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Vocabulary Word

Word: preponderance

Definition: superiority of power, quantity, etc.; V. preponderate: be greater in power, weight, or importance; ADJ. preponderant

Sentences Containing 'preponderance'

Although Haswell-Smith suggests that the name means "yew island", the preponderance of Norse names in the Outer Hebrides suggests that the second element of "Iubhard" may be a corruption of "fjord"/firth.
During this, the coldest period, the lowlands under the equator must have been clothed with a mingled tropical and temperate vegetation, like that described by Hooker as growing luxuriantly at the height of from four to five thousand feet on the lower slopes of the Himalaya, but with perhaps a still greater preponderance of temperate forms.
Montgelas now aspired to raise Bavaria to the rank of a first-rate power, and he pursued this object during the Napoleonic epoch with consummate skill, allowing fully for the preponderance of France – so long as it lasted – but never permitting Bavaria to sink, like so many of the states of the Confederation of the Rhine, into a mere French dependency.
One obvious change made for land service was the placement of a large counterweight just forward of the trunnions to counteract the preponderance of weight towards the breech.
Our continents seem to have been formed by a preponderance, during many oscillations of level, of the force of elevation.
Such statues are found across the Greek-speaking world, the preponderance of these were found in sanctuaries of Apollo with more than one hundred from the sanctuary of Apollo Ptoios, Boeotia, alone.
The ability to provide this proportion of the Generality's funds is what gave the States of Holland (and as will be seen below the city of Amsterdam and its ruling burghers) their preponderance in the government.
The deliberate evocation of the Solomonic Temple was further reinforced by the preponderance of motifs such as palm trees, pomegranates and lilies in the church's decoration.
The English formation numbered around 4,000 – with a three-to-one preponderance in archers – and gathered in a long line behind a thicket of stakes and low earthworks.
The Supreme Court affirmed that reversal, finding that a plaintiff must prove by preponderance of evidence, that age was the proximate cause for adverse employment action.
The widespread preponderance of these groups in European cultures is in part connected with the importance and meaning of Satan within Christianity.
This emphasis on travel is encouraged and facilitated by the preponderance of online communication in lindy hop culture.
This is part of what gave that city its preponderance in national and provincial affairs.
With this defeat, the anti-merger forces turned instead toward forming a new denomination, which became the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches, founded in 1955; a preponderance of these churches were located in non-metropolitan New England, southeastern Michigan, parts of Wisconsin and Illinois, and southern California.

More Vocab Words

::: turgid - swollen; distended (as from liquid)
::: forestall - prevent by taking action in advance
::: clavicle - collarbone
::: chimerical - fantastically improbable; highly unrealistic; N. chimera: unreal fancy; fire-breathing female creature
::: alchemy - medieval chemistry
::: reputable - respectable; having a good reputation
::: casualty - serious or fatal accident; person killed or wounded in an accident or battle
::: meteoric - like a meteor; swift; momentarily brilliant; Ex. meteoric rise to fame; N. meteor
::: propensity - natural inclination
::: amalgam - combination of different things; mixture of metals (containing mercury) used for filling holes in teeth