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Vocabulary Word

Word: probe

Definition: explore with a probe or tools; investigate; N: slender instrument used to explore a wound or body cavity; device designed to investigate an unknown region; thorough investigation; Ex. space probe

Sentences Containing 'probe'

"Seeing the transient, ephemeral world he decided to probe into truth through renunciation."
A continuous electrical spark discharge may be drawn between probe and tissue, especially at the highest settings of power, although this is not necessary for the device to function.
A series of mock documentary shows, including Deep Probe which investigates issues such as alien abductions and mock animal documentaries.
After he left the government job, Nozette was heavily involved in India's extraterrestrial Moon probe, Chandrayaan-1.
After Rhys' arrival, Tavis drugs him and Javan orders Tavis to probe Rhys' memory.
An RNA sample can then be added to the chip, and RNAs with sequence complementarity to the cDNA probe will bind and generate a fluorescent signal that can be quantified.
As a result it can be utilized to probe large complexes.
But by and by I evolved an idea I would wake my brother and probe him with a supposititious case.
Cajes led the investigation team to Germany to conduct a probe on the allegations against the first family.
Crohmălniceanu also described it as "a finely analytical probe into a puzzling psychology and [...]
Electronic Temperature Instruments is the UK's largest digital thermometer and temperature probe manufacturer.
He also courted controversy by asking for a probe in the Jamia Nagar batla house encounter case.
He also used the Cobalt-59 NMR chemical shift for cobalt (III) hexacyanide as both a temperature and pressure probe.
Highly specialized cameras have investigated the Saturn moon Titan, analyse the surface of Mars, and probe the clouds and winds of Venus.
His first appearance was in "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe".
If a blocked process receives the probe it will update the path information and forward the probe to all the processes it depends on.
If eventually the probe returns to process "A", there is a circular waiting loop of blocked processes, and a deadlock is detected.
In 1961, Venera 1 became the first planetary probe.
It feeds mainly on earthworms, using its long scimitar-like bill to probe soft soil.
It was later reopened, however, in support of Project Have Lent, a sounding rocket probe program to evaluate advanced ballistic reentry system experiments.
Just before dawn at 06:20, Moore ordered his companies to put out reconnaissance patrols to probe for North Vietnamese forces.
Many times an implantable doppler probe or other devices can be installed during surgery to provide better monitoring in the postoperative period.
Nanofountain probe (NFP) is a cantilevered micro-fluidic device terminated in a nanofountain.
Non-blocked processes may discard the probe.
Ray cripples the probe using an axe, but a panicked Rachel runs outside and is caught by the Tripod.
Russian authorities dispatched investigators to the site of the emergency landing, classifying the investigation as a "criminal probe," according to the Russian Investigative Committee.
Similarly, a brain fingerprinting test determines only whether or not the information stored in the suspect's brain matches the information contained in the probe stimuli.
Some studies use a "probe verification" task rather than an overt acceptability judgment; in this paradigm, each experimental sentence is followed by a "probe word", and subjects must answer whether or not the probe word had appeared in the sentence.
SSIESS includes a Retarding Potential Analyzer (RPA), and Ion Drift meter (IDM), a scintillation meter, and a Langmuir probe.
Stan next appeared on August 13, 1997, when "South Park" debuted on Comedy Central with the episode "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe".
Terahertz frequencies mean in fact that scientists and engineers could use the device to probe and manipulate electronic devices at nanoscale level.
The "Rosetta" probe actually found that the asteroid has a moderately red spectrum in the visible light and essentially flat spectrum in the near infrared.
The "Rosetta" probe passed within of Lutetia in July 2010.
The arrest attention from Bangladesh based forces to Bhutan for the first time since the probe was initiated.
The basement hideout is exposed when a second probe catches them sleeping.
The employee's actions triggered an electronic alarm system, according to sources familiar with the probe.
The goal is to probe the subsurface structure of sunspots in three dimensions.
The present day shape of the Universe has been determined from measurements of the cosmic microwave background using satellites like the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe.
The probe (situation-relevant) stimuli contained information that would be common knowledge only to someone with FBI training.
The probe message contains the process id of "A" along with the path that the message has followed through the distributed system.
The second volume, for children with reading skills, offers longer stories that probe the relationships between children and parents, and between children and their peer group.
The wave function of an electrically-charged particle (a "probe charge") that orbits the "equator" generally changes by a phase, much like in the Aharonov–Bohm effect. This phase is proportional to the electric charge "q"e of the probe, as well as to the magnetic charge "q"m of the source.
These birds probe with their bill in mud or shallow water, also picking up food by sight.
They all hide from a snake-like probe and a group of aliens exploring the basement.
This investigative process produces the probe stimuli to be tested.
This robot can probe and test 40-100 contacts per second on very fine geometry multi-chip modules.
Two other common arrangements position the detector probe at 90° or 180° with respect to the incident light.
Voters in Paterson, however, were not responsive to his efforts and as the probe into his dealings grew, Barnes' support waned.
Whenever a process "A" is blocked for some resource, a probe message is sent to all processes "A" may depend on.
[****] Conditional network reconstructs the network given a specified probe being most expressed or least expressed.

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