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Word: precinct

Definition: division of a city for election or police purposes; precincts: space that surrounds a building; Ex. precincts of the college

Sentences Containing 'precinct'

""'Original airdate: December 1, 1998 Danny Sorenson transfers from Narcotics to the 15th Precinct's detective squad.
(PBC) retains the familiar elements of traditional voting systems while providing increased management and control of ballot tabulation at the precinct level.
A notable example is that of Ann Coulter, who was investigated for voting in the wrong precinct. Some drivers commit forms of address fraud in order to take advantage of lenient laws in a jurisdiction where they do not really live.
A resident of Erie, Colorado, she has also served as a Democratic Party precinct chair and a member of the Weld County Democratic Party Executive Committee.
Another example is "Fort Apache, The Bronx", a name used in the past for the NYPD's 41st Precinct Station House at 1086 Simpson Street in the Bronx and the 1981 movie named for it.
As a wholly owned subsidiary of International Lottery Totalizator Systems, Inc., the Company also designed the InkaVote Plus precinct ballot counter (PBC) which is currently used in Los Angeles County, California, and Jackson County, Missouri.
As part of Redcar and Cleveland Council's Greater Eston Regeneration, improvements are planned, including the part-demolition of the Precinct Shopping Centre and the building of a new supermarket.
Croall is insistent that she intends to retain the intimate, “boutique" vibe by keeping the festival within the city’s walking precinct and plateauing attendance at around 3,500 industry delegates and 30,000 to 40,000 members of the public.
Cultural Precinct. The museum is situated in the cultural precinct, an area comprising various significant historical buildings near the Inner Harbour.
Dover was made a voting precinct of Auburn township, October 1, 1860, and in the fall of 1867, was erected into a township.
Duncan, in his fifth term as National Committeeman from Kentucky, has served the party at every level from precinct captain, county chairman, state chairman, to national officer.
During the British Raj, Habiganj was established as a Thana (police precinct) in 1790, under Dhaka district (1779–1793).
Ed McBain, his best known pseudonym, was first used in 1956, with "Cop Hater", the first novel in the 87th Precinct crime series.
From 1958 until his death, McBain's "87th Precinct" novels appeared at a rate of approximately one or two novels a year.
From here one can see a unique and spectacular view of the Mumbai's Harbor precinct in the foreground and major buildings in the south end of the city in the background.
Hunter revealed that he was McBain in 1958, but continued to use the pseudonym for decades, notably for the 87th Precinct series, and the Matthew Hope detective series.
Hunter's other screenplays included "Strangers When We Meet" (1960), based on his own 1958 novel; and "Fuzz" (1972), based on the 1968 "87th Precinct" novel of the same name, which he had written as Ed McBain.
In 1646 he was governor of the Covent Garden precinct and commissioner for abuses in heraldry and for exclusion from sacrament and for bishops lands.
In 1870, Kriewitz was elected justice of the peace for Precinct Four of Llano County.
In 1991, the church precinct was classified by the National Trust of Australia.
In 1999 a significant area of the stationfront precinct was redeveloped for commercial and transport enhancement.
Included in the cultural precinct is the BC Archives, Helmcken House, St.
It is believed that by divine intervention Nambi found the presence of scripts, in the form of cadijam leaves half eaten by white ants in a chamber inside the second precinct in Thillai Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram.
It is patrolled by the NYPD's 60th Precinct. History.
It is the centre of a well established tourism precinct, including many restaurants, some of Australia's largest fish and chip shops, and a brewery immediately adjacent.
It occupies a complex of buildings on North Terrace in the cultural precinct of the Adelaide Parklands.
It was here that in the late 11th century the Emperor Alexios I Komnenos (r. 1081–1118) moved his main residence, and he and his grandson Manuel I Komnenos (r. 1143–1180) undertook great works there, fortifying the palace precinct and erecting new halls.
Joondalup was granted the status of "tourism precinct" by the State Government in 2009, allowing for extended retail trading hours.
Meanwhile, a member of the 15th Precinct takes a bullet as a stakeout suddenly turns violent; Andy and Lt.
NBC ran a police drama also called "87th Precinct" during the 1961–62 season based on McBain's work.
Nearby, in the Barrack Square precinct, are the Swan Bells.
State War Memorial Precinct. The State War Memorial Precinct is located on Mount Eliza overlooking Perth Water, and comprises the Cenotaph, Court of Contemplation, Flame of Remembrance and Pool of Reflection.
The area is patrolled by the 47th Precinct located at 4111 Laconia Avenue in the Williamsbridge section of the Bronx.
The cultural precinct occupies the space between Douglas Street, Belleville Street, and Government Street.
The Jetty Road shopping and dining precinct is a short walk from the suburb.
The latest crime statistics for Vereeniging Police Precinct was issued by the South African Police Service (SAPS) in September 2010.
The museum anchors the Royal BC Museum Cultural Precinct, a surrounding area with historical sites and monuments, including Thunderbird Park.
The neighbouring suburb of South Brisbane, the designated cultural precinct of Brisbane, is home to some of Queensland's most well-regarded cultural education institutions, such as the Queensland College of Art, the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, Queensland Performing Arts Centre.
The Police Tapes is a 1977 documentary about a police precinct in the South Bronx.
The Prebendal School is an independent preparatory school in Chichester, situated adjacent to the Chichester Cathedral precinct. It is a boarding and day school with roughly 150 pupils including the choristers of the cathedral choir.
The precinct around the sanctum houses the shrines of the twelve Azhwars, Narasimha, Venugoplar, Lakshmi Narasimhar and Hanuman.
The show focused on a single precinct of patrol officers in New York.
The Sisters returned to St Brigid's in 1998 and the precinct was heritage listed in 2004.
The Thistleton area has shown evidence of Romano-British occupation including a large temple precinct and a possible small market settlement.
The town of Seattle remained a mere precinct of King County until late 1869, when a new petition was filed and the city was re-incorporated with a Mayor-council government.
The Western Suburbs is the western precinct of the city of Mumbai, India.
They accomplished this by using computer models in a precinct by precinct basis to run issue driven campaigns.
This building was completed in 1874 and still stands within the cathedral precinct, to the west of the cathedral itself.
Two sides the square are lined with traditional terraced shops, whilst the third side has the 1960s-built Eston Precinct parade of shops.
When these baths were sold and a shopping precinct was erected on the site in the mid-1970s sea baths were built at the nearby beach and Cook Park in the area was developed as a picnic site.

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