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Vocabulary Word

Word: problematic

Definition: causing a problem; open to doubt; doubtful; unsettled; questionable; Ex. Whether the arena will ever be completed is problematic.

Sentences Containing 'problematic'

A problematic issue for Miguel Chico is death.
Although he was problematic in his early teens, he finished an auto mechanic program and medicine school in Belgrade.
Although Nina had a problematic relationship to her father, because of him being a patriarch, it seems like she does not see another way of raising her children.
Although they are fertile, back-crossing in nature is behaviorally problematic and very little natural reproduction occures.
And in numerical calculations, matrices which are invertible, but close to a non-invertible matrix, can still be problematic; such matrices are said to be ill-conditioned.
Another problematic CP+B advertising program was for the 2009 Texican Whopper that featured commercial known as "The Little Mexican".
As Green explained, "The problematic of language is present on the LP as an essential filter to each of the songs, dealing as most of them do with love and sexuality".
Chevrolet introduced a V8 engine in 1917, but after merging with General Motors in 1918, discontinued the V8 to focus on economy engines because it was problematic and expensive.
For postmodernists, the hermeneutic circle is especially problematic.
Foxes had also become problematic by killing weaker stock and lambs, a total of 1442 foxes were killed on the property in six months of the same year.
Franchitti tested for the Jaguar F1 team at Silverstone in 2000, but the car proved to be problematic.
Furthermore, and more problematic for Shklar, "the hermeneutic circle makes sense only if there is a known and closed whole, which can be understood in terms of its own parts and which has as its core God, who is its anchor and creator.
Harris had felt that politicians, in particular lower level city councillors, were problematic to his party, and prevented free enterprise.
In 1837, laws were passed to prevent Aboriginal access to alcohol as binge drinking became problematic.
In contrast, "The New York Times" Mike Hale deemed the episode problematic, and Eric Goldman of IGN described it as "very afterschool special".
It is also problematic that dance is of a theatrical nature.
Mass estimates are more problematic and historically have varied from as little as to as much as . These extreme estimates are now considered unlikely due to flawed methodologies.
Mike Hale of "The New York Times" felt that the episode was problematic.
News regarding the Wonderlic, a standardized test given to all recruits, was problematic for Young.
Overdetermination is problematic in particular from the viewpoint of a standard counterfactual understanding of causation, according to which an event is the cause of another event if and only if the latter would not have occurred, had the former not occurred.
Political equality between Whites and Blacks was portrayed as problematic, if not impossible (an analogy also extended to the United States).
Privatization can be a solution to dealing with particularly problematic aspects within a government's administration.
Ptoion, kouroi have been found dedicated at the sanctuaries of Hera at Samos, and of Athena and Poseidon at Sounion, so the contention that they depict Apollo is at the very least problematic.
Quantifying this bottom line is relatively new, problematic and often subjective.
She supports him in many ways after finding out about his problematic relationship.
Small engines were effective though larger models were problematic.
SPF FAIL policies can be an effective but problematic tool.
That is not to say that the philosopher should merely accept whatever she finds; an ordinary-language term may be problematic, but its deficiencies should be corrected rather than replacing it with some new technical term.
The campaign started officially on 6 February and the major topics were the problematic state of the country's finances, unemployment and abortion.
The drug however also presents strain on the cardiovascular systems, like cocaine (60%), with the potential to induce tachycardia which could be problematic for those who continuously redose.
The gauge symmetries of the theories do not agree, which is not problematic as the gauge symmetry is a feature of the formulation and not of the fundamental physics.
The Gujjars of the area have variously been described as a problematic but powerful tribe in particular the Tikri Gujjar clan.
The identification of individuals mentioned in Venona transcripts is sometimes problematic, since people with a "covert relationship" with Soviet intelligence are referenced by cryptonyms.
The large orbital velocities of dust particles in interplanetary space (typically 10–40 km/s) make intact particle capture problematic.
The loading gauge diagram would indicate that the latter may be problematic.
The separation of "Miss" and "Mrs." became problematic as more women entered the white-collar workforce.
The usage of "Lietuvininkai" is problematic as it is a synonym of the word "Lietuviai" ("Lithuanians"), and not the name of a separate ethnic sub-group.
There were two problematic parishes on the north coast, namely Verulam and Stanger, with the boundary between the two running through the future town of Ballitoville (now Ballito).
Therefore, Korga’s class differences also make his survivor status problematic.
These accounts are often problematic as many of the Arab writers were biased against their Christian neighbours, and these works generally focus on only the military conflicts between Egypt and Nubia.
These contaminants are particularly problematic for the semiconductor industry, which uses high-purity fluorine for etching silicon wafers.
This attribution remains problematic, however, and some modern scholars have suggested, though controversially, that this work was, in fact, authored by the 11th-century chronicler Leonti Mroveli.
This could be problematic if there are many complex scenarios of the use case; the analyst may wish to model all or most of the scenarios.
This is particularly problematic if there are intermediate vectors between hosts, such as malaria.
This is problematic as the use of condoms is symbolically linked to casual sex and promiscuity, which goes against the social norms of femininity.
This is usually not problematic, because lower level items are usually referred to hierarchically.
This makes comparing ratings from different sites very problematic.
Tracing the lineage back further than Maulana Malik Ibrahim is problematic, but most scholars agree all of them are of arab descendants.
Väisälä did mention it in a lecture notes in 1924 with a footnote: "problematic spherical focal plane".
Zaslaw deems some of the divisions "arbitrary", and calls for "clearer, more honest categories" for the problematic works.

More Vocab Words

::: interpolate - insert between
::: infiltrate - pass into or through; penetrate or enter (an organization) sneakily; Ex. infiltrate the troops into enemy territory; CF. infiltrator
::: fatalism - belief that events are determined by forces or fates beyond one's control; ADJ. fatalistic; CF. fatal: causing death
::: ossify - change or harden into bone; become hard and unchanging in one's ideas
::: brittle - hard but easily broken; difficult; unstable; Ex. brittle situation
::: transcendent - exceeding ordinary limits; superior; surpassing; V. transcend: go beyond; exceed; surpass; N. transcendancy
::: intelligentsia - intellectuals; members of the educated elite (often used derogatorily)
::: vilify - slander; speak evil of; N. vilification
::: tribute - tax levied by a ruler; payment made by one nation to another in acknowledgment of submission; mark of respect (such as praise or gift); Ex. pay tribute to
::: fissure - crevice; crack