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Vocabulary Word

Word: practical

Definition: based on experience; of or acquired through practice (rather than theory); useful; Ex. practical man

Sentences Containing 'practical'

"I am afraid, Holmes, that you are not very practical with your deductions and your inferences.
'Cookery would have been more to the purpose, if you had had any practical ideas of life, either of you.'
A joker of an extremely, not to say wolfishly practical character, he looked, under those circumstances.
A major part of the training program was the practical sessions in other islands.
A practical concept is the "Greenhouse village".
Air strikes, however, are practical only when U.S. involvement is not hidden.
Another objection is more practical: this theory disagrees drastically with observation.
As former members of such a society, they provided invaluable practical assistance to its founding and maintenance.
Balthasar was very concerned that his writings address spiritual and practical issues.
But here"--I picked up the morning paper from the ground--"let us put it to a practical test.
But there were still other and more vital practical influences at work.
But we must tread lightly in these rarefied regions and get on to more practical concerns.
Comparatively, he is always strong, original, and, above all, practical.
Courses are offered in sports skills and practical arts.
Does not this whole head seem to speak of an enormous practical resolution in facing death?
Falzon stated "He's a practical joker with a total dislike for authority."
For practical purposes, there is little difference between the first and second definitions.
For Wundt psychology should be a pure science detached from practical concerns, while M√ľnsterberg wanted to apply psychological principles that could be applied to practical concerns.
Framework tools created from practical experience further support the whole methodology.
He did other practical good work in founding the Guild of St.
His major contributions are in the theory of practical numbers.
I had not expected him to be, and was not surprised myself; or my observation of similar practical satires would have been but scanty.
If this is not practical, certain alterations to stable routine may be effective.
In 1975, the first practical solar boat was constructed in England.
In 1993 it was named Practical Bible College.
In consequence, many practical applications of electricity are possible, among which are flatiron and toaster.
In our study of machines we omitted a factor which in practical cases can not be ignored, namely, friction.
In the 1980s the division developed an updated and more practical mobilization plan.
In this state, I went into a cottage that I saw was to let, and examined it narrowly,--for I felt it necessary to be practical.
It is usually the minimum required for practical requirement.
Kf8 16.Qc3 with some practical chances for the sacrificed pawn).
Matthew"; "The Practical Philosopher"; "Problemata Mnndi", and other works.
Of course, we Communists did not believe in any mystical rightness of majorities over minorities, but we did believe in practical solutions to practical problems.
Only then would their practical choices be likely to reflect their genuine interests and abilities.
Practical philosophy (ethics and politics).
Proponents claim that it has a number of practical advantages over these devices, some of them dramatic.
Safety lighting is the most practical application.
Stainless steel is used for buildings for both practical and aesthetic reasons.
Still, its practical application should not be underestimated.
Sunggyu is currently a student of Practical Music at Hoseo University.
The aim of the college is to give students a foundation in the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching.
The development of practical rocketry provided a means of delivering such an explosive.
The feedback session also pointed out common mistakes observed during the practical sessions.
The Hanover Public School District operates a Practical Nursing Program which qualifies graduates for the Practical Nursing Licensure Examination.
The movie is a practical joke played on an aspiring actor named Perry Caravello.
The performances were meant to be practical and accessible as well as enjoyable.
The use of salt and ice in ice cream freezers is a practical application of this principle.
They were very incomplete and presupposed a practical knowledge of the game.'
This is the most practical method of purification in the home, and is very efficient.
With us the practical sense of touch is all powerful.

More Vocab Words

::: surmise - guess; N.
::: feasible - practical; able to be carried out; practicable
::: noisome - foul smelling; very unpleasant; unwholesome
::: vivacious - lively or animated; sprightly
::: opportune - timely; well-chosen
::: usurp - seize another's power or rank (without legal authority); supplant; appropriate; N. usurpation; CF. take for one's own use
::: sectarian - of a sect; narrow-minded; parochial; N: member of a sect; narrow-minded person
::: virulent - (of a disease or poison) extremely harmful or poisonous; (of a feeling) hostile; bitter; N. virulence; CF. virus; CF. venom
::: innuendo - indirect or subtle (derogatory) hint; insinuation; Ex. sexual innuendo
::: gall - annoy; exasperate; chafe; N: skin sore caused by rubbing (as on the skin of a horse); exasperation