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Vocabulary Word

Word: predator

Definition: predatory animal or bird; predatory person; creature that seizes and devours another animal; person who robs or exploits others; ADJ. predatory: living by preying on other organisms; plundering; N. predation

Sentences Containing 'predator'

"O. caribbaeus" is thought to be a slow-moving predator of small benthic organisms, called benthos.
After a Predator attack, he and Alexa are the only ones remaining.
After they get through the hospital, Jesse and Drew having been killed and Ricky having been impaled, Dallas finds the Predator's plasma pistol and uses it as his own weapon.
Alexa is confronted by the rest of the Predator clan as they collect Scars' body.
Along with plesiosaurs, sharks, fish, and other genera of mosasaurs, it was a dominant predator of the Western Interior Seaway during the Late Cretaceous.
Antlers, horns and the like can be used in physical defense from a predator, and also in competition among males in a tournament species.
As of January 2007, there have been over 9,300 arrests under Operation Predator.
As she started an invason on Zamaron with her menhawks, they are approached by Carol and the Predator.
Buddy and Sam are out hunting when they witness the predator's ship crash, they go to investigate and soon are chased by the escaping facehuggers.
Furthermore, much of the Predator's backstory was changed as "the Predator" was re-introduced as one of the manifestations in the emotional spectrum; the living embodiment of love.
Hal defeated the Predator and witnessed him merging with Carol into Star Sapphire.
He also established the company Intercontinental Petroleum (Con-Trol) to let her regain control of Ferris Aircraft. Finally, the Predator started to court Carol (who did not know that the Predator was a part of herself) and battled Hal Jordan for her love.
He dies when the nuclear device is dropped and is killed along with the survivors, the Predator, the Aliens, and the Predalien.
He dies when the Predator kills an Alien that falls on top of him, burning his face with its acidic blood.
He has a script under development with Davis Entertainment (Predator, I, Robot).
He returned to the franchise for "Alien vs. Predator" to portray Charles Bishop Weyland.
However, after most of the humans and Predators are killed, Lex join forces with the sole surviving Predator after Lex kills an Alien that ambushes the two.
However, four Predator Xs managed to make it to Utopia.
Iceman is also seen burning the bodies of the slain Predator Xs.
In nature, Abbey is both an individual, solitary and independent, and a member of a greater ecosystem, as both predator and prey.
In the event of attack by a predator, the soldiers storm out of the nest and attempt to overpower the aggressor.
It has even been known to bite when cornered by a human or predator.
It is a predator that feeds mainly on crustaceans, polychaete worms, and small bony fishes.
It is a predator which specializes on aphids as an adult and larva, which it hunts in grass/spear grass/tussock.
Just when the helicopter is about to take off, the Predator finds him and attempts to take the pistol back.
Lance Henriksen was the only previous actor from either the "Alien" or "Predator" films to appear in one of the crossover films.
On July 24, 2004, the label released its second record "The Predator Awakens" by Viperine.
Predator X is a comic book character, in Marvel Comics' main shared universe.
Recognizing her mark given by Scar, the commander of the Predator ship (known as Elder) gives her one of their Combi-Sticks as a trophy before departing.
Released in 1995, this series pitted the Heroes against the Predator, a hunter from another universe.
She flees with Molly to the local graveyard and find a man who is then killed by the Predator.
She frees him from the Predator by kissing him.
She is killed when the Predator accidentally pins her upper body to the wall with his shurikens.
Taking the opportunity, both Alexa and the Predator flee the temple before it is destroyed.
The creature was conceived by the design team who created the looks for Alien and Predator in the film "Alien vs Predator".
The diurnal Galapagos Short-eared Owl is its only remaining natural predator.
The organ emits a strong smell which acts as a discouragement to the predator.
The Predator is then attacked by the Predalien, allowing Dallas to board the copter.
The Predator's insides are not as durable as its skin; Wolverine killed it by ripping it apart from the inside out.
The two sharp protrusions in their mouth allow them to attack both prey and predator alike.
Therefore, the porbeagle seems to be an opportunistic predator without strong diet specificity.
These films brought together the fictional storylines and creatures of the "Alien" and "Predator" science fiction franchises, serving as sequels to the two "Predator" films and prequels to the four "Alien" films.
They are the only known dipterous predator of marine barnacles.
This article is a list of characters and actors from the films "Alien vs. Predator" (2004) and "" (2007).
Trapping is taking place to reduce predator numbers and traffic calming has been introduced to some areas to reduce the number of birds killed on roads.
Victims of Predator X. So far the main Predator X, as well as later ones, are responsible for the deaths of some mutants, as well as others.
When Carol Ferris was cured of her evil Star Sapphire persona, she developed a third subconscious identity, the male "Predator".
When Weyland subsequently uses an improvised flamethrower (made out of his inhaler and a flare) against the Predator after it leaves him lying on the ground, Scar turns back and kills him.
While depicted as a sexual predator, she nonetheless "doesn't like sex; it's messy" "and overrated".
X-Force arrived, and in the ensuing battle, Wolverine destroyed Predator X by letting it swallow him and tearing his way out of the Predator's stomach.

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