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Vocabulary Word

Word: primordial

Definition: existing at the beginning (of time); rudimentary

Sentences Containing 'primordial'

"Note: Many sources misrepresent the pace of follicle growth, some even suggesting that it takes only fourteen days for a primordial follicle to become preovulatory.
According to Zhang, all things of the world are composed of a primordial substance called qi.
As the primordial home of the god and the mythological location of the city's founding, the temple was seen as the hub of the region, from which the city's patron god ruled over it.
As women (and mice) age, double-strand breaks accumulate in their primordial follicle reserve.
Because primordial follicles can be dormant for up to 50 years in the human, the length of the ovarian cycle does not include this time.
But all geologists, excepting the few who believe that our present metamorphic schists and plutonic rocks once formed the primordial nucleus of the globe, will admit that these latter rocks have been stripped of their covering to an enormous extent.
Cirque du Soleil describes "Totem"'s theme as the evolution of humanity from its primordial, amphibian state toward the aspiration of flight, taking inspiration from many of humanity's founding myths.
During post-pubescent follicular development, and over the course of roughly a year, primordial follicles that have begun development undergo a series of critical changes in character, both histologically and hormonally.
First the underground world was believed to be an extension of the goddess Ki, but later developed into the concept of Kigal. The primordial saltwater sea was named Nammu, who became known as Tiamat during and after the Sumerian Renaissance.
Folliculogenesis describes the progression of a number of small "primordial follicles" into large "preovulatory follicles" that enter the menstrual cycle.
From birth, the ovaries of the human female contain a number of immature, primordial follicles.
He says he did this to inspire his children who could otherwise not perceive him in his primordial form as a spirit.
His historical trilogy "O Tempo e o Vento" ("The Time and the Wind") is considered as his greatest work, written in the period of 1949-1961, from which arose primordial characters such as "Ana Terra" and "Capitão Rodrigo" that went on to become popular amongst his readers.
Most naturalists, however, use such language only in a metaphorical sense: they are far from meaning that during a long course of descent, primordial organs of any kind--vertebrae in the one case and legs in the other--have actually been converted into skulls or jaws.
My Hyperborean tales, it seems to me, with their primordial, prehuman and sometimes premundane background and figures, are the closest to the Cthulhu Mythos, but most of them are written in a vein of grotesque humor that differentiates them vastly.
Nietzsche and Herzel both opposed the Christian God as the degeneration of the primordial, Dionysian Deity of Yahweh, the tribal God of Israel instead of the passive sufferer of cosmopolitan Christianity.
Now that the primordial population, the Moriori, have been recognised to be former Māori—over the objections of some of the Ngati Mutunga—they too share in the ancestral Māori fishing rights.
Primordial. At 18–22 weeks post-conception, the cortex of the female ovary contains its peak number of follicles (about 6,000,000 in the average case, but individual peak populations range from 6 to 7 million).
Self-liberated Primordial Awareness (Tibetan: རིག་པ་རང་གྲོལ; Wylie: rig pa rang grol) is one of the Seventeen tantras of Dzogchen Upadesha.
Since 2006 numerous discoveries have been made, including the most massive ever neutron star, cloud of primordial gas which surround other galaxies, vast molecular clouds surrounding other galaxies, and complex molecules, such as sugar, in space.
Taken together, these facts suggest that Lutetia should be classified as a primordial planetesimal. Nomenclature.
The granulosa cells of these primordial follicles change from a flat to a cuboidal structure, marking the beginning of the "primary follicle".
The growing follicle passes through the following distinct stages that are defined by certain structural characteristics (unfamiliar terms will be defined in their respective sections): In a larger perspective, the whole folliculogenesis, from primordial to preovulatory follicle, belongs to the stage of ootidogenesis of oogenesis.
The primordial Heur-Ket lay siege to the city shortly after.
The primordial union of An and Ki produced Enlil, who became leader of the Sumerian pantheon.
The process by which primordial cells 'wake up' is known as initial recruitment.
The Sumerians envisioned the universe as a closed dome surrounded by a primordial saltwater sea.
The tools that enabled early hominins to become systematic big-game hunters is a primordial human example.
Therefore, on the principle of natural selection with divergence of character, it does not seem incredible that, from some such low and intermediate form, both animals and plants may have been developed; and, if we admit this, we must likewise admit that all the organic beings which have ever lived on this earth may be descended from some one primordial form.
These "primordial follicles" contain immature oocytes surrounded by flat, squamous granulosa cells (the support cells) that are segregated from the oocyte's environment by the basal lamina.
This B-mode signal is generated at small angular scales by the gravitational lensing of the much larger primordial "E-mode" polarization signal (generated by scalar density perturbations at the time the CMB was emitted) and at large angular scales by the interaction of the CMB with a background of gravitational waves produced during the epoch of inflation.
This ecological consciousness is echoed in "Princess Mononoke" with the giant primordial forest, trees, flowers and wolves.
This process is far from being a closed loop, in Earth history generally the formation of carbonates significantly outpaces formation of silicates, effectively dissipating primordial carbon-dioxide-rich atmosphere.
Towards the end of his life he adopted the view that the elements have been formed by some process of condensation from one primordial substance of extremely small atomic weight, and he expressed the conviction that atomic weights within narrow limits are variable and modified according to the physical conditions in which a compound is formed.
We are thus carried back to a period so remote, that the appearance of the so-called primordial fauna (of Barrande) may by some be considered as a comparatively modern event."
While Classical philosophies rarely took upon a task of developing a specific theory of organizations, some had used implicit conceptions of general organization in construct views on politics and virtue; the Greek philosopher Plato, for example, wrote about the essence of leadership, emphasized the importance of specialization and discussed a primordial form of incentive structures in speculating how to get people to embody the goal of the just city in "The Republic".
While not referencing the architect-led design–build approach specifically, the article states that D/B already accounts for 27% of projects, according to their 2010 Project Management Survey and goes on to argue that, The emerging trends in delivery seem to point to a return to the primordial concept of the masterbuilder, as exemplified by D/B and IPD Project Delivery.

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