. Tachyon, intending to return to the planet Takis.
We can, in short, see why nature is prodigal in variety, though niggard in innovation.
We meet with this admission in the writings of almost every experienced naturalist; or, as Milne Edwards has well expressed it, "Nature is prodigal in variety, but niggard in innovation."
• The Prodigal Son: a series of sermons.
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