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Vocabulary Word

Word: precise

Definition: exact

Sentences Containing 'precise'

A Pinard horn is more precise than a Doppler ultrasound for this purpose.
A spherometer is an instrument for the precise measurement of the radius of a sphere.
All emotions, and that one particularly, were abhorrent to his cold, precise but admirably balanced mind.
All that remains is more and more precise measurement."
Both usually have fine tuning knobs for precise adjustments.
Carter was known for great hands, running precise routes, and for acrobatic leaps.
Clear, precise, and definite in his habits, Boyd, both professionally and socially, was entirely unconventional and independent.
Competencies have been become a precise way for employers to distinguish superior from average or below average performance.
Complete stripping of the action is a multistage task that must be accomplished in precise sequence.
Despite its architectural prominence, very little is known of the church's history and its precise architecture.
His writings are too vague to be certain about his precise route.
However for smaller samples these latter estimates are more precise and should be used.
However, its precise gold content is permitted to vary between 350 oz and 430 oz.
In many cases it reflects a need to be precise.
In the South, the rules of spacing are not very clearcut, but in the North, these are very precise.
Instead, it should always depend on the precise facts and context concerned.
It feeds on fruit but little is known of its precise diet.
It has its root in ancient Persia hence no precise origin could be confirmed.
It is a convenient tool for describing the internal organization of digital computers in concise and precise manner.
It is believed that it is precise spot where the Ganges leaves the mountains and enters the plains.
It is known that scientific knowledge is precise, rigorous, consistent and parsimonious in representation.
It is not probable that this monomania in him took its instant rise at the precise time of his bodily dismemberment.
It is therefore probably at least accurate in general tone, if not precise detail.
It remains unproven, but less precise bounds are known.
It should be noted that a precise translation into English has many possible variations.
It was located on Lights Creek, at an elevation of , but its precise location is unknown.
Its precise effect on the immune system, as with any cytokine, is far from clear.
John Harrison produced the first precise marine chronometer in 1761.
Laser cavity end mirrors need very precise alignment.
Many Mormon scholars have debated Young's precise meaning.
Nor is it at all prudent for the hunter to be over curious touching the precise nature of the whale spout.
Of what precise species this sea-monster was, is not mentioned.
Procedures for the precise measurement of energy in social systems.
Resultantly, his observations are the most precise prior to Tycho Brahe.
The 20th century, however, brought the need for a more precise definition.
The IFLOLS has three modes of stabilization: point, line, and inertial. The most precise is inertial stabilization.
The precise date of his birth is not known, but it is presumed to have been sometime before 1325.
The precise distribution is unknown, currently it is only known from localities in the Te Paki region of Northland.
The precise name of the early settler is unknown.
The precise number of executions is regarded as a state secret.
The precise title of Bathurst's book is:
The precise usage varies from country to country.
The sling is swung in an arc, and the tab released at a precise moment.
The use of a capstan allows the tape to run at a precise and constant speed.
Their employment is confined almost to a precise spot, to the farm, and to the shop of the retailer.
Therefore, more precise details are available only to those who are initiated.
They were both upright in their carriage, formal, precise, composed, and quiet.
This gives the scientists to give much more precise predictions of what the atmosphere was like in history.
This suggests that infants’ representations of familiar words are phonetically very precise.
What precise purpose this ivory horn or lance answers, it would be hard to say.

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