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Vocabulary Word

Word: practicable

Definition: feasible

Sentences Containing 'practicable'

"That the railway from Esquimalt to Nanaimo shall be commenced as soon as possible, and completed with all practicable despatch."
All the buildings and trees seemed easily practicable to such dexterous climbers as the Morlocks, to judge by their wells, must be.
And this is the Bibliographical system here adopted; and it is the only one that can possibly succeed, for it alone is practicable.
Another of the motivations for development of the microprocessor was to simplify and reduce the electronics required in a terminal. That also made it practicable to load several "personalities" into a single terminal, so a Qume QVT-102 could emulate many popular terminals of the day, and so be sold into organizations that did not wish to make any software changes.
Beatty ordered his battlecruisers to make all practicable speed to catch the Germans before they could escape.
Besides, the old man well knew that to steer by transpointed needles, though clumsily practicable, was not a thing to be passed over by superstitious sailors, without some shudderings and evil portents.
From 1828, railways started to be built; at first these did not directly compete with the canal, and the canal used the railways, and short tramways, as feeders, encouraging the connection: "the Canal company were not slow to avail themselves of these iron pathways as feeders to their own trade; and accordingly, wherever it has been practicable, they have formed loading basins and wharves, connecting them by offsets with railways in the vicinity.
His studies led him to the point where it was "practicable to evaluate proteins in terms of their ability to meet human needs."
If he can please all parties, so much the better; but his first duty is to those who look to him for as faithful a representation of his author as it is in his power to give them, faithful to the letter so long as fidelity is practicable, faithful to the spirit so far as he can make it.
If normal train operations resulted in rolling stock oriented with its red disc facing the wrong way, it would have to be turned as soon as practicable to face the proper way for that quarter.
In naming this amount I understand that it being alike the interest and the wish of the Dominion Government to urge on with all speed the completion of the works now to be undertaken, the annual expenditure will be as much in excess of the minimum, of $2,000,000 as in any year may be found practicable."
In rocky or mountain regions the driven well is not practicable, because the driving point is blunted and broken by the rock and can not pierce the rocky beds of land.
In the hope of his recovery, and of resort to this third course being thereby rendered practicable, Mr. Lorry resolved to watch him attentively, with as little appearance as possible of doing so.
Let me now beg pardon for this digression, and return to my subject by proposing some practicable methods for regulating of servants, which, whether they are followed or not, yet, if they afford matter of improvement and speculation, will answer the height of my expectation, and I will be the first who shall approve of whatever improvements are made from this small beginning.
of Oklahoma City Public Schools v. Dowell for the decisive question of "'whether the violator hacomplied in good faith with the desegregation decree since it was entered, and whether the vestiges of past discrimination ha[ve been eliminated to the extent practicable.'" According to The Living Constitution, 3rd Revised Ediiton 1995, (Saul K. Padover, Revised by Jacob W. Landynski) the other issue involved was whether a federal court could order a local government to raise taxes above the state statute amount to cover the cost of removing the "vestiges of discrimination".
Open Line working (formerly known as Red Zone) means the lines are open to train movements; this is seen as more risky than Safeguarded / Fenced / Site Warden Warning areas, and is avoided in the rail industry where practicable.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Secretary Hull gave instructions to Norman H. Davis, the U.S. delegate to the conference, stating that the first objective of the foreign policy of the United States was national security, and that consequently the U.S. sought to keep peace and promote the maintenance of peace; that it believed in cooperative effort for the preservation of peace by pacific and practicable means; that this country as a signatory to the Kellogg-Briand Pact had renounced war as an instrument of national policy; and that "public opinion in the United States has expressed its emphatic determination that the United States keep out of war".
Such was the degree of the carbon spark problem that the 714th TBROS had to monitor it and make tonnage assignments as necessary and practicable to keep it under control.
The company also needs to take reasonably practicable steps to eliminate, minimise or control the risks.
The day is, however, I hope, not very distant when a continuous line of railway through Canadian territory will be practicable, and I therefore look upon this portion of the scheme as postponed rather than abandoned."
The President also hoped to find a "direct and practicable water communication across this continent, for the purposes of commerce with Asia."
The station building has been restored to its original purpose and, as far as practicable, its 1880 external appearance.
The three corresponding new sails were now bent and reefed, and a storm-trysail was set further aft; so that the ship soon went through the water with some precision again; and the course--for the present, East-south-east--which he was to steer, if practicable, was once more given to the helmsman.
The traveling library can also be cited as a logical outgrowth of the “circulating schools” of Wales, promoted in 1730 by Griffith Jones, and the later similar extension schools of the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland in the Highlands and the Scottish islands The first really practicable traveling library plan seems to have been started by Samuel Brown in East Lothian, Scotland, in 1817, though it is stated that the principle had been used with some Scottish parish libraries as early as 1810.
These ideas are not always practicable, but they are frequently entertaining and insightful.
Tumbled into the water, it accordingly is in such cases; the spare coils of box line (mentioned in a preceding chapter) making this feat, in most instances, prudently practicable.
Unless they are given legal permission to remain in Australia by being granted a visa, unlawful non-citizens must be removed from Australia as soon as reasonably practicable.
Watt said: The Great expense of the above canal and the time that would be consumed in passing the locks ... have made me examine how far it is practicable to bring a canal without any locks ...
WHR Ltd would not be authorised to begin any work on the extension until the FR's head of steel had reached Waunfawr and furthermore, they were effectively prevented from seeking grant funding to pay for the work - forcing them to rely on a fund raising appeal. On the other hand, the agreement effectively left the timescale for completion of the Pont Croesor Extension open-ended, stating that WHR Ltd only had to proceed with construction work "as soon as practicable".
Without, however, pretending to determine whether such a union be practicable or impracticable, it may not, perhaps, be improper, in a speculative work of this kind, to consider how far the British system of taxation might be applicable to all the different provinces of the empire; what revenue might be expected from it, if so applied; and in what manner a general union of this kind might be likely to affect the happiness and prosperity of the differrent provinces comprehended within it.
``It is possible, Haidee, that so perfect a seclusion, though conformable with the habits and customs of the East, may not be practicable in Paris.

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